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Review of The Trafford Centre Tinsel Town 2023 and Top Tips

Review of Tinsel Town FunFair - the entrance
17 Nov 2023

Tinsel Town has arrived at The Trafford Centre for Christmas 2023.  We checked it out and you can discover what we thought and our top tips below. 

Tinsel Town at The Trafford Centre is now open for Christmas 2023.

We were invited along to have a peek you can discover what to expect below, some top tips and what we thought below. 

Please note although the tickets to the event were gifted all the opinions are honest and are of our own. 

Where to Park at The Trafford Centre for Tinsel Town

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre parking

Tinsel Town is located outside Great Hall (where the Orient Food Hall is situated). 

Of course, the Trafford Centre has an abundance of free parking spaces available on each side of the centre.

However, if you want to park nearby to the Tinsel Town event, we recommend heading to the John Lewis side of the centre and following the road to the left.

Here you will find car parks in front of the M&S Food Hall which is just a short walk to Tinsel Town. If those are full the John Lewis car parks are a good option. 

What Do You Need Tickets for at the Trafford Centre Tinsel Town? 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre Tickets  

You can enter the food village for free and without a ticket.

However, if you want to enter the Tinsel Town Fun Fair, watch the Gandey’s Snow Storm 3 show or go Ice Skating at the Trafford Centre you will need to purchase tickets.

Entry tickets to the fun fair cost £2.24 including a booking fee for a set time slot. 

You will need to purchase ride tokens which cost £1 each when purchased separately.

You can also buy 25 for the price of 20 online which costs £22.00 including the booking fee. 

Ice Skating tickets start from £10.80 (see here).

Tickets to Gandeys Snow Storm 3 start from £11.99 – details here 

How much do the Attractions and rides cost at the Trafford Centre fun fair? 

As mentioned above to ride the rides you need to purchase tokens which are priced at £1 each, or you can make the most of the online offer and get a couple of extra tokens free. 

The rides and attractions cost between 3 and 5 tokens depending on the ride as follows: 

3 Token Rides at the Tinsel Town 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre kids rides - caterpillar

The following rides cost 3 tokens: 

  • Tea Cups
  • Mini Chairs
  • Balloon
  • Racing Cars
  • Bumper Carz
  • Flying Elephants
  • Caterpillar Coaster
  • Heroes 3
  • Jumbo Circus Fun House 
  • Tinsel Towers Ghost Train 
  • Star flyer
  • Sizzler 

4 Token Rides at the Tinsel Town 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre Fast ride Don sapo

The following rides cost 4 tokens:

  • Snow Jets
  • Don Sapo
  • Void 

5 Token Rides at the Tinsel Town 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre big rides bungee trampoline

The following rides cost 5 tokens:

  • Bungee Trampolines
  • Rock Rage 

The Trafford Centre Big Wheel 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre big wheel

The big wheel is outside of Tinsel Town itself and just a short walk from the entrance. 

Although we didn’t get chance to ride the wheel, at a huge 55m meters high it looks very impressive especially when lit up at night.

The ride is priced separately and is not included in the wristband entry. 

Which Rides at Tinsel Town Did We Like Best? 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre the sizzler

Our group included four adrenaline-loving children aged 14, 13 and 11 years old with along with a 10 year old still prefers the smaller ride options. 

On entering the funfair it was great to see that all tastes were catered for with a range of big and small rides and that they were tall enough to ride them all – although the teens were told they were too old for the Bungee Trampolines

All the kids loved the Fun House and the younger two enjoyed the Caterpillar ride. 

After sitting out some of the bigger rides the 10-year-old in our party braved Heroes Ride with everyone which she loved – and then there was no stopping her. 

The faster rides at the fair included Don Sapor (or frog ride) that spun around whilst bouncing you into the air before then taking you backwards. 

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre the sizzler

The Sizzler spun around extremely fast in different ways (the 10 year old’s favourite) and Snow Jets which starts off slow but ends with a fast spin and the ride cards tilting practically on their side – which my 11-year-old daughter declared the best ride of the night.

The Star Gazer, is a swing ride that takes you high into the air, which after trying it last year my daughter couldn’t resist and decided she wanted to brave it on her own. This looked a lot scarier than it actually was and gave great views of Tinsel Town The Trafford Centre. 

The smaller rides included teacups, bumper cars, and balloon rides, and although none of the children in our party tried these the little ones we spotted having a go seemed to really enjoy them. 

The Trafford Centre Ice Rink

Review Trafford Centre Ice Rink

Along with the chance to check out the Tinsel Town fun fair, we also were asked to try out the new Trafford Centre Christmas Ice Rink.

Located within Tinsel Town, the ice rink is undercover and skate hire is included in the price. 

On entering you need to check in at the desk and swap your shoes for the ice-skates. We were told to go for the same size as our shoes, however, all of us found these to be a bit too big and ended up swapping them for the next size down. Half sizes are not available. 

view Ice Rink Trafford Centre Skating Fun

The Ice Rink is a good size, especially for beginners and skating aids of different sizes were available for kids on a first come first serve basis. 

Ice Skating at Christmas is one of our family traditions and the kids were keen to get on the ice.

All the kids opted for the skating aids to start and enjoyed zooming around the ice. 

Review Trafford Ice Rink Skating Aid

However, by the end of the session, they were all skating around on their own even if a little wobbly and using the sides when necessary. 

For those in your party who don’t want to skate, there are seats available and space to watch the fun on the sidelines and listen to Ice Rink tunes. 

Food and Drink at Tinsel Town Trafford Centre

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre Sweet Treats

The food and drink zone at Tinsel Town is free to enter and includes a bar with a selection of beers, gins and spirits,  and mulled wine starting at £4.00. 

No Christmas event would be complete without some lovely festive food. 

At Tinsel Town you will find hot roast pork, roast beef and roast turkey sandwiches for £8.00 and add on roast potatoes or pigs in blankets for £5 each.

Yorkshire Pudding Wraps filled with your choice of roast meat, stuffing, vegetables and gravy for £10.00 and Bratwurst for £7.00.

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre food bratwurst

For those with a sweet tooth, you will find hot chocolates, doughnuts and crepes, marshmallow sticks with warm chocolate dip and huge cookies starting at £3.50.

Inside Tinsel Town itself, you will also find cake truck serving sweet treats and boozy hot chocolates. Plus a sweet stall with candy floss, sugar dummies lollies from £3.00 and lots more, along with burgers, hot dogs and fries.

eview Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre food giant cookies

What We Thought of Tinsel Town at The Trafford Centre

Review Tinsel Town Fair Trafford Centre pictures

Tinsel Town makes a lovely Christmas treat. 

Everyone in our party had a great time. They loved the chance to go ice skating, trying lots of different rides and really enjoyed some lovely food treats. 

The range of fun fair rides means that kids of all ages are well catered for and the kids loved the Christmassy props dotted around – ideal for some cute pictures.

With the ice rink, fun fair and The Grotto: Dear Santa inside the Centre and Gandey’s Snow Storm opening soon it has everything you need for a festive day out. 

Read More and book >>> Tinsel Town Fun Fair Trafford Centre 

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