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Review Cutetitos Unicornitos New Wave 2 Release

Two Cutetitos Unicornitos wrapped up

Cutetitos Unicornitos have a new wave release for 2022 and with more characters to collect. Check out who we opened and what we thought in our review here. 

If you haven’t discovered Cutetitos yet, they are adorable little stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a burrito blanket. The Unicornitos feature as the name suggests soft unicorn toys in different coloured wraps. After the success of the first release of the Unicornitos Wave 2 new characters with new patterns have now arrived. 

We were kindly gifted the new patterned Cutetitos Unicornitos series 2 for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos what are Cutetitos Unicornitos

My nine-year-old is obsessed Cutetitos and now has a good collection of different series but the Unicornitos are definitely here favourite, See here for other Unicornitos in our collection here.   We were therefore very excited when asked to check out the new release of Cutetitos Unicornitos here is what we thought. 

What Are Cutetitos Unicornitos? 

Cutetitos Unicornitos are cute little unicorns soft toys wrapped in soft coloutful rainbow burritos wraps. They are the latest in the Cutetitos range, with eight characters to collect and all featuring a different unicorn design. Each come in a large mystery bag adding in the element of surprise. 

What Do You Get In The Cutetitos Unicornitos Packet?

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos what do you get

The Cutetitos Unicornitos contain:

  • A stuffed animal unicorn
  • A soft plush burrito blanket 
  • A pet collectors card

What Cutetitos Unicornitos Characters are there to collect?

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos Characters to collect

There are eight Limited Edition Cutetitos Unicornitos to collect which are divided into four different spicy personalities: Mild, Medium, Hot and the Super Rare Super Spicy. You can discover which personality your Unicornitos has by checking out its chilli pepper icon on its’ hip.

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos chilli pepper icon

Each of the  Cutetitos Unicornitos also has different cute patterns from love hearts, to stars and more in a range of colours flowers and more. Plus they come in either a pink wrap with a stripey pattern inside or a purple wrap complete complete with a love heart inside pattern which has a 90’s feel. 

The new relase characters are Star Struckito and Bestito who are Mild Spice, Fancito and Neptunito who are Medium Spice, Loveito and Star Dustito in Hot Spice and the Super Rare characters Twighlightito and Charmito from Super Spice. 

Plus they have individual pet collector cards which tell you your pets name, birthday and spice-o-meter rating. 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos Pet Collectors Cards

Which new Cutetitos Unicornitos Characters Did We Open? 

We were kindly gifted two Cutetitos Unicornitos. In the first we discovered Nepunito in a pink wrap and who has lovely blue fluffy fur, sparkly feet and horn Nepunito has a ‘medium’ personality on the spice meter with a purple chilli pepper icon. 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos Neputnito

On opening the second Cutetitos Unicornitos my daughter was extreamley excited when she found the Super Rare Charmito who came in purple wrap. Charmito has a pink sparkly chilli pepper, a white with green heart pattern, a rainbow mane, pink feet and gold sparkly ears and horn. 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos Charmito Super rare

Check out the Cutetitos Unicornitos in our Instagram Reel below. 

What We Thought about the Cutetitos Unicornitos Would We Recommend them? 

Already being a fan, it was no surprises that the new patterned Cutetitos Unicornitos were a big hit with my daughter. She loved opening Charmito and actually squeeled when she saw the pet collectors card indicated was a super rare.

However, it is Neptunio who has been declared her favourite. She adores bright blue fluffy fur and the little tongue sticking of the mouth definitley won extra points in her eyes. 

From my point of view the Cutetitos range are a great collectible. They are well made, a good size so don’t get easily lost and look really cute on my daughters shelf. My daughter goes back to them time and time again to play and are always a favourite to cuddle in bed.

In fact the two new Unicornitos have already made their way to a pride and place on her pillow. A big compliment given the amount of “favourite plushes she has’. 

Review Cutetitos Unicornitos Favourite

Where can You Purchase Cutetitos Unicorns Wave 2? 

Cutetitos Unicorns Wave 2 are available from Smyths Toys here with an RRP of £8.99. 

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