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Review: Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon

A little girl showing painted nails in front of the Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon

Discover the new Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon and what we thought. 

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon is one of the new lines in the Cool Maker range that allows kids to do their own salon quality mani-pedi’s.  We were kindly the gifted the set for an honest review and asked our Mum in the Know Gemma and her eight-year-old daughter to check it out. Here is what they thought. 

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Review Of Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon

My eight-year-old daughter Isabelle adores having her nails painted and I love having this mummy daughter bonding time. However, as she has got older she is always asking for fun designs which I am afraid to say my skills just don’t stretch to. Therefore when we were asked to review Cool Maker’s Go Glam Nail Salon I jumped at the chance. 

What Is In The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon Box?

Review Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon whats in the box

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon Box contains:

  • A nail stamper machine with dryer
  • 5 different pattern pods
  • 2 non-toxic nail varnishes
  • 1 top coat varnish
  • An instruction manual 

The Go Glam Nail Salon requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. 

What Age is The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon For?

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon is aimed at children aged 8 years and over. 

How to Use The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon.

On opening the box Isabelle was really excited to see all the different design choices and couldn’t wait to get started. 

The Go Glam machine comes in separate parts which need fitting together before use and the batteries need adding. This was really easy to do and was all done in less than a minute. 

The next step is to choose between a pink or blue base colour then paint your nails and let them dry for 5 minutes. Isabelle went for pink on her fingers and blue on her toes. Normally this is where my impatient daughter starts asking are they ready yet every two seconds. However, the nail stamper comes with a dryer on the side which she was very excited to use and didn’t moan once. It is normal for the nails to be still sticky after the five minutes. 

Review Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon painting nails

Review Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon dryer

The Go Glam Nail Salon comes with five different patterned pods and Isabelle was decided on a different design for each finger. Luckily the pods are really easy to use. You simply insert the pod, pop your finger underneath and press down hard on the top button, leaving behind a lovely nail design. Then apply a layer of topcoat and you are done. 

Review Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon how to use

The designs also work well on toes, and you just need to remove the rubber insert first. When you want to swap the design you simple press the eject button and insert your new pod. 

What We Thought About The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon. 

We were both really impressed with the Go Glam Nail Salon. It is really easy to use meaning that my daughter can use it by herself and thankfully causes no mess. 

Best of all Isabelle has not stopped playing with the set since we opened it and loves having her ‘new nails’ every day. I see us purchasing plenty of the refills kits in the future. 

Review Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon nails

How Much Is The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon? 

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon has an RRP of £19.99 and is available from a range of toy retailers including Argos and Smyths Toys. 

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