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Review I DO 3D Ultra Pen

A child with I DO 3D Ultra Pen making a 3D model

The I DO 3d pen lets kids create make 3D masterpieces, we were asked to check it out and you read our review here. 

We were kindly gifted the DO 3D drawing pens for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer and her nine-year-old daughter Isabelle to check it out and you can check out what they thought below. 


Review of I DO 3D Ultra

My nine-year-old daughter loves crafts and has been asking for a 3D pen for some time. However, as I had presumed that it would be messy I have always been quite hesitant. I was there really interested to check out the I DO 3D pen. You can discover what we thought and everything you need to know below.

What Is The I DO 3D Ultra Pen Sets? 

 Review I DO 3D Ultra what is it

The I Do 3D Ultra is a 3D drawing pen set that lets you create colourful 3D artwork and masterpieces. There are three sets to choose the 2 pen, 4 pen and 8 pen sets to create 20 IDO3D projects.  

We were gifted the 4 pen I Do 3D Ultra Set.  

What Is In The I DO 3D Ultra Pen Box? 

Review I DO 3D Ultra whats in the box

The I DO 3D Ultra Pen box contains:  

1  3D Pen Light,

4 DO3D 3D Drawing Pens (11.3ml) in blue, orange, yellow and purple

1 Plastic Mould Tray

1 Plastic Tracing Sheet

1 Guide Book

What age is The I DO 3D Ultra Pen For? 

Shoot the Poop is for children aged 8 years and over. 

How To Use I DO 3D Ultra Pens Set

To say my daughter couldn’t wait to get the I DO 3D Ultra Pens open and to use them would be an understatement.

Review I DO 3D Ultra Open nib

To start the pens and nibs need to be screwed together and the twist close nibs also need to be opened. You also need to pop the pen you are using into the 3 bulb UV light which sets the gel when you are drawing. The instructions indicate that you can use the pens with the bulb so it sets straight away, great for using it vertically, or you can use without and go over your design later with the bulb. 

Review I Do 3D Ultra ultraviolet light

The set comes with a plastic tracing sheet which you use to make your masterpiece. There are also templates which you can put under the sheet and trace over to make a design. You will also find a little tool on the mould tray that can help smooth the design and get it off the sheet. 

Review I DO 3D Ultra drawing

As soon as my daughter saw the unicorn template she decided this would be her first project. She started by using the pens with the bulb but found she wasn’t fast enough and the gel was setting too quick for her and found it easier to trace without.

Although this made it easier for her to draw her design it did take a bit of time for her to get it to set afterwards, especially as she used a bit too much gel. As a result, she tried to move it before it was set and couldn’t get it to stand up. 

Review I DO 3D Ultra templates

The pens can also be used freestyle to make your own designs. After drawing the unicorn flat she was keen to try drawing vertically. With the bulbs turned on you need to slowly squeeze the gel out, making sure it sets as you go. 

Review I DO 3D Ultra drawing vertically

It was easier to get the gel to stand vertically than I would have thought but does need some practice to get it precise. This didn’t deter my daughter who was so excited when she managed to make her first 3D design. 

The set also comes with a plastic mould tray however my daughter was enjoying drawing vertical designs she hasn’t tried these yet. 

What We Thought I DO 3D Ultra Pens

My daughter has really enjoyed using the I DO 3D Pens. They are easy to pick up and to start to use straight away but do need some practice to make really intricate designs. 

Even after the gel is set enough to stand upright it does still feel sticky but this is easily removed with soapy water and nearly as messy as I thought it would be. 

My daughter has not stopped using the pens since we opened them. She managed to make quite a few designs before the gel ran out and plans on asking for the bigger set for Christmas. 

Where to buy I DO 3D Ultra Pens

The I DO 3D Ultra 4 set pens cost £16.99 and are available from Smyths Toys Here

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