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Ad Review DoodleJamz

DoodleJamz toys with printouts of emojis

Have you heard of DoodleJamz. They are this year’s new big hit fidget and sensory toy. Discovery everything you need to know in our review. 

DoodleJamz the brand new mess-free sensory drawing pads have hit the shops. We kindly gifted DoodleJamz Jellyboards and Jellypics for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her daughter to check them out and you can discover what they thought. 

Review of DoodleJamz

Review DoodleJamz What are DoodleJamz

We are always on the look for a new fidget toy. The kids play with them for ours and we find them great for long car journeys. We were therefore very interested in finding out about the new DoodleJamz drawinng boards. Here is what we thought. 

What Are DoodleJamz? 

DoodleJamz are mess-free sensory drawing pads, which allow you to squish and shape to make fun pictures. They come with removable backgrounds and types of Doodle Jams Jellyboards filled with gel and Jellypics with a transparent jelly mixed with different colour beads.

What Age Are DoddleJamz for? 

DoodleJamz are suitable for children over 3 years old. However all ages will enjoy these fun drawing pads from kids to teens and tweens to adults. 

What comes in the DoodleJamz Packet? 

Review DoodleJamz whats in the packet

Each DoodleJamz set contains : 

  • A DoodleJamz pad – either filled with gel or beads;
  • Stylus sculpting tool 
  • Double Sided backing card

Playing with the DoodleJamz Jellypics

Review DoodleJamz Moving Beads Jellypics

The DoodleJamz Jellypics board contains a transparent jelly mixed with different coloured beads – ours contained green, blue and orange. The beads can be moved around with the included tool stylus or your fingers to make different shapes and patterns. 

To the rear is a removable double sided backboard which featured two face emojis. The idea is to move the beads on top of the picture to make fun additions. 

At first my nine year old struggled slightly to get the beads to the moves. However it wasn’t long before she figured out that it was easier to move large areas of the beads around the board with the tool then shaping it with her fingers and the smaller end of the stylus. 

Review DoodleJamz Jellypics bead design

She loved styling the emoji faces with hair, glasses and mustashes and making different shapes asking us to guess what it was ( this worked well with the blanked backcard that came with the Jellyboard DoodleJamz see below). 

Playing with the DoodleJamz Jellyboards

Review DoodleJamz Jellyboards draw

The DoodleJamz Jellyboards contain two layers of jelly which makes it perfect for squishing and moving around. Our Jellyboard contained had a mix of red and blue gell with red on the top and blue at the bottom.

Depending on how hard you press you can move both gels at the same time or with a little focus you can move them around seperatley.

Like Jellypics Jellyboard also comes with a style tool, however drawn to its squishy look, my daughters first instinct was to use her fingers. Pushing the gel around, drawing pictures and writing letters again asking us to guess her designs.

Once she realised she could seperate out the colours she spent ages doing this and she found the tool made this easier.

The Jellyboard comes with a doubled sided backcard with white on one side and yellow on the other, with the different colours changing the overall affect. You can also swap emoji faces from the Jellypics making jelly eyebrows and hair over the top of them. 

Review DoodleJamz adding backcard Jellyboard

Making your own the DoodleJamz Backcards

Review DoodleJamz Upload design

Along with the included backcards you can also make and print your own on the DoodleJamz website. 

You have the option of uploading your own pictures or designs (don’t worry these are not saved on the site) or choosing for a wide range of emojis in lots of different colours. 

Then either print directly from their website or download to print later. It is all really easy to do and a great feature. 

Review DoodleJamz Emojis

My daughter was loved it when we used her own picture as a backboard giving herself a superhero mask and funny hair. But not so much when my twelve year old son discovered how much fun they are an added a mustache. 

Review DoodleJamz Selfie

What We Thought of DoodleJamz

My daughter absolutely loves the DoodleJamz pads and has literally played with them for hours on end. 

The DoodleJamz pads are definitley lots of fun but they also make a great mindfulness activity. Jellyboard is a lovely relaxing tool and Jellypic has a fun craft feel to it. As they creat no mess and can be resused over and over I imagine they will work well when travelling. 

Review DoodleJamz add own backcard

It is also great that you can create your own backcards adding in selfies, emoji’s or anything your kids can think up. 

It is not just my daughter who has enjoyed playing with DoodleJamz. Once I persuaded my twelve year old son to have a go ( he intitially declared them for younger kids) he didn’t want to put them down. 

I won’t lie I have also become a bit obcessed, especially with Jellypics setting myself the task of seperating out the coloured beads. I just need to remember to hide it from the kids so they can’t mix them back together.

As they only £4.99 we will definitley picking up more DoodleJamz in differently colours and highly reccommend them. 

Where Can You Buy DoodleJamz? 

DoodleJamz have an RRP of £4.99 and available to purchase in Smyths Toys Superstores here. 

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