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Review of Dessineo – Learn To Draw

A light box for children

Discover the Dessineo Learn to Draw children’s light box which helps kids learn a new skill in a fun way in our review. 

Dessineo – Learn to Draw is a children’s light box that comes with stencils to help kids master the art of drawing step by step. 

We were kindly gifted Dessineo – Learn to Draw from Jumbo for the purpose of an honest review. Read on for what reviewer Gemma and her children thought. 

Review of Dessineo – Learn To Draw .

Both my children love drawing, some days spending hours on end coming up with new master pieces to fill up the fridge door with.  Therefore when we were offered the chance to review Dessineo – Learn To Draw light box we jumped at the chance. 

Here is everything you need to know and what we thought. 

What is in the Dessineo – Learn To Draw Box? 

Dessineo – Learn To Draw comes in a large cardboard box and it was good to see that there was hardly any disposable plastic. Inside we discovered a large light box , 30 wheel shaped drawing templates inlcuding aliens, boats, animals and more, a small black marker, 10 A4 background sheets and the instructions. 

Dessineo Paper sheets

Dessineo Learn to draw In the box

The Dessineo lightbox itself takes 4 AA batteries (not included), has a carrying handle and a storage area for pencils. 

Dessineo Learn to draw pencil holder

How to Use Dessineo – Learn To Draw

The idea of  Dessineo – Learn To Draw is that children learn how to draw popular images step by step using the templates provided. 

To start, you simply chose the disc template with the image your child wants to draw, lift the transparent lid and place it on the turntable matching up the the circle. The disc template features four stages of the drawing, start by placing the stage one image (the one with the least detaill) over the light (there is a a number on the wheel at the front). My 7 year old daughter decided to start with the with bunny. 

Dessineo Learn to draw Bunny

Then place one of the background sheets or plain piece of A4 paper on the transparent top of the lightbox, securing it into the mouting points on the corners to make sure it stays in place and the slits on the side. We found placing paper pushed down lower mounts kept it in place the best. Then turn on the projector. 

Dessineo Paper sheets

The image will then be enlarged and projected onto the on to the paper ready to be traced either using the provided marker or your own. Once the first image has been traced you turn the wheel for stage 2, drawing over the next layer of detial and continue until you have finished stage 4. The wheel turns clockwise only so when placing the disc make sure it is the correct way up – look at the Dessineo logo for a clue. 

Dessineo Learn to draw templates

The disc templates are divided into three levels of difficulties, which are described in the instruction booklet. Level one including a girl, boy, house and flower, level two including a robot, superhero, princess and an elf and level three including Father Christmas, a knight, tractor and arepolane amongst others. 

Although my daughter used on of the pre-printed backgrounds to start with she decided that she would save the rest for ‘special pictures’ for her friends  and moved on to our own A4 blank paper. She also opted to use one of her own pencils so she could rub out any mistakes she made, but as she was following the image lines she didn’t need to break out the eraser. 

Dessineo Learn to draw panda

What age is Dessineo – Learn To Draw for? 

Dessineo – Learn To Draw is recommended for children aged 4 years and over. With a younger age lable on the box, there was a fear that it would be a bit too simple for my seven year old. However this was not the case, she loved it. It was easy enough for her to use on her own, lots of templates to choose from and she was so pleased with her finished pictures. 

Dessineo Learn to draw stage 4

What We Thought About Dessineo – Learn To Draw. 

The Dessineo – Learn To Draw Light Box is really simply to use. Within minutes of the box being opened and batteries in, my seven year old had it figured out and was drawing away in no time. 

The lightbox seems very robust and the handle will certainly reduce the risk of it being dropped as it is carried from room to room. I also love that there is a built in pencil holder which is a good size for general length colouring pencils and that you don’t need any special sized paper to use. Plus when not being used the templates store perfectly under the lid, making it great toy to use in the car. 

The Dessineo – Learn To Draw Light Box has been a big hit with my daughter going already going through a fair few of the templates and then practising the designs free hand, adding in extra details herself and then colouring them in. 

With lots more templates to work through I can see the light box being a go to toy for some time. 


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