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Review: NERF BUNKR Competition Pack

Boy with NERF Gun and NERF BUNKRs

Take the kids NERF game to the next level with the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack. Check out a review and what we thought. 

The NERF BUNKR range is designed to take NERF Blaster fans game to the next level. We were kindly the gifted the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack from Trends UK and and for an honest review and we asked our Mum in the Know Gemma and her family to check it out. Here is what they thought. 

Review of NERF BUNKR Competition Pack.

To say we are a family of NERF fans would be an understatement. We each have own blaster (and safety goggles), can spend hours having NERF wars around the house, love having target shooting tournaments and even get the grandparents in on the act. You can therefore imagine our excitement when we were asked to check the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack by Trends UK and Nerf Blaster by Hasbro. 

What’s In The NERF BUNKR Competition Pack Box? 

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review whats in the box

The NERF BUNKR Competition Pack includes four urban-themed obstacles, the Road Barrier, Tyre Stack, Wood Crate and Waste Barrel and a set of BUNKR game cards with ideas for games and team challenges. 

The obstacles require inflating and have a 3-way valve set for easy inflation, along with an integrated water base for stability for outdoor play. 

What age is The NERF BUNKR Competition Set For? 

The NERF BUNKR Competition Pack is recommended for children over 8 years and over. 

Playing with The NERF BUNKR Competition Set

As soon as the kids (and my husband for that matter) saw the NERF BUNKR Competition Set they couldn’t wait to get playing. As mentioned above each of the NERF BUNKRs needs inflating and with an electric inflator on hand, they were fully up in less than 30 seconds each. There is also a compartment underneath to fill with water for outdoor use to stop them blowing over. We had decided to play indoors so didn’t need the feature this time. 

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review size

Once up, we arranged the inflatables around the room.  The BUNKRs are all a great size for hiding behind, stand up easily and three out of the four obstacles also feature dart holders to make reloading easy. 

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review dart holder

As soon as the kids started their NERF Battle, the set was an instant hit. They loved hiding behind the BUNKR’s to ambush the other team, running from one obstacle to the others and using them as a moving shield. It wasn’t just the kids who enjoyed the new set. Both I and my husband loved finally having something big enough to hide behind and to help ambush the kids. We literally played all afternoon and most of the evening and the kids were still asking to play again. 

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review dart holder BUNKRs

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review inflatables

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review hide behind

After your battles are over the NERF BUNKRs valves makes them easy to deflate and store them away. 

The set also comes with Game Cards giving ideas of how to set up the BUNKR’s and Power Cards to give different advantages to the players. 

NERF BUNKR Competition Set Review Game Cards

Along with NERF BUNKR Competition Set we were kindly gifted the NERF ULTRA TWO Motorised blaster by HASBRO. The NERF ULTRA TWO comes with six Ultra Darts and instructions. It is recommended for children over 8 years and over and requires 6 x AA batteries. 

 NERF ULTRA TWO Review Whats in the box

This was the first of time we had played with a NERF ULTRA blaster and it won’t be the last. We all took turns playing with it and definitely had an advantage when doing so. We all loved that you don’t have to keep cocking the blaster after each shot instead simply pressing the safety button and trigger until it is time to reload. 

NERF ULTRA TWO Review triggers


What We Thought About The NERF BUNKR Competition Set. 

Add ons to well-loved toys can always be are hit or miss but The NERF BUNKR Competition Set is definitely the latter. As a parent, I loved that the BUNKRs are easy to inflate, deflate and to store when flat.

Most importantly the NERF BUNKR’s are lots of fun to play with. They are a great size for hiding behind, the dart holders have resulted in the kids actually wanting to pick up the darts after themselves and the battles kept them occupied longer than they usually do.

They are already planning for outdoor battles when the weather perks up and have added other NERF BUNKR sets to their Christmas lists. 

How Much Is The NERF BUNKR Competition Set? 

The NERF BUNKR Competition Set has an RRP of £39.99 and is available from Amazon here. 

Additional lines are also available including Take Cover single obstacles(£9.99srp) Battle Fort (£19.99srp), Battle Stackers (£19.99srp), Challenger Pack (£29.99srp) and Battle Switch (£29.99srp).

Fun Fact!

Did you know the Nerf BUNKR inflatable obstacles in the Nerf Ultra Challenge with Chelsea FC and Arsenal football teams? Team players including Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic from Chelsea and Edward Nketia, Bukayo Saka and Kieran Tierney from Arsenal have been battling it out on the pitch in the ultimate Nerf Battle featuring the Nerf BUNKR.  





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