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Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid

A girl smiling looking at Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid doll and jar

The new Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid Season 3, have swum into toys stores. We check them out and you can discover what we thought in our review here. 

Bright Fairy Friends Season 3 has now arrived adding mermaids into the collection. 

We were kindly gifted Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and daughter to check her out and you can discover what they thought in their review below. 

Review Of Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid 

My nine-year-old daughter loves everything magical with fairies and mermaids being top of the list. When I saw that Bright Fairy Friends were bringing out a mermaid collection I knew that they would be a big hit and couldn’t wait to have a closer look. We were therefore very excited when we were asked to review the new Bright Fairy Friends season 3 collection. Read on for what we thought. 

What are Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids?

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids Jar box

Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids are the latest in the Bright Fairy Friends family. A range of collectible mermaid fairies who live in magical jars which light up when you pass them choosing you to take them home.  There are twelve characters to collect and come with their own accessories and personalities. 

What Age Are Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids For? 

Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids are aimed at children over 3 years old. 

What Comes In The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid Jar? 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids whats in the box

Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids come with 

  • Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid Doll
  • A motion-activated twinkle light jar
  • A stand 
  • A hair-brush 
  • A seahorse sponge 
  • A bottle with a little message
  • Stickers
  • A collectors map 

The Bright Fairy Friends jar requires 2 AA batteries which are included. 

What Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid Characters Are Available? 

There are 12 fairy friend mermaids to collect, all of which have their own personality and outfit and come with a different message in a bottle. 

The characters include Misty with pink hair and a yellow and orange tail and who loves to create new looks for her BFF Mermaid friends; Coral with orange hair and pink and purple tail who loves sport and being on a team; Shelly with pink curls and a green and pink fin who loves to learn, and Isla with purple pigtails and a stunning green tail who dreams of being a marine biologist. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids collectors map

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid Characters

You don’t know which doll you get until you open the jar. We received Aqua who has aqua green long hair, an aqua green and yellow tail and pink wings. Aqua loves bringing ideas to life and is more than willing to help out and put her creative twist on anything her BFF Mermaid Fairy Friends need. Sometimes they just need a little Aqua magic! 

You can discover all the characters and their personalities on the Bright Fairy Friends website here. 

Playing with Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids

The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids come in large blue jar, pull off the top to reveal your BFF Mermaid doll. Along with the doll, you will also find four surprises in blind bags, the stand which allows your mermaid to stand up and a collectors map detailing all the characters you can collect.

As mentioned above, on opening the jar we discovered Aqua and my daughter was over the moon. After pulling her out and inspecting her she moved quickly to open the surprise bags. These featured a yellow brush, a yellow seahorse sponge a set of stickers and a cute little bottle containing a message. 

Aqua’s hair comes tied up with a band that can be easily removed to brush, however, my daughter decided that Aqua prefers it tied up like she does and just brushed it to make it look neater. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids brush hair

The seahorse sponge can be used to change the colour of your mermaid’s wings. Simply wet with cold water and then wipe it across your wings to see it change. The change isn’t dramatic though and could easily be missed, ours showed a slight hint of blue on the raised detail. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids wings change colour

Pop the cork off the little bottle to find a message hidden inside. Ours said ‘Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care’. This was a lovely touch and my daughter’s favourite accessory. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids message in a bottle

The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid doll itself has a moveable head, arms and legs and can be placed in a sitting position. She can also be placed on the included stand to be displayed. 

What makes BFF dolls extra special though is their jar homes. Made from thick durable blue glitter plastic, the jars contain motion-activated twinkly lights. Turn the switch on at the bottom and when activated the lights at the front of the jar are activated and stay lit for 20 minutes – making them a perfect night light. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids Jar light up

You can also switch the jar to ‘Try Me’ mode where the lights stay on for only a couple of seconds turning on and off in a magical way. 

Review Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids Jar

What We Thought About The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids

As I suspected The Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids have been a big hit with my daughter. She loved the way she looked and has adored reading all about her personality. It has been great to see her continue to play with Aqua, neatening her hair with the brush and playing with the toy bottle. 

She has enjoyed playing with the jar, using it as storage for Aqua when not playing with her and as her new night light at bedtime. 

Overall this has been a great toy, I love that each doll has it’s own personality and that the packaging can be used and not just thrown away. 

My daughter now can’t wait to get her hands on more BFF Mermaids from the collection and ‘light up’ her room. 

Where Can You Buy Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids

Bright Fairy Friends Mermaids have an RRP of £13.99 and are available from The Entertainer here. 

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