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Review Farplace The Game

Farplace The Game Animal Rescue

Discover a new family board game with our review of Farplace The Game, a game of animal rescuing and rehoming.

A good family board game will always be a hit with the kids, it keeps them entertained whilst spending fun time together. 

We were recently gifted the new animal rescue and rehoming game Farplace The Gift. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her family to check it out and here is what they thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly the game for an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link see here.

Review Farplace The Game

Review Farplace The Game Box what is it

Me and my family love board games, it is our go-to way to spend time together.

We adore trying out a new game and couldn’t wait to try the new Farplace The Game. 

Discover what we thought and everything you need to know about Farplace the Game below. 

What is Farplace The Game?

Review Farplace The Game The Board

Farplace The Game is a fun race-style board game to recuse or rehome your allotted animal playing piece. 

The game comes from the UK-based charity Farplace Animal Rescue. The charity not only aids in rescuing and rehoming animals but also engages local communities with their wildlife experience zones.

The proceeds from this game go back to the charity’s help with their work.

How Many Players Can Play Farplace The Game? 

Farplace the Game game is for two to four players 

What age is Farplace The Game For?

The Fuzzies is aimed at children over 8 years and adults of all ages. 

How Long Does Farplace The Game Take To Play?

The instructions indicated that it takes 20 to 30 minutes to play the normal game and less for the quick start game. 

However, the first time we played it, it took a big longer as we got use to the rules

What Comes In The Farplace The Game Box? 

Review Farplace The Game Whats in the Box

The Farplace The Game Box contains: 

  • A double-sided game board 
  • 4 Meeples (animal playing characters)
  • 4 Player Cards
  • 20 Vet Cards
  • 70 Animal Cards
  • 87 Object/ Action Cards
  • 4 Turn Summary Cards
  • 4 Key Cards
  • 1 instruction / rule booklet 

How to Set Up Farplace The Game? 

Review Farplace The Game what each player get

On first look, the game looks complicated to set up but in reality, it is quite quick. 

First, you need to decide which side of the board to play on The Burrow or The Citadel. Then shuffle separately the set of Vet Cards, Animal Cards and Object / Action Cards.  

Place the Vet Cards face down next to the board.

Then each player chooses a Meeple animal character with the choice of a cat, dog, rabbit or pigeon. It maybe tempting to just choose your favourite animal – however, each have different abilities to help them progress along the board and so you choose carefully. 

Once everyone has choosen their Meeple each player is given: 

  • Their chosen Meeple animal character token
  • Their chosen animal Player Card
  • 3 Animal Cards 
  • 4 Object / Action Cards
  • 1 Key Card 
  • 1 Turn Summary Card. 

Place the remaining Animal Cards face down next to the board.

Deal 5 Objection / Action Cards face up next to the board with the remaining cards face down. 

Review Farplace The Game Object : Action Cards

How to Play Farplace The Game? 

Review Farplace The Game starting the game

To start the game each player places their animal Meeple on either the Start or Quick Start zones on the board and the player who last donated to an animal shelter goes first. 

To take your turn you need to take any two actions from the range provided on the Turn Summary Card, you can do the same action twice.

There are four actions to choose from including drawing more Animal or Object / Action Cards, cancelling out negative scoring cards or rehoming/rehousing one of your animal cards. 

Again the rules around these actions at first seem complicated, however, they are easy to pick up.

The basic aim is to rehome or release one of your Animal Card to move along the board the number of spaces detailed.

To be able to do this you have to be holding the object or action cards (such as vaccinating/neutering, home check and vet check) detailed on the Animal Card.

Review Farplace The Game Action Cards

But before you can move you have to take a Vet Card which gives you instructions on how you can move. 

Review Farplace The Game Vet Cards

There are also obstacles and instructions to follow on the board, which the Key Card explains. 

Review Farplace The Game board obstacles

When you can move, you need to make sure you follow your Player Cards abilities for example, the Cat can move from cardboard box to cardboard box and the Pigeon can fly over water. 

Review Farplace The Game Player Card Different animal abilities

After a few turns we all realised that strategy is involved in the game. You have to be careful when you pick up a new animal card or rehouse an animal so you have to pick up a vets card.

How to Win Farplace the Game

Review Farplace The Game Ending the game

Although it is the end of the game when the first player crosses the finish line, this player is not necessarily the winner – it’s all about the cards left in the player’s hands. 

Any the numbers on the animal cards left each player’s hands whether positive or negative, are added up. Then the player moved backwards on the (ignoring obstacles and other Meeples).

The player who is in the lead at this point is then the winner – you can be first over the line but can come in last place. 

Therefore it is important to try to get rid of your Animal Cards by rehoming or releasing them according to the rules. 

What we thought about Farplace The Game 

I won’t lie, it took a few reads of the instructions and a couple of turns to learn how to play. However, once we got the hang of it, it was a big hit. 

With the cute animal theme, both my 11 and 14-year-olds had presumed that it was a little young for them. However,  as soon as they released it wasn’t a simple race game and they had to outwit each other to win, they couldn’t wait to play the next game. 

We loved that each time we played it felt different, especially as there are two boards to play, and that we were all happy to try out different Meeples characters to try out their abilities. 

The game also teaches about the importance of looking after animals and ensuring that they have the right care and home. Plus proceeds of the game go back to UK-based charity Farplace Animal Rescue 

Purchasing Farplace The Game 

Farplace The Game costs £25.00 and is available to purchase from the Farplace Animal Rescue website here. 

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