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Review Classic Toys Stickle Bricks and Plasticine

child playing with plasticine

Stickle Bricks and Plasticine are great classic toys from our childhood. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer to see if her kids would love them as much, discover what they thought. 

Are you even a parent if you have not reminisced about the toys of your childhood? Both Stickle Bricks and Plasticine are retro toys that have stood the test of time. But are they as good as we remember them and will kids of today love them as much as we do?

We were sent both Stickle Bricks and Plasticine sets to find out the answer to these questions and for an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and Children to check them out. Here is what she thought. 

Review Classic Toys Stickle Bricks and Plasticine 

I love seeing my children playing with retro toys that I use to enjoy. Therefore when asked to check out Stickle Bricks and Plasticine I jumped at the chance. Discover what they thought and whether they are actually as good as I remember below. 

Stickle Bricks 

Stickle Bricks were one of my all-time favourite toys of my childhood. Playing with them for the first time at nursery is one of my earliest memories and I still remember the joy of getting them for my birthday.

With an eight and an eleven-year old, I thought that I would need to call in my four-year-old niece for this review. However, on spotting my eight-year-olds excited face when she spotted them I knew they wouldn’t be going anywhere. 

The Stickle Bricks Sets 

Review Stickle Bricks Tubs

There are lots of different size sets of Stickle Bricks to suit every budget. 

We were gifted the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub which retails at £19.99 which comes in a handy storage tub, and the Stickle Bricks Little Builder set at £9.99. 

What’s in the Stickle Bricks Sets?

The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub contains: 

Review Stickle Bricks Whats in the fun tub

  • 69 Stickle bricks in different colours, sizes and shapes 
  • A base plate 
  • Four wheels and two axles 
  • Two heads ( to create people )
  • A build Inspiration sheet 

The tub itself is also big enough to store a couple of sets 

The Stickle Bricks Little Builder set contains: 

Review Stickle Bricks Whats in the Little Builder Box

  • 30 Stickle Bricks in different colours, sizes and shapes 
  • Three little heads
  • A build Inspiration sheet 

What age are Stickle BricksFor ?

Stickle Bricks are aimed at children from age 18 months to eight years old. 

Playing with Stickle Bricks 

If you aren’t familiar with Stickle Bricks ( I’m telling you you’ve been deprived) each of the bricks has little teeth which fit nicely on to the other Stickle Brick. 

All the bricks are of a chunky nature are really easy to but together with no force required, perfect for little hands. 

Review Stickle Bricks click together

My methodical daughter started out by replicating some of the builds on the instruction sheet. 

Starting with the plane she loved how quickly she could build it ready for her to play with. 

Review Stickle Bricks Building

Review Stickle Bricks Build a plane

Next, she started on the Llama. It was at this point my husband realised what she was playing with, shouted ‘oooo Stickle Bricks’ and sat down to build. They proceeded to play together for quite some time building the suggested creations, using their imaginations to make up their own ad playing with what they made. 

Review Stickle Bricks adults building

Review Stickle Bricks Llama

My eleven-year-old son who is often ‘too cool’ for certain toys also couldn’t resist having a go building towers and what he called his modern art. It was great to see. 

Review Stickle Bricks Older kids


There was nothing better as a child than getting a new set of plasticine. I would play for hours creating everything from tea party food to animals and remember feeling really proud of my creations. 

Both my eleven and eight-year-olds love to craft and I knew they would be keen to play with the Plasticine sets and I wasn’t wrong. 

The Plasticine Sets 

Review Plasticine Tubs

There are lots of Plasticine sets available with different colours and tools and suit all budgets. 

We were sent the Plasticine FunTUBulous which costs around £7 and the Plasticine Toolz which costs around £6.00

What’s in the Plasticine Sets?

The Plasticine FunTUBulous set contains: 

Review Plasticine What in FunTubulous

  • 8 large sticks of Plasticine in different colours
  • 4 different shaped cutters 
  • A plastic storage tub
  • An instruction and ideas sheet. 

The PlasticineToolz set contains: 

Review Plasticine What is in Toolz

  • 6 large sticks of Plasticine in different colours
  • A rolling pin 
  • A cutting and shaping tool 
  • 4 different shaped cutters
  • Tool box-shaped storage box. 
  • An instruction and ideas sheet. 

What age is Plasticine For?

Plasticine is aimed at children over 5 years old right up to adults. 

Playing with the Plasticine Sets 

Plasticine unlike over modelling clays and dough doesn’t try out or shrink and can be used over and over again. 

On opening, the Plasticine needs to be squished and squashed to soften it up. 

Review Plasticine Getting the clay ready

The ideas sheet indicates that you can mix two colours of Plasticine to make different colours on shades. On realising this both kids were keen to give this a go. 

Using small bits of the plasticine they used red and blue to make purple, green and red to make brown and played around making different shades. 

Review Plasticine Mixing colours

Once they were happy with their range of colours they started to sculpt. My eight-year-old started off making a tree before moving on to make a fruit bowl.  My son made a cute carrot and a tangle twister lolly. 

Review Plasticine Sculpting

Review Plasticine what to make

I couldn’t resist the call of the Plasticine and decided to keep it simple with a little crab. This sparked the kids to join together to make a whole underwater scene. They played for ages and worked as a team really well, planning it out and deciding who would make which sea creature. 

Review of Plasticine what to make

My eight year old has recently been learning about stop motion animation at school and decided that her next stop Plasticine project, with the help of her brother, will be to make a mini film. 

What We Thought About The Stickle Bricks and Plasticine Sets

I am pleased to say that both the Stickle Bricks and Plasticine sets lived up to my memories and that my children have become instant fans of these classic toys. 

It has been lovely to see the kids using their imaginations to come up with new and wonderful creations and even better when they have been working together without arguing (well mostly). Both the Plasticine and Stickle Bricks have become go-to toys. 

It is also great to see that time has not affected the quality and reliability of either of these brands, both are designed to last and I am sure they will remain firm favourites for years to come. 

Where to Buy Plasticine and Stickle Bricks Sets 

The Plasticine is FunTUBulous is available here and the Plasticine Toolz set is available here

The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub is available here and The Stickle Bricks Little Builder set is available here. 

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