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Review Messi Training System Footballs

a boy on a field playing with a Messi Training System Football

You can now train like Messi with the new Messi Training System. Discover everything you need to know in our review. 

The Messi Training System gives kids the chance to train like their football hero. 

We were kindly gifted two training balls from the range for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Leanne and her seven-year-old son to check them out. Read on for what they thought below.

Plus discover how you can win an all-expenses-paid trip to either Paris or Barcelona to meet Messi himself below. 

Review Messi Training System Footballs

Review Messi Training System training balls

My seven-year-old lives and breaths football. If he’s not playing he’s talking about it or watching a match and Messi is one of his favourite players.We were therefore excited to check out some of the new Messi Training System balls. Here is what you need to know . 

The Messi Training System Footballs 

Review Messi Training System messi footballs

The Messi Training System footballs have been designed to let kids train just like  Lionel Messi. Allowing them to practice their skills by working on improving speed, reflexes and shooting ability. 

We were gifted the Flexi Power Pro Ball and the Messi Soft Touch Training Ball. Other footballs in the range include The Messi Training Ball Never Give Up, The Tricks and Affects Ball and The Messi Training System Inflatable Ball. 

The Messi Training System Flexi Power Pro Ball 

Review Messi Training System flexi power ball pro whats in the box

The Flexi Power Pro Ball is available in size size 3 or size 5. We received the bigger size 5 in a blue and red pattern. 

The ball comes with a small instruction sheet which advises that it will need pumping up before playing with . 

Review Messi Training System flexi power ball pump up

Made from a good quality textured rubber the ball offers extra grip and is softer than a standard football.

It is also lighter in weight making it child friendly but heavy enough that it won’t fly away and do what you intend it to do .

As soon as my son saw it he couldn’t wait to try it out . Practising dribbling around cones crossing and shooting with great results . 

Review Messi Training System flexi power ball pro skills

Messi Soft Touch Training Ball 

Review Messi Training System soft touch whats in the box

The Soft Touch Training Ball is a size 2 football and is available in either a white or red design. 

The ball comes pre pumped with an attached cord with an easy grip handle making it ideal for practising tricks. 

Review Messi Training System soft touch ball cord

The cord can be adjusted the height by pulling apart the handle and wrapping or unwrapping the cord to the length you need, before popping the handle back together. 

We found a shorter length worked really well for practising keepie uppies and little flicks and the longer length for ball control on the floor. 

You can also easily detach the cord by unscrewing it for when you have mastered the tricks with the cord; or for just a simple game of football. 

Review Messi Training System soft touch training ball

What we thought of the Messi Training System Footballs? 

My football loving son was over the moon with his new Messi footballs. 

Review Messi Training System flexi power ball pro control

The Flexi Power Pro Ball’s grip has definetly helped him with his ball control and he has really enjoy practising his dribbling skills around his training cones.

The fact it is lighter than standard balls but still robust is a great plus for younger child who maybe scared about being hit by the ball. 

 Messi Training System soft touch control

Soft Touch Training Ball has also been a hit. The cord and the grip has meant he didn’t have to keep chasing the ball around the garden after a miskick. Plus as the ball is soft he can practice his skills in the house. 

The Messi theme has been the cherry on the top and I can see them coming out again and again. 

Win an all-expenses trip to meet Lionel Messi

For all Messi fans out there, Messi Training System are offering the chance  to win an all-expenses-paid trip to either Paris or Barcelona to meet Messi himself.

To enter, simply head over to the website to find out more.

Closing date: 31 May 2022. Terms & conditions apply.

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