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Toy Review Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Series 1

Uni-verse unicorn pink cloud

Discover the new Uni-Verse Collectible Suprise Unicorns Series 1 and what we thought. 

We were kindly gifted the new Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns for the purpose of an honest review. Read on for what our reviewer Gemma and her daughter Isabelle (aged 7) thought. 

Toy Review of Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns

It will come as no surprise that like every other child (and adult) my seven year old Isabelle is absolutely obsessed with unicorns and quiet frankly so am I . We were therefore both extremely excited we were asked to review the new Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorn toys.  Read on for what we thought and discover which Uni-Verse unicorns we found. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Packs

Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns

The Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns come hidden inside an emoji style cloud. The clouds come in different styles and colours and we received a white cloud crying rainbows, a green cloud with a blue lighting bolt and fierce eyes, a yellow cloud with rainbow eyes and a love heart mark and a pink heart with a rainbow coming out of its mouth and love heart cheeks. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Clouds

On seeing them my daughter was instantly excited declaring the pink cloud as her favourite. 

The Clouds each contain a Uni-Verse unicorn figure, a pet friend, two accessories, a scratch-off unicorn bio card and a collector’s map poster. You will also find an instruction map in the packet that contains the cloud. 

How to open the Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Clouds

To open your emoji style cloud to reveal the unicorn you need to simply dunk the cloud into warm water. My daughter found this very exciting and was over the moon that as soon as the cloud hit the water it started to disolve revealing a packet.  

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn opening

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn warm water

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn cloud dissolve

The colour of the water hints at the world your unicorn will be from. Our white cloud turned the water green indicating our unicorn would be from “Mist-terious Land”, the green and yellow clouds turned the water blue indicating the unicorns would be from “Funtasyland”, and the pink cloud turned the water red indicating the unicorn would be from “Nummy Bay”. 

Review of Uni verse unicorn bags

Along with turning the water a different colour the cloud also turns to a slime consistency, which of course of was a big hit with my daughter. Although this was messy and sticky (have a cloth at the ready), it did clean easily with additional water. 

Once we had fished out the packet and used sissors to open we found four rainbow patterned surprise bags one containing the unicorn, their pet friend,  accessories and scratch-off bio card. 

the Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorn Characters

The Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise series 1 features over 40 unicorn characters to collect. The Unicorns are divided into seven different worlds including Nummy Bay, Superstar City, Sweet Treats Landing and more. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn collectors map

Each Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise pack contains a collectors map poster helping you to discover which Uni-Verse character you have opened and revealing if their unique level and their special feature. The special features include colour changing, liquid-filled, scented, fun hair, glow in the dark and lots more. 

Which Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Unicorn Characters Did We Open

Each of the Uni-Verse clouds each held one of the unicorn characters and my daughter was very excited to see which unicorns would be inside.

In the white cloud she found “Anne-Arctica” an “extra unique” transculent unicorn from “Mist-terious Land” who came with snowman head horn accessory and wings and a cute blue and white pet. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Anne Arctica

In the pink cloud she found “Diggity Dee” from the “Nummy Bay” complete with a red bow for her back and a mustard bottle horn accesory along with her yellow and red pet. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Dilly Dolly Dotty

In the yellow cloud she discovered “Dilly Dolly Dotty” an “extra unique”with fun pink hair from “Funtasyland” who came with a bow for her horn and handback mouth accessory and a cute pink and white pet. 

 Uni verse unicorn diggity Dee

Finally in the green cloud she found  “Arcadey Sadey” again from from “Funtasyland” who has a game controller horn accessory and a case to carry in her mouth with funky little blue pet. 

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Arcadey Spadey

Along with the accesorries and the pets the Uni-verse unicorns also came with a scratch-off bio card, which you scratch away with your unicorn’s hoof. My daughter loved this extra surprise element and couldn’t wait to reveal what her unicorn loved, didn’t like, wants to eat and her “Uni-queness”.

Review of Uni Verse Unicorn Scratch Card

What We Thought About Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise Series 1

If you have read any of our other toy reviews you will know that my daughter is a big fan of collectible toys and the Uni-verse Collectible Surprise characters are no exception. 

She adored the clouds, incredibly excited when they were dissolving and even more so when discovering the “cute” unicorns and their pets. She couldn’t wait to see which Uni-Verse characters she had opened and was over the moon on finding out that she had two “extra uni-ques” including fun hair to play with. The accessories have also been a big hit with her swapping them between the characters and the scratch cards added to the anticipation. 

Best of all since opening the Uni-Verse unicorns my daughter has been playing with them non stopped playing with them, I don’t think you can get a better recommendation than that. 

How Much Are The Uni-Verse Collectible Surprise packs

The Uni-Verse Collectible surprise packs have an RRP of £9.99 however they are currently on sale at Smythstoys, Argos, Asda and the Entertainer for around £5. 



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