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Review Of Kanoodle Head To Head Game

a hand moving a piece to the board and playing kanoodle head to head

Test your dexterity and spatial awareness skills will Kanoodle Head-to-Head. Discover what we thought of this fun game in our review of Kanoodle Head To Head Game.

Kanoondle Head To Head from Educational Insights is based on the best selling Kanoodle puzzle game series. It allows players to battle with your friends putting your puzzle brains to the test. 

We were kindly gifted Kanoondle Head To Head for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer and family to check it out and here is what they thought. 

Review Of Kanoodle Head To Head Game

My family all love board games and play a game together at least once a day. We were therefore very excited when asked to check out Kanoodle Head To Head. Here is what you need to know about this battle puzzle game and what we thought. 

What is Kanoodle Head To Head? 

Kanoodle Head to Head two-player game. It is based on the popular Kanoodle game is a game where you battle against another player to complete a puzzle before your opponent. 

What Age Is Kanoodle Head To Head For? 

Kanoodle is aimed at children aged 7 years and over to adults. 

What is the Kanoodle Head To Head Box? 

Review Kanoodle Head To Head whats in the box

The Kanoodle Head To Head box contains:

  • a two-player board game with a lid
  • 16 coloured puzzles pieces (8 for each player)
  • 40 doubled-sided challenge cards (with 80 challenges in total)
  • a cardholder
  • Game instructions. 

How To Play Kanoodle Head To Head. 

Kanoodle Head To Head is really easy to play. 

Place the cardholder in the slot on the board. Then simply grab your pieces from inside the board using the opposite coloured buttons to open. Each player should have 8 eight different puzzle pieces each.

Review Kanoodle Head To Head pieces

Then select one of the game cards into the cardholder. Each player will be able to see the same puzzle on each side. 

Review Kanoodle Head To Head game setup

On ‘Go’ or the count of three (we covered the card with our hands so that no one could cheat), you then need to copy the puzzle on the card using your puzzle pieces.

Review Kanoodle Head To Head playing game

The first to complete it is the winner and presses the other player’s coloured button to pop their board which causes their pieces to fly out.

 Review Kanoodle Head To Head pressing Kanoodle win

The players then need to check to make sure that the solution is correct. If not the other player wins that round. You then change the puzzle to start the next round. 

Each match usually only takes a minute or so to play and on first look, the game looked appeared to be aimed just at children. I presumed that I would continually beat my kids( I never let them win) and would become bored. However, after they both played a couple of times and learnt the shapes it became anyone’s game and they have beat me more than I would like to admit. 

Review Kanoodle Head To Head Playing

The game is also more nerve-wracking than I would have guessed. You can’t see what pieces your opponent is placing on the board just hear them trying to fit them in and reaching for next shape. This makes you try to go faster, making them go faster and you both end up making mistakes. 

Review Kanoodle Head To Head winning

The instructions leave it up to you for how many rounds you can play so that the game can be as long or as short as you like. We have tended to the first of 5, 7 or 10 depending on how much time we had on the day. 

What we thought of Kanoodle Head To Head?

We have all really enjoyed playing Kanoodle Head To Head. It is such a simple game to set up and even more so to play and each match is very quick, which all make it highly addictive.

The fast matches also make it an ideal game to play when you are short on time and the fact that it all packs away into a small board makes a great travel game. 

Kanoodle Head To Head has become a go-to game especially for the kids who frequently pick it up to play it together with surprisingly very few arguments – and I don’t think you can get a better recommendation than that. 

Where to buy Kanoodle Head To Head? 

Kanoodle Head To Head has an RRP of £19.00 and is available to purchase from Learning Resources here. 

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