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Game Review Nipper Cards Affirmation Cards For Children

Nipper Affirmation Cards


Discover the new Nipper Cards, beautiful affirmation cards for children. Discover what we thought. 

Nipper Cards are lovely cards featuring affirmations for children 

We were kindly gifted a pack of Nipper Cards for the purposes of an honest review and you can read what our reviewer Gemma thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted this game for the purposes of an honest review.

Review of Nipper Affirmation cards for children.

If you have read any of our reviews before you will know that we are big fans of playing games. We therefore jumped at the chance to have a look at Nipper Cards. Read on for what we thought. 

What are Nipper Cards? 

Nipper Cards are animal-themed playing cards each containing an affirmation for children to help them deal with their worries. The cards are designed to help children to talk about and identify their feelings and help them understand their emotions. 

What is in the Nipper Card Box? 

Nipper Card Review animal suits

Nipper Cards contain 13 suits of animals with four cards in each suit, instructions for using the cards, and the rules for playing four different games. 

Each animal suit of cards represents a quality with each of the four cards containing an affirmation message along that theme. 

What Games Can you play with Nipper Cards? 

Nipper Card Review Animal Families

The set of cards come with four suggested games which you can play: The Memory Game (Pelmanism), Animal Snap for younger children, Number Snap for Older children, and Animal Families. 

The Memory Game and Snap I am sure will not need the rules explaining.

For Animal families, each player takes four cards and decides on a suit of animals (in secret) to collect. The first player (the youngest in our house), then discards an unwanted card and picks one up from the deck. The winner is the person who gets their full suit of four animals first. 

Using The Child Affirmations 

Nipper Card Review Affirmations

Although the instructions suggest that you can have the children pick out different cards and then discuss the affirmations, we decided to start by playing Animal Families. 

As soon we handed out the cards my seven and ten-year-old instantly noticed the messages and started reading them out. They understand the messages o some of the cards straight away and others needed a bit of an explanation which was great as a discussion starter.

What We Thought About Nipper Cards

Although I knew that the children would enjoy playing with the cards I was unsure if they would pick up on the affirmation messages. However, if they were one of the first things that they noticed.

My seven-year-old daughter loved that her first card told her that she was ‘an inspiration to others and another said she was a ‘breath of joy’. My son enjoyed comparing himself to the wolves’ quality cards followed of course by some howling. 

Every time we have played since the kids have been just as excited as to which messages they would get as they were about playing the game itself. I have also heard my daughter repeating a couple of affirmations to herself when playing in her room.

How Much are Nipper Cards and Where Can You Buy Them.

Nipper Cards cost £9.99 and can be purchased here

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