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Review OGGs Vegan Cake Range

OGGs Vegan Cake Review

OGGS Vegan Cakes , chocolate celebration cake , OGGs Lemon Zest cake

On the lookout for a great-tasting vegan cake? We recently checked out some of OGGs vegan, dairy-free cake range, and here is what we thought. 

OGGs are an ethical bakery that offers dairy-free and egg-free cakes with the mission of making sure they taste just as delicious as we all know cakes can be. 

With Easter rapidly approaching we were kindly sent a selection of OGGs cakes for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her cake-obsessed family to check them out. 

Review of OGGs Vegan Cake Range

We are big cake fans in our house and are yet to find a flavour that at least one of us doesn’t enjoy. We haven’t however ever tried vegan cakes. I was, therefore, both excited and intrigued when asked to try out some of OGGs Vegan Cake range. This is what we thought. 

Who are OGGs Cakes?

If you haven’t heard of OGGs they are a dairy and egg-free bakery whose aim is to offer plant-based alternatives to everyday food whilst having little impact on the planet. 

They are actively trying to lower carbon emissions, ensure an ethically sourced supply chain, use local manufacturers and all their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.  

What Are OGGs Cakes Made Of? 

As mentioned OGG cakes are all vegan-friendly meaning that they are free from the usual cake ingredients of dairy or eggs. Instead, OGGs cakes are made from the plant-based protein Aquafaba (which is basically the water that comes in a tin of chickpeas).  Instead of butter they use 100% sustainable and RSPO certified palm oil. 

What Flavours of Vegan Cakes Do OGGs Do? 

OGGs offer a variety of vegan cakes including individual vegan Victoria sponges, vegan chocolate fudge cupcakes, and even vegan mince pies. They also offer a new range of vegan bites including OGGs Brownie Bites and OGGs Millionaire Bites.

We were sent the OGGs Celebration Cake, the OGGs Zesty Lemon Cake, and OGGs Mini Vanilla Cupcakes. 

Review of OGGs Cake Flavours

What Did We Think About The OGGS Vegan Cakes? 

I have to admit I never really fancied trying vegan cakes. Without butter and eggs, I imagined they would be dry and tasteless. I am glad to say this couldn’t have been further from the truth where the OGG Cakes are concerned.

The Zesty Lemon Drizzle cake, which was my favourite, tasted just as good if not better than any other lemon cakes on the market.  The Celebration Cake was chocolatey and moist and the frosting just as creamy as non-vegan versions and the mini Vanilla Cupcakes were light and airy. If I didn’t know they were vegan I never would have guessed.

Review of OGGs Zesty Lemon Cake

My husband was also really impressed. He particularly enjoyed the chocolate cake and was really surprised when I told him they were all vegan.

Review of OGGs Celebration Cake

Of course on seeing the cakes my eight and eleven-year-olds couldn’t wait to give them a try. As we all know kids are always brutally honest when it comes to whether they like a certain food or not and my two are no different.

Review of OGGs Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Starting with the Mini Vanilla Cupcakes they happily gobbled their way through the range of cakes declaring them all delicious. They certainly couldn’t tell the difference between these and mainstream cakes. In fact, my son declared the OGGs Celebration Cake as one of the best cakes he has ever tasted and both have been begging to buy more. 

Review of OGGs Cake kids

Review of OGGs best vegan Cake

Where Can You Buy OGGS Cakes from? 

OGGs Cakes are available from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Ocado. 

You can find out more about OGGs on their website here. 

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