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UK Review of Big Potato Games Colour Brain Disney Edition

Disney Colour Brain Review Main

We checked out Big Potato Game’s ‘Colour Brain Disney Edition’ and here is what we thought.

Big Potato Game has launched a new version of the popular ‘Colour Brain’ and it is a Disney Edition! If you have never heard of Colour Brain it is fun quiz where all the answers are a colour and with a world of colour characters, the new Disney theme seems the perfect match.

We were kindly gifted Colour Brain Disney Edition for the purposes of an honest review and you can read what our reviewer Gemma and her family thought below.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted Beat That! for the purposes of an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link (see here).

Review Of Colour Brain Disney Edition

If you have read any of our other toy reviews you will know that we are a family who loves board games. Our family time always revolves around a good game or two and we have a big games tournament over the summer.

We are therefore always on the lookout for a new game to try and win! We, therefore, jumped at the chance to check out Big Potato Game’s Colour Brain especially when discovering it was the Disney Edition – we are big Disney fans!

Disney Colour Brain Review

What is in the ‘Colour Brain Disney Edition’ Box?

The box contains 250 question and answer cards, 44 colour cards, 4 colour capture cards, the Colour Brain rules and even a coloured pencil and scorecard so there is no hunting around for a pen.

Disney Colour Brain Review in the box

How To Play Colour Brain Disney Edition.

Colour Brain Disney Edition is for 2 to 12 players and you can either play individually (up to four players) or in teams. The rules are very simple to understand.

Disney Colour Brain Review Rules

First, each player/team selects a Disney character with a choice of Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella or Olaf. Deciding who would who was the hardest part of the game and no matter how much my husband begged, my son was not giving up Mickey. Each team is then given a set of 11 Colour Cards which have the character on the front and a different colour on the back along with a Colour Capture card.

Disney Colour Brain Review Character cards

Disney Colour Brain Review Colour cards

The question and answer cards then go into the middle of the table (answers down). The game begins with the question on the top card being readout. The question is phrased as the answer and you have to guess the colour or colours it is referring to (the number is indicated in the corner of the card). For example, one question is ‘The Sorcerer’s Hat’ with the answer being one of two colours.

Disney Colour Brain Review questions

All the players then select the correct colour card/s from their set of 11 and place it colour down on the table. Once the first player has played their card the other players only have 15 seconds to then play theirs. This is a great rule which keeps the game moving.

After everyone has placed the cards down it is time to reveal the answer. Those who get ALL the colours correct will score a point, but only if at least one other player/team gets it wrong, scoring one point for each wrong answer.

Disney Colour Brain Review questions

So with four players, if you are the only player who gets the correct answer you can get three points. If you all get it right no one scores a point. You then mark the score on the score pad provided, with the first to ten points declared the winner.

Disney Colour Brain Review scoring

If you’re behind on the score pad you don’t need to despair, the Colour Capture can help. Marked with a Disney Villain the Colour Capture cards allows its holder to blind pick eight colour cards from the player who is in the lead, leaving them with only two cards to play with. The card can only be played once, so you need to play it wisely and can only be played against the player who is in the lead. To say my kids loved playing this when I was in the lead would be an understatement!

Although the rules of the game are easy to follow, winning is not as easy you would think. Even as big Disney fans trying to think of the colour of Ralph’s undershirt or the Queen of Hearts dress (believe it or not there are four colours) had us all stumped. There are easier questions which kept the kids interested but even those proved that answering in colours definitely taxes the brain.

What Age Is Colour Brain Disney Edition For?

Colour Brain Disney Edition is for children aged 8+. However, there was no way that my 7 year was going to let us play the game with Disney in the title without her. She had no problem both understanding the rules and even won a round or two.

Disney Colour Brain Review Playing

What We Thought About Colour Brain Disney Brain Game.

Having played other Big Potato Games and loving them, we had high expectations about the new Colour Brain game and we weren’t disappointed.

We loved how easy the rules are to follow and how we could start to play practically straight away (patience is not one of my kid’s strong points). The mix in the difficulty of questions kept everyone challenged and interested. The 15-second rule is a must, it not only kept us on our toes for easier questions but also meant that the game was fast-moving .

Although the game has a Disney theme it is certainly not just for kids. Both I and my husband have really enjoyed playing and may have even played once or twice when the kids were in bed. Let’s just say I’m the reigning champ.

Disney Colour Brain Review for adults

This is a great game for any Disney Fan, just be warned you may not know your colours as well as you think!

How Much Is Colour Brain Disney Edition And Where Can You Purchase It From?

Colour Brain Disney Edition has an RRP of £20 and can be purchased be from Amazon here (Affiliate)

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