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Toy Review Slap Ninja Game : Are You A Master Or A Student

Kids with Slap Ninja Game
11 Oct 2019

Discover the new Slap Ninja action game where children and adults can test their lightening reactions to become a master or student.

We were kindly gifted the new Slap Ninja game by Jakks Pacific for the purpose of an honest review. Read on for details of what our reviewer Gemma and her famliy thought.  

Review of Slap Ninja Game

As family who love games we were very excited when asked to review the new Slap Ninja game and couldn’t wait to discover if we are masters or students. 

You can check out Slap Ninja in full action in the video from Harry’s World below and read on for what we thought. 


Batteries, Packaging, Opening of Slap Ninja. 

Slap Ninja Game box Credit Family On The Go

Slap Ninja comes in a front open cardboard box attached at the with a couple plastic style ties, easily cut with sissors, a small plastic ties at the bottom. 

Once opened the box contained an instruction leaflet and the Slap Ninja game. The game requires three AAA batteries which come included. 

What Age is Slap Ninja For?

Slap Ninja is designed for children age 4 years and over but definetly appeals to older children and adults. 

How to Play Slap Ninja. 

Slap Ninja is designed for two players; one the Ninja Master the other student. The aim of the game is for the student to grab the Ninja’s without being slapped by the Ninja’s huge chopping hand.  

The game comes in demo mode and can be switched to on or off on the back.

To play the Student and Master sit opposite each other both with one the hand grip on their side of the game. The Student then uses their other hand to try to press the Master Ninja’s coin, whilst the Master Ninja player pulls the trigger to use the giant karate chopping hand to slap the student ( the white bandage needs to hit the hand to count). 

Slap Ninja Game coin Credit Family On The Go

Each time the Student hits the coin or the Master Ninja slaps the student they earn a point and a star lights up tracking the scores. The first to three stars wins and the other player gets zapped (well a little button pops in and out with a loud buzzing sound). 

Slap Ninja Game Zapper Credit Family On The Go

What We Thought About Slap Ninja. 

From the moment my 10 year old Harry and 7 Year Old Isabelle saw the box they couldn’t wait to start playing. With the box only taking moments to open and the batteries already loaded they didn’t need to wait long and after a quick look at the instructions they were away. 

Slap Ninja Game kids play Credit Family On The Go

Isabelle started as the Student and loved trying to ‘steal’ (or should we say press) her brothers coin, as much as Harry loved trying to slap her hand. To  Isabelle’s delight she won the first round resulting in Harry getting zapped. They then proceeded to take turns at being the Student and the Master loving it when the other got zapped.

However it was not just the kids that loved playing Slap Ninja. My husband couldn’t wait to get his hands on the game to prove himself as the Master Ninja. If they kids enjoyed zapping each other they definatley loved zapping Daddy more. 

Slap Ninja Game buy Credit Family On The Go

Slap Ninja has become an instant favourite in our house. The quick play, the sound effects and the ‘zapping’ kept everyone interested in trying to beat each other and amused for some time.

With a bating tag line of “A Second To Learn A Life Time To Master”, I can see Zapp Ninja being a go to game for some time.

How Much is Slap Ninja and Where Can You Purchase it. 

Slap Ninja has an RRP of £19.99 and currently available at Very for £14.99 here and Smyths Toys for £15.99. 

Check Out Slap Ninja 

You can check out the Slap Ninja’s official video below. 






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