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Review: NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes

a boy shooting a Nerf gun behind NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes in a garden

It’s Nerf or Nothing. Build your own battlefield with NERF BUNKR. We checked out the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes and you can check out your review here. 

Nerf BUNKR let blaster fans create and customize their own battlefield with big inflatable obstacles that provide great cover and protection for active players. 

We were kindly gifted the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes for an honest review and we asked our Mum in the Know Gemma and her family to check it out. Here is what they thought. 

Disclaimer: NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes were gifted for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer. This post may also contain affiliate links (see here).

Review of NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes

We are a family of big NERF fans and love playing with the NERF BUNKR range which are great for creating your own NERF Battle arena   (check out our review of the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack here).  We, therefore, jumped at the chance to check out the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes. Here is what we thought. 

What’s In The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes Box? 

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes whats in the box

The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes box includes:

  • 4 stacker cubes (inflatable size 45x45x45cm)
  • Battle Cards
  • Instructions
  • Spare repair patches

The battle cubes require inflating and have a 3-way valve set for easy inflation, along with an integrated water base for stability for outdoor play. 

What Age Is The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes For? 

The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes is recommended for children over 8 years and over. 

Playing With The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes.

The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes can be played with inside or out and can be easily inflated- it took us less than a minute each with an electric pump. If you plan on filling the base with water you need to add this first. 

With the sun shining we decided to take our Nerf Battle outside. We arranged the Battle Cubes around the garden offering cover from the darts and a place to hide and shoot from. They were a big hit with kids loving stacking them in different ways and taking turns starting the battle behind them. 

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes stacking

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes battle

The Battle Cubes also feature integrated dart storage on the top perfect for storing the spare darts ready for reloading. Plus the bottom of the cubes all feature targets great for the kids to practice on. 

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes dart holder

After your battles are over the NERF BUNKRs valves makes them easy to deflate and store away. 

The set also comes with Nerf BUNKR Battle Game cards which provide strategy and tactics which are great for changing up the play. 

What We Thought About The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes? 

We all really enjoyed playing with NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes. It is great that they can be played with both inside and out making them a great all year round toy. 

The kids loved the great size and that they could be easily stacked and moved around to make each battle different.

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes shooting

They can also be added to different NERF BUNKR sets and the kids are already planning on using the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack to make ultimate NERF battle arenas. 

Where to buy the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes? 

The NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes have an RRP of £19.99 and available to purchase Amazon Here (affilate).

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