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Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls Dolls

InstaGlam Glo Up Girls Doll Saidie with a girl who has a makeup brush in her hand

InstaGlam Glo Up Girls are one of the latest dolls to hit the toy shelves. Discover these fun fashionable dolls and what we thought in our review here. 

Glo Up Girls are the newest and most on-trend fashion dolls. We were kindly gifted InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls Dolls

My nine-year-old daughter loves a good pamper and is obsessed with surprise toys therefore when I heard about the new GLO-UP GIRLS dolls which come with 25 surprises, I knew she would be over the moon to check them out. 

Discover everything you need to know and what we thought of the GLO-UP GIRLS dolls here.

What Are InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls Dolls? 

GLO-UP GIRLS are the latest sophisticated fashion dolls that feature exciting transformations, 25+ surprises and a face mask for both you and your doll. The InstaGlam Glo Up Girls are designed to empower girls to celebrate who they are today and who they are becoming.

What InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Characters Are Available? 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls box

There are four stunning InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls to collect all of which have unique goals, personalities and style preferences.

Erin, who has a creative and colourful style and a personality to match. She is clever, street-smart, strong-willed, and independent she’s always
chatting with friends and the first one to the party. Plus she loves pulling pranks on her friends!; Tiffany loves her casual and chic style. A loyal friend, although shy at first, she will become a fast friend and fly to the moon and back for those she loves. 

Kenzie is Hollywood posh. Charming, funny, and unfiltered and she’s the first one to say what everyone’s thinking. Music is her favourite way to express her GLO along with a pair of glam designer boots; and Sadie who we were kindly gifted, is the fancy Glo-Up Girl. She is warm-hearted and empathetic, she feels called to create social harmony. She is good at seeing the best in people and the Glo in everyone
GLO in everyone.

What is included with your InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Doll? 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls whats in the box

InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls box includes:

  • A Glo-Up Girls doll,
  • Pyjamas set,
  • An eye mask,
  • Surprise accessories including pair of earrings, a dress, a belt, a pair of shoes, a bag, face masks,  makeup brush, bath bomb, a makeup palette, a makeup bag, a foot spa and stickers.

What Age InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Doll Aimed at? 

InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls are aimed at children over age 6 years and over. 

Opening The InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Dolls Surprises

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls opening box

The InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls box is full of sparkle and shine and on my daughter seeing it she was instantly excited especially she could see the Glo-Up girl in the window and got a glimpse of hidden surprises when you open the front panel. 

When opening the box you will need scissors as the doll is well attached with little plastic ties and it took some to get her out. 

The box and instructions both feature a step by step guide to opening the surprises that require water. Although not too messy I would recommend having a towel to hand. 

You start by opening the face masks from the purple ‘Shine Bright packet’. Glo-Up Girls Dolls comes with a little foot spa which you need to fill halfway with water and pop in the white tablet and the facemasks will be revealed. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls facemask opening

The small facemask is wrapped up in the larger one and you need to be careful when opening them so they don’t rip. It is recommended that you use the facemask for 5 minutes then throw it away. My daughter loved popping the mask onto Sadie declaring that they were twinning when she was wearing hers. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls facemasks

Next, we revealed the tiny make-up brush from the purple fizz tablet by dissolving it in some water. You need a bigger bowl than the foot spa for this.

You can then use the brush slightly damp to add makeup to Sadie’s face. My daughter was expecting lots of extra colours to be added however the wet brush removes a thin layer of nude colouring making her eyeshadow, lipstick and eyeshadow stand out and revealing a light blusher on her cheeks.

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls makeup brush

I loved that the make-up was really subtle reinforcing the message it is ok to just be yourself. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls makeup reveal

It was then time for the mani-pedi’s. Fill the spa with cold water, dip in Sadie’s feet and hands and see her nail varnish turn from pink to purple ( then back again when they warm up again. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls nail varnish

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls pedicure

The other hidden surprises included an eye shadow and stickers in a personalised make-up bag, a purple backpack, a white belt, glittery boots, a skater dress featuring rainbow mermaid print and a little pair of purple earrings. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls accessories

Playing with the InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Dolls and Opening the Surprises. 

Sadie arrives in a set of tie-die unicorn pj’s, she has pink and purple hair is tied up into bunches and a cute little unicorn eye mask. My daughter was instantly in love. 

We soon discovered that Sadie doesn’t just look good but is great to play with. Her head moves left and right and up and down, her shoulders and wrists all move along with her hips and legs and her feet all of which make it easier to make her sit, stand and hold her accessories. She doesn’t however have knee joints which make her solid when standing. 

Review InstaGlam Glo Up Girls dress

Of course on opening the accessories my daughter was keen to get Sadie dressed. The PJ’s came off quite easily, however, the dresses sleeves kept getting stuck on her hands and the belt ( which needs to go through the loops on the dress) wasn’t the easiest to fasten.

The backpack fitted nicely on her back or could be held, the boots slipped on nicely and to my daughters delight earrings fitted into little holes on Sadie’s ears.

What we thought about InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Dolls 

On first seeing the InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Dolls I knew my daughter would them and I wasn’t wrong. 

She loved opening the surprises especially those that required water and enjoy the pamper and makeover sessions – although was a little disappointed with the makeup reveal sparking a discussion about how makeup is fun not for beauty. 

It was nice to see that her fun didn’t stop after opening the surprises which can sometimes be the case with these types of toys. She has continued to play Sadie and the accessories although she does tend to bop the PJs over the dress so she doesn’t have to take it off again. 

From a parents point of view, the doll is of good quality and has a great range of movement. It is also nice to see a tween/ teenager doll appropriately dressed which has a great message to just be you. 

Where To Purchase InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls

The InstaGlam Glo-Up Girl Dolls have an RRP of £24.99 and are available to purchase from Smyths Toys Superstores here. 

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