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Jump It: Lap Count Review

Jump It: Lap Counter, the fun jumping skipping toy is back. We checked it out and you can discover what we thought in our toy review here. 

Did you have a Jump It when growing up? They are back! The Jump It Lap Counter is back in the UK letting this childhood favourite with your kids. 

Part of Character Options “Stay Active” range of toys, Jump It is designed to get the kids off the screens and keep moving. 

We were kindly gifted a Jump It: Lap Counter for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go reviewer and her kids to check it out and here is what we thought. 

Jump It was gifted for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer.

Jump It: lap Counter Review

Jump It was one of my favourite toys as a child. I would play for hours trying to beat my last score, challenging my little brother to Jump It! competition and the joy of my mum joining in the fun (but not so much when she beat me.)

I was over the moon to be asked to check out Jump It: Lap Counter and to introduce it to my kids. Here is what we thought. 

What Is the Jump It: Lap Counter?

Jump It Review Jump It Lap Counter

If you were not lucky enough to have a Jump It as a child, it is a fun jumping and skipping toy which counts your skips as you play. It’s designed to not only to be fun but to help fitness, coordination, and stamina. 

What is in the Jump It: Lap Counter Box?

Jump It Review whats in the box

Jump It: Lap Counter Box contains:

  • The Lap Counter Ball
  • A foot ring and cord
  • A small screw driver 
  • A small screw

How To Assemble Jump It?

Jump It Review assembly

On opening the box you need to attach the Jump It ball to the foot ring via the cord. To do this you simply need to push the cord into the space at the top of the lap counter ball, line up the holes on the side and screw in the screw using the provided screwdriver. It is really easy to assemble and took less than two minutes.  

How To Play With Jump It: Lap Counter? 

To start to play with Jump It, you need to place the hoop around your left ankle, use a skipping motion to get the hoop spinning clockwise and jump over the Jump It ball with your right foot. The ball rolls on the floor rather spins in the air so a flat surface is ideal especially when first starting. 

Jump It Review How To Play

Jump It also boasts a lap counter which clicks over after every lap round when going clockwise and can count up to 999. 

Jump It Review Lap Counter

Being a veteran at Jump It, I volunteered to have a go first to show my eight-year-old how it is done. I won’t lie, to the amusement of my kids it did take a couple of tries to get back into the swing of it but before long as I was racking up the counts (although I didn’t last as long and was a lot more out of breath than I remembered). 

My eight-year-old daughter was up next. She absolutely loves skipping and couldn’t wait to give Jump It a try. It took her a bit of practice to get the motion and to remember to jump over the ball with her other foot. However, once it clicked there has been was no stopping her.

Jump It Review Skipping

She will race up and down the garden, skip on one spot over and over in the house and it has become a regular on our park trips.

Jump It Review taking it to the park

We have also played challenge games, trying to beat each other’s scores which I hate to admit I have yet to win. 

What Do We think, Would We Recommend Jump It: Lap Counter

I was extremely glad to discover that Jump It is just as good as I remember and that my daughter loves it as much as I do. She has no stopped playing with it every chance she had. 

Jump It is a perfect summer toy and as you can play with it safely inside it’s ideal for rainy days too.  

I love that Jump It is great for getting the kids active and a fun game for all the family to play together. In fact, my 60-year-old mum popped into the garden whilst we were playing with Jump It and she couldn’t resist a go. I am sad to report that she can still beat me. I better get practising. 

Jump It review adults

Where to purchase Jump It: Lap Counter

Jump It: Lap Counter has an RRP of £12.99 from Smyths Toys now here. 

Stay Active With Character Options

As mentioned above Jump It is part of Character Options campaign to get kids to Stay Active this summer with a range of toys that can be used both inside and out. 

Each month they will be showcasing a new fun toy to keep the children active and to help move away from screens. The toys have been chosen to encourage physical activitwhich help kids  movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time. Along with helping social skills, self-esteem, confidence and mental health. 

Over the next few months we will be showcasing more of the Stay Active range. Watch this space. 

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