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Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns

a little girl holding two unicone unicorns

Unicones, the surprise unicorn that comes in a cute ice cream cone have arrived. Discover what you will find inside and what we thought in our review here. 

Unicones are one of the newest collectables to hit the toy shops. Each contains a different sweet and sparkly unicorn and a slime surprise.

We were kindly gifted some of the range to check them out. 

We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out. Discover what they thought below. 

Review of Unicones Collectable Unicorns

My nine-year-old daughter adores collectable toys and is always on the lookout for a new range to start collecting. 

We were both very intrigued when we were asked to check out the new Unicones, adorable unicorn characters than were hidden in a cute ice-cream cone. 

Read on to discover what we thought and everything you need to know about the Unicones below. 

What are Unicones? 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns cones

Unicones are big ice cream cones that contain a surprise collectable unicorn inside. 

There are different unicorn characters to collect, each with its own accessories and each with its own little slime surprise. 

What age are Unicones for?

Unicones are suitable for children aged 3 years and over. 

What Comes in the Unicones Ice Cream Cone? 

Each Unincone Ice-Cream Cone includes: 

  • A unicorn character 
  • Attachable wings 
  • Surprise accessory (tub 1), 
  • Surprise decorations (tub 2)
  • Surprise dazzle (tub 3)
  • Unicorn Poop tub (slime)
  • A collectors sheet and instructions.

What Unicorn Characters Can You Collect? 

There are 12 Unicorn Characters to collect. Each comes in different colours and has its own accessories to match their personalities. 

The Unicones characters are:

  • Cara Cutes complete with a lovely little bow, 
  • Punky Pop Star with funky silver sunglasses, 
  • DJ Rainbow with great colourful wings, 
  • Skylar Moon a lovely pink colour,
  • DJ Alexis with a cool pair of headphones,
  • Party Box sporting gold accessories,
  • Jewel D-Nyle who rocks in black and gold,
  • Princess Taj with a lovely tiara, 
  • Kitty Cosplay who comes with a cute little necklace, 
  • Diva Diamonds who is black and silver, 
  • Princess Saphire with cool blue wings, and 
  • Felicity FL a white pink and silver unicorn

How To Open The Unicones Collectable Unicorns

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns opening

The Unicones are easy to open. You simply remove the plastic wrap and then remove the ice cream top. 

Once the top is removed you will discover your unicorn character along with her attachable wings sitting in a little container. 

Remove the container and you will find three numbered containers stacked on top of each other. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns surprises

Again these containers are easy to open with you just needing to remove the lid. 

In the number one container and the larger, we found the character’s accessory. 

In the second we found little earrings, sticky jewels and decals to decorate your unicorn. 

In the third and smallest container which is shaped like a cone where we found a small packet of glitter. 

The last surprise is a small pot of Unicorn Poop (aka slime) which is located underneath, inside the unicorn at the bottom. We found this a little harder to remove from the unicorn but once it was out the lid was easy to open. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Unicorn Poop opemning

Which Unicones Characters Did We Open? 

We received two Unicones, one with a white top and one with a pink top. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns accessories

My daughter started with the pink topped cone and was excited to discover DJ Rainbow. 

DJ Rainbow is bright yellow with a sparkly silver horn and ears and rainbow wings.

On opening her surprise containers we found a set of silver headphones (which needed putting together with my help); a rainbow  DJ decal and rainbow decal shoes, two earrings and silver sticky jewels; and a packet of silver glitter. 

She also comes with a little pot of multi-coloured Unicorn Poop slime. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns DJ rainbow decorations

In the white-topped cone my daughter was over the moon to find Princess Saphire. 

Princess Saphire is a black unicorn with blue glittery horn and ears, along with blue and silver wings. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Princess Saphire

Her surprises included a gold tiara, a Saphire decal, gold boots decal, two earrings and a small pack of Saphire blue glitter. 

We also find a small pot of clear Unicorn Poop. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Princess Saphire decorations

Decorating Your Unicone Unicorn

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Jewels

As mentioned above the unicorn characters each come with their own accessories and decorations to reflect their personality. 

My nine-year-old absolutely adored these little surprises and couldn’t wait to personalise her new unicorns. The accessories and jewels were simply to apply although and she was mostly able to do these by herself. 

However, she struggled with the wings and the decals and asked me to help. 

Here are some tips: 

Attaching the Unicone Unicorn Wings

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Wings

There are instructions to attach the wings on the characters sheet. 

There is a slit on the back of the wings that connect to a bump on the back of the unicorn. 

I found it is easiest to open the slit slightly before sliding it over the bump. You should also slide it down slightly to ensure it is secure. 

Applying the decals to the Unicone Unicorns

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns how to add decals

Both unicorns came with their own decals including a little logo which goes on it’s left leg and a little pair of boots. 

The instructions indicate you should:

  • Soak the decal in water for 30 seconds,
  • Remove the white back of the sticker 
  • Apply to the unicorn 
  • Wipe the decal with a tissue 
  • Then remove the coating. 

However, when we followed these directions we couldn’t get the transfers to stick. We, therefore, ended up peeling the sticker away freehand and sticking it on. This resulted in the stickers creasing, with the boots losing their boot shape ( and my daughter not using them).

For the final sticker, DJ Rainbow’s leg logo, we decided on a different method.

We removed the clear backing first, placed the sticker on the unicorn and then wet the white backing until we could peel it off.

This worked much better and my daughter was really pleased with the result. 

Mixing the Unicone Unicorn Poop Slime 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns Unicorn Poop Slime Princess Saphire

The Unicone Unicorns each come with their own Unicorn Poop also known as slime. 

My daughter was delighted when she realised this and even more so when we found it tucked underneath the Unicorn or as she said ‘in it’s bum’. 

She was even more thrilled when she spotted that she needed to mix the glitter that came in container three with the slime to make it into the sparkly Unicorn Poop. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns unicorn poop adding glitter

To do this she took the slime from the pots and placed it into the container that the unicorn came in. She then added the glitter and pulled, stretched and poked the slime until it was fully covered in glitter. 

This was easier with Princess’s Saphires clear slime which had a more stretchy consistency than DJ Rainbow’s which had a bit more of sandy feel. 

Once they were both mixed the slime fitted nicely back into the original tub, minimising the mess. 

Review Unicones Collectable Unicorns unicorn poop DJ rainbows

What we thought about the Unicones Unicorn Collectables.

The new Unicones have been a big hit with my daughter. 

As soon as she saw the large ice cream packaging she couldn’t wait to see who was inside and wasn’t disappointed. 

She loved finding the unicorn characters who are a good size and was really excited when she saw all the surprises for her to open. 

Although some of the accessories were fiddly to apply this didn’t spoil my daughter’s fun and really enjoyed applying the jewels. 

I won’t lie when I saw that the Unicones included slime, I was worried that they would be messy.

However, both the slimes weren’t overly sticky and apart from some split glitter they didn’t really make any mess. Plus, it is great that they fit back into their pit and can be stored in the unicorn. 

The Unicones are a great collectable and now that they are on my daughters’ radar, I can see lots more in our future. 

Where Can You Purchase The Unicones Unicorns? 

Unicones have an RRP of £13.99 and are available here. 

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