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Toy Review Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Hatchipets and Spring Bouquet

packs of Pet Obsessed Hatchipets and Spring Bouquet

Discover the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed and Spring Bouquet and what we thought.

We were kindly gifted the Hatchimals Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed and Spring Bouquet for the purpose of an honest review. Read on for what our reviewer Gemma and her daughter Isabelle (aged 7) thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly this toy for the purposes of an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link (see here).

Review of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed and Spring Bouquet Series 

Since the launch of the Hatchimals CollEEGtibles, my daughter has been a big fan of the cute Hatchimals being amongst her most played with toys. We were therefore both very excited when we were asked to review the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed and Spring Bouquet series. Read on for what we thought and discover which Hatchimals we found. 

Review of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Hatchipets Obsessed. 

We were sent the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Hatchipets Two-Pack and Pet Shop Multi-Pack.  

The Pet Obsessed Hatchipets Two Pack as the name suggests contains one Hatchimal with their Hatchipet in a hidden in a patterned heart each and a further Hatchimals and their Hatchipet on display.  

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Two Pack  

The Pet Obsessed Pet Shop Multi-Pack contains two Hatchimals with their Hatchipets hidden inside two hearts, a Hatchimal and their Hatchipet on display, and three cute pet accessories. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed multi pack

How to open the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Hearts

New for Hatchimals CollEEGtibles, the Hatchimals, and their Hatchipets are hidden in different patterned eggs which need to be opened to reveal a surprise character. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed heart designs

The Hatchimal and pets are revealed in true Hatchimals CollEggtibles style by simply rubbing the two shapes on each side of the heart to warm them up to soften the shell. The hatching time depends on how hard the heart is rubbed with my seven-year-old taking a fair bit of time to hatch, however, this just added to the anticipation. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Opening

Once soft the shell will break with a little pressure, peeling away reveal your character and your pets. 

The opened hearts can then be used as a nest for the characters or can be flipped over and used as a stand for the Hatchimal and Hatchipet. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Characters

Hatchimals CollEEGtibles Pet Obsessed series features over 60 characters with their pets to collect. The characters are grouped into different squads including Puppy Love, Forest Faves, and more.  

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Collectors Map

Both the Two-Pack and the Multi-Pack contained a collector’s map to help you discover which character you have hatched. The character’s wings indicate if the character pair is common, rare, ultra-rare, or limited edition, plus there are eight ‘Unlikely Duos’ to discover.  

Which Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Characters Did We Hatch?

As mentioned both the Two-Pack and Multi-Pack come with a Hatchimal and a Hatchi-Pet on display. My daughter was very excited to find the ‘Unlikely Duo’ ‘Lamblet’ and her pet ‘Lion’ from the ‘Wild Duo’ Squad in the Two-Pack and the limited edition ‘Quokko and Frog’ from the Tiny Pals Squad on display in the Multi-Pack. 

Review Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed

She then couldn’t wait to discover who she would hatch from the hearts and was very pleased with who she found. 

From the ‘Heartland Hunnies’ squad, she hatched the rare glittery ‘Puffatoo and Lamb’; from ‘Fantasy Friends’ Squad she hatched Skunkie and the yellow ‘Pegasus’; from the ‘Tiny Pals’ Squad ‘Tigrette and Chincilla’ who have the cutest BFF pose where ‘Chincilla’ can perch on ‘Tigrette’s’ back. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obessed characters

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Hatchipets

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed pose

My daughter instantly fell in love with all her new Hatchimals scanning the collector map for each one and was over the moon that she didn’t get any duplicates. 

Review of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet.  

Along with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsession Series, we were also sent the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet. 

The Spring Bouquet comes with five roses in different shades of pink each containing an exclusive Hatchimal character and an additional character on display in the packaging.  The roses are displayed on a purple stand complete with a pink sparkly bow and just like a real bouquet can be detached. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet

How to open the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet Roses. 

As explained the Spring Bouquet Hatchimals are inside a rose which needs to be opened to reveal the exclusive character.  

As with other Hatchimal sets, the roses are opened by simply rubbing the gold heart on each of the roses until it is soft enough to be pushed through and to reveal your character.  

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet opening roses

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet open rose

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet Characters

Hatchimals CollEEGtibles Spring Bouquet series features over 12 characters to collect. With two different ‘Bunwees’, ‘Chickchaffs’, ‘Kitticans’, ‘Owlicorns’, ‘Ponettes’ and ‘Puppits’ all featuring gold wings.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet Collectors Map

Which Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet Characters Did We Hatch?

Before we opened the Spring Bouquet we could see the pink ‘Spring Puppit’ on display.

Hidden in the roses we found the Pink and Orange ‘Spring Ponette’, the blue ‘Spring Owlicorn’, the orange ‘Spring Kitty can, the purple ‘Spring Chickchaff’, and the yellow ‘Spring Bunwee’ with no duplicates – hooray!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet characters

Again on opening my daughter couldn’t wait to check the collectors map. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet review

What We Thought About The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Series and Spring Bouquet. 

My daughter is a big fan of collectible toys as a whole with Hatchimals CollEEGtibles being one of her favourites.  

As soon as she saw new Pet Obsessed hearts she was over the moon declaring them as ‘too cute’. She loved that she had two sides to hatch drawing out the anticipation and was extremely excited when she found the little Hatchipets; especially when discovered the ways that can be posed. 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Heart

For an extra element of surprise we had kept the Hatchimals Spring Bouquet as a secret, taking it out of the packet before my son presented it to her. To say she was excited would be an understatement. She loved the bouquet as a whole, took great care opening them, and delighted in putting them back into the stems (and my son gained some well-needed brownie points). 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet roses

Since opening both my daughter has not stopped playing with her new figures and she happily joined them with her ever-growing Hatchimals CollEGGtibles and is saving up her spends for her next set. 

How Much Are The Hatchimals Pet Obsessed Packs and Spring Bouquet? 

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed Two Pack has an RRP of £4.99 and the Multi-Pack has an RRP of £7.99. 

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet has an RRP of £14.99 and is available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

For more information about the Hatchimal Range visit

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