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Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Interactive Dog.

a girl playing with Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Interactive Dog

Discover the brand new Kooky Kritters, Playful Bailey a cute little interactive dog full of energy. See what we thought in our review of Kooky Kritters, Playful Bailey here. 

Kooky Kritters, Playful Bailey is the newest and coolest interactive pet on the block. Featuring a whole of interactive features, reactions and sounds he behaves and sounds just like a real dog. 

We were kindly gifted Kooky Kritters, Playful Bailey for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review Of Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Interactive Dog.

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Box

My nine-year-old daughter is a big fan of interactive toys, they are always on her birthday and Christmas lists and can literally play for hours with them. We were therefore excited to have a look at the brand new Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Dog. Here is what we thought. 

What is Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey? 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey what does he look like

Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey is a fun interactive dog toy. A lively pup who has a cartoon-like appearance with cute floppy ears, googly eyes and a flapping tongue. 

What Do You Get in Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey Box? 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey whats in the box

Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey comes with:

  • 1 x Playful Bailey,
  • 1 x disappearing eating bowl,
  • 3 x food accessories,
  • 1 x magnetic bone,
  • 1 x magnetic pull toy, and
  • 1 x drinking bowl. 

Playful Bailey requires 2 x AA Batteries which are included. 

What Age Is Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey For? 

Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey is for children ages 3 years and over. 

How To Play With Krooky Kritters Playful Bailey? 

On opening to be able to play with Bailey fully you first need to make sure that the button on the back is turned to ‘On’ rather than ‘Try Me’. You also need to remove the plastic film from his paws and bowl which have sticky pads. I would recommend keeping hold of the film to stick back on after playing with him. 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey turn on

From the moment Bailey is turned on he shows his playful side and my daughter was instantly excited. 

Instructions are included to show you how you can play with Bailey to get him interacting but it is all very straightforward. 

His feet stick easily to a smooth surface and I would avoid carpet if you don’t want them covered in fluff. Although if they do or stop being sticky they can be cleaned with water and a lint-free cloth, but not a paper towel or tissue. Just make sure you turn him off first. 

Speak to Bailey (the microphone is in his nose) to get him to bark and if you continue to speak to him he may even blow you a kiss and giggle which of course my daughter loved. 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey petting him

Bailey loves to be petted. Gently pat his head and he will start to pant showing off his cute little tongue. 

Like all dogs, Bailey loves to play and his favourite game is tug. Place his tug toy into Bailey’s mouth (flat side up) he will hold on to it. Give the toy a gentle pull and he will growl and he plays. This was my daughter’s favourite thing to do as he was happy to keep tugging on the toy for as long as she wanted to and she said it’s ‘just like a real dog’. 

She also loved to chew his bone ( pop it in his mouth dimple side up) and will continue to do for a good time whilst in its mouth. He will also have a good sniff when you press his nose and can even sing you a song ( you need to press and hold down his nose until you hear four barks then press his nose quickly one more time). 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey eating bone

Bailey’s legs can be put into two different positions, backwards so not touching the surface and forwards with feet flat down

When feeding him his feet need to be forward and the box includes a feeding mat with directions of best places to put his feet. Once you have learned his positions you can feed him without the mat. Once he is in the correct position press down his nose until you hear 4 barks, pop one of his treats into his bowl then touch the top of his head to let him know he can eat his treat and then watch as it disappears.

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Feeding Mat postiion feet

You can keep feeding him his treats until he stops eating. If you lift the bowl you can find his treats, press his head again and will eat some more.   Press Bailey’s nose to return to normal play mode or leave him alone and this will automatically after 30 sections.  

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey feeding him

Of course, a good dog needs to know how to beg. Simply unstick his front two feet from the surface and pop into the back position, press and hold Bailey’s tail and he will stand on his back legs making cute begging noises. 

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey how to make him beg

It is no surprise that after all the playing Bailey may needs a nap. If you hold him in your hand with him on his back, then rub his belly (carefully so not touch his head) he will start to drift off and begin to snore. Wake him up by pressing his nose.

Review Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey putting him to sleep

He will also go into sleep mode if you leave idle him for more than 90 sections he goes into sleep mode. 

Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey Interactive Dog? 

My daughter instantly fell in love with Bailey. She loved his cartoon face and googly eyes and said ‘she couldn’t believe how cute’ he is. 

She adored playing tug with him, feeding him treats, she actually screamed he’s eaten it after the first one disappeared and loved that he did a little burp at the end. 

When she realised that when spoke to him barked, blew kisses at her she was over the moon, continuing to chat away to keep him making noises. She also kept unsticking his feet which made him move around the table ( although I am not sure if he was meant to do this), declaring he really is like a real dog.

I won’t lie, Bailey isn’t the quietest of toys but the noises he makes are cute rather than too annoying, although the song he marks may stick in your head. 

He would also be best suited to ages 4 or 5 to 8 years old. Although my nine year old has loved playing with him, younger children will definitely get more from him. 

All in all Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey is a great interactive toy and we can’t wait to see if they bring any more animals out in the range. 

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Where Can You Buy Kooky Kritters Playful Bailey?

Kooky Kritter Playful Bailey is available from Smyths Toy Superstore here and has an RRP of £24.99. 

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