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Review Squeakee Minis Toys

Squeakee Minis Toys Billo Monkey and Heelie Puppy on a little girls hand

The new Squeakee Minis toys have arrived at the party. Discover what they can and our review here. 

The hit toy Squeakee the Balloon Dog has some new friends Squeakee Mini’s. We were kindly gifted two of the new Squeakee Mini Characters for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her kids to check it out, read on for what she thought. 

Review of Squeakea Minis Toys

My eight-year-old little girl adores interactive character toys and can spend hours playing with them. We therefore couldn’t wait to check out the new Squeakee Minis toys. Here is what we thought. 

What are Squeakee Minis? 

Squeakee Minis Toys Review Dog and Monkey

Squeakee Minis are cute little balloon animal toys with cheeky characters and squeakee helium voices. Born out the Squeakee the Balloo nDog which was one of the most sought after Christmas toys for 2020 they tiny toys with inflated personalities who love to interact. 

They require three button cell AG13 / LR44 batteries which are included for the demonstration mode. However, the instructions recommend that the toy works best with fresh batteries. 

What Age are The Squeakee Minis Recommeded for? 

Squeakee Minis are aimed at children over five years old and not suitable for children under three years old. 

The Squeakee Minis Characters.

There are three Squeakee Minis Characters to collect. We were sent Heelie Puppy an adorable tiny blue dog and Billo Monkey a cheeky and squeaky purple pal. 

You can also Poppy Bunny, a bright pink rabbit in an adorable balloon shape. 

How to play with Squeakee Minis toys.

When my daughter saw the Squeakee Minis toys she couldn’t wait to open and play with them. 

All characters work in the same way and really easy to play with. Before starting you need to move the switch at the bottom from demo mode to on. There is also an option to turn the Squeakee Minis.

Pat their heads to hear them squeak with a different sound each time.

Squeakee Minis Toys Review Billo Monkey

Blow their balloon tie nose and you will hear them start to inflate but blow them too much you will hear them ‘pop’.

Squeakee Minis Toys Review Blow Make it pop

Finally and my daughter’s favourite, press and hold their nose to record your voice, press it again and the Squeakee Mini will repeat it back in a funny helium voice.  

Review Squeakee Minis voice record

What We Thought About Squeakee Minis toys

The Squeakee Minis have been a big hit with my eight-year-old. She loves their size and balloon animal theme and treats them like little pets patting their heads to hear them squeak, and ‘feeding’ them air until they pop. 

Review Squeakee Minis pop

Most of all she loves recording messages for the Squeakees to repeat in their helium voice which has her giggling every time. 

In fact has already put Poppy Bunny on the birthday list which is still a good few months away. 

Where Can You Buy Squeakee Minis from? 

Squeakee Minis are available from Smyths here and cost £9.99. 


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