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Review Paint Pop Paint Sticks

A child using Paint Pop Paint Sticks

Paint Pop Paint Sticks offer all the fun of painting without all the mess. We checked them out and you can discover what we thought of Paint Pop Paint Sticks in our review.

Painting is a lovely activity for all ages, but as we all know it is also messy, especially with younger children.

However, Paint Pop Paint Sticks offer the chance for all the painting fun with the major clean-up afterwards. 

We were kindly gifted some of the Paint Pop Paint Stick range for the purpose of an honest review.

We asked our On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review Of Paint Pop Paint Sticks

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick using

My daughter has always loved any type of craft activity and painting is definitely one of her favourites. 

However, I have to admit, that whenever she asks to paint a lot of the time, I try to put her off. Even though she is better than when she was younger her masterpieces still result in a fair bit of mess and cleaning up. 

When we were asked to review the new Paint Pop Paint Sticks which offer the chance to get creative without the mess, these seemed like a great solution. 

Here is everything you need to know about Paint Pop Paint Sticks and what we thought. 

What are Paint Pop Paint Sticks?

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick what are they

As the name suggests Paint Pop Paint Sticks are marker shaped chunky sticks which contain paint, in a whole of super-bright, vibrant colours.

The been designed to be easy to hold for little hands and offer a messy free painting experience. 

All the paints are water-soluble and non-toxic, and all packs and tubes are readily recyclable.

What are Paint Pop Paint Sticks Sets Are Available? 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick sets

Paint Pop Paint Sticks come in a range of different size sets all follows: 

  • Paint Pop Paint Sticks 12 Pack with 12 Classic Paint Pop Paint Sticks 

  • Paint Pop Paint Sticks Fun Tub with 20 Paint Pop Paint Sticks

  • Paint Pop Paint Sticks 24 Pack with 24 assorted Paint Pop Paint Sticks

  • Paint Pop Paint Sticks Giant Storage Tube with a mix of 30 Paint Pop Paint Stick colours.

We were kindly gifted the Fun Tub and Giant Storage Tube. 

What Comes in the Paint Pop Paint Sticks Sets? 

As mentioned above we were gifted the Fun Tub and Giant Storage Tube set which contain the following:

Paint Pop Paint Sticks Fun Tub

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick whats in the fun tub

The Paint Pop Fun Tubs contain a selection of 20 colours as follows:

  • 12 Classic colours
  • 6 Neon colours 
  • 2 Metallic colours

Plus they come in a neat storage tub complete with a carry handle along with an instructional sheet.

Paint Pop Paint Sticks Giant Storage Tub

Review Paint Pop Paint Sticks Giant Tub

The Paint Pop Giant Stoirage Tub contains the full 30 Paint Pop Paint Sticks colour portfolio as follows:

  • 12 Classic colours
  • 12 Metallic  colours 
  • 6 Neon colours

They come in a giant storage tub, ideal for tidying them all away along with an instructional sheet.

How to Use The Paint Pop Paint Sticks? 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick how to open

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick using

The paint sticks are really easy to use. You simply remove the lid, twist the bottom a small amount, like you would do with a glue stick and your ready to paint. 

To paint you simply move the stick over your chosen surface. 

If you hold the stick on angle you get a smaller line or hold it straight to paint a larger area. 

Once your finished with the stick twist it back down again and pop on the lid.

Yes it is that easy – no cleaning brushes, no washing out paint pots – just pop the sticks back in the box. 

Top Tip – We did find that with the Giant Tub that it is easier to put them back if you connect 3 sticks together then slide them into the box. 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick storing

Colour Blending with Paint Pop Paint Sticks

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick Paint effects

Like with traditional paints the the Paint Pop colours can be easily blended together. 

Simply paint two or more colours side by side, take a slighly damp cloth (not too wet) and run gently over them, to blend or merge the colours together. 

You can also use a damp paint brush, cotton bud or sponge etc to create lots of fun different affects. 

Wet Paint Washes and Effects 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick paint effects

Pop some water on to the surface that you are using (or to a brush) then add the paint and give it a swirl whilst spreading the paint . It makes a great sea scene.

If you don’t mind risking a bit of mess you can use a wet brush, add the paint and simply flick on the surface your using. Think stars, sparkles or simply fun splats.

Different sizes brushes will give different effects.

The brush needs to be wet but not soaking. 

Scrape Painting.  

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick scratch paper

My daughter adores the scratch / scrape style sheets and she was excited that she could make her own. 

You simply paint large blocks of different colours across your sheet then let it dry, which with the Paint Pop Paint Sticks doesn’t take long.

Take the black colour and paint over the top of all the colours. 

Then whilst the black is still wet, gently scrape some of it away revealing the colours below and creating a great design. 

Paint Stamping 

When younger stamping was always one of my daughters favourite things to do with paints and it is a great Paint Pop Paint Stick activity. 

Simply take you stamp (sponge, potato, bubble wrap, foam shapes stuck to bottle tops – what ever you child can think of), apply the paint and stamp away.

With sponges you may want to try wetting slightly (not too wet) for different effects).

What Surfaces Can You Use The Paint Pop Paint Sticks On? 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick rock painting

Paint Pop Paint Sticks can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, canvas and wood.  

They are great for the rock painting trend, although unless you cover with a varnish of some sort they will wash off in the rain.

Plus you can even paint on white board and glass. Great for big window decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. To remove you simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

What We Thought About the Paint Pop Paint Sticks? 

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick scrape picture

The Paint Pop Paint Sticks have been a big hit. 

I love how little mess they make when using and how little there is to tidy up. Even when my daughter did get some on her hand ( she is the type of kid that would come out messy from a completely empty room) it was really easy to remove. 

The fact that they dry really quickly (within a minute) was also a big bonus. No waiting ages for them to dry which helped minimise the mess and meant the artwork could be displayed straight away.

It is also great that they come in their own storage box and take up very little space. Add with the fact that they won’t spill and easy to clean up, this makes them great for taking on holiday or even on picnics. 

My daughter loved all the different ways she could use them. From the special effects to the different surfaces they can be applied to she couldn’t wait to see what she could do with them next. 

She also really loved all the different colours available especially the metalics which had a ‘cool glimmer’.

Review Paint Pop Paint Stick metalic colours

Although my daughter is nine these would be great for younger kids. The sticks are a good size for little hands and ideal for first paintings. 

We would highly reccomend the Paint Pop Paint Sticks, we plan on taking ours on holiday this summer and they will definetly coming out more than our traditional paints. 

Where Can you purchase the Paint Pop Paint Sticks?

The Paint Pop Paint Sticks Fun Tub costs £12.99 and The Paint Pop Paint Sticks Giant Storage Tub costs £20.00 and both are available from Argos here. 

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