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Review Plasticine Sets

easter crafts made from plasticine sets

Plasticine makes a great toy for kids who love to craft. We check out some of the current plasticine sets and you can discover what we thought in our review here. 

Plasticine, the original modelling clay brings back lovely childhood memories for young and old and never goes out of fashion.

We were recently sent some of the current plasticine sets on the market for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go reviewer Gemma and her children to check them out. Here is what she thought. 

Review Plasticine Sets

Review Plasticine Set Fluro

My daughter absolutely loves crafting. She will sit and play for hours making and creating and playing with modelling clay is a go-to activity. We have had small sets of Plasticine in the past and loved them and with the Easter holidays upon us we were excited to check out more of the range.

Read on for what we thought. 

What is Plasticine?

Plasticine is a soft moddelling clay which is easy to mold and never dries out. 

There are lots of Plasticine sets available with different colours and tools and suit all budgets. 

We were sent the following sets: 

Plasticine 24 Colour Max £5.99

Review Plasticine Set 24 Colour Max

The Plasticine 24 Colour Max set contains

  • 24 different colours of Plasticine
  • Ideas sheet

Plasticine Fluro £6.99

Review Plasticine Set Fluro

The Plasticine Fluro Set contains: 

  • Nine neon colours 
  • A modelling tool
  • Ideas sheet

Plasticine Toolz Set £6.99

Review Plasticine Set Toolz Set

The Plasticine Toolz set contains: 

  • 8 large sticks of Plasticine in different colours
  • 4 different shaped cutters 
  • A plastic storage tub
  • An instruction and ideas sheet. 

Plasticine Uber Tubes £15.99

Review Plasticine Uber Tubes Set

The Pasticine Uber Tubes set contains: 

  • 16 different colours of Plasticine
  • 10 different shaped cutters
  • 2 different moddeling tools
  • A roller
  • An ideas sheet 
  • A mat

Plasticine Tower Blox set £8.99

Review Plasticine Tower Blox Tubs set

The Plasticine Tower Blox set contains:

  • 10 tubs of plasticine in different colours
  • 10 different cutters of various shapes
  • 2 modelling tools,
  • A roller,
  • A mat 
  • Ideas sheet 

What age is Plasticine For?

Plasticine is aimed at children over 5 years old right up to adults. 

Playing with the Plasticine Sets 

Plasticine unlike over modelling clays and dough doesn’t try out or shrink and can be used over and over again. 

On opening, the Plasticine needs to be squished and squashed to soften it up. The idea sheet also shows that you can mix two colours of Plasticine to make different colours on shades.

Review Plasticine sets molding

On seeing all the sets my nine year was over the moon with all the different colours available and cutting wait to start to playing with the tools. 

She decided her first project would be an Easter scene starting with a carrot, a bunny and basket of eggs. Before moving on to making large Easter eggs. 

Review Plasticine sets easter crafts

I also couldn’t resisting joining in going an Easter chick. 

Review Plasticine sets Easter Chicks

Never wanting to be left out my husband soon set to making a sheep and pig going for a spring animal theme. 

Review Plasticine sets adults

My daughter was really excited when it was all finished using one of the mats that came in the bigger sets as a backdrop. 

What We Thought of the plasticine Sets

Review Plasticine sets easter eggs

My daughter has not stopped playing with the Plasticine since we got it. She has loved that it is easy to mold and smooth into any shapes and has really enjoyed combining the colours to make new ones. 

I also have really playing with it nearly as much as her. I forgot how relaxing Plasticine could be and the fact that it never dries out is a big plus.

It is great to see that all the sets offering something different with the choices off lots of colours, extra tools and cutters or little tubs for those like me who like to keep the colours seperate. 

Best of all it has been lovely to see my daughter really enjoying a non screen activity especially as Plasticine holds some great memories from my childhood. 

Where to buy Plasticine? 

Plasticine is available to purchase from Amazon here. 

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