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Review of Family Party Game Beat That!

The contents of the Beat That! game box

two children with the Beat That game box

We checked out new family party game “Beat That!” which is a game full of wacky and bonkers challenges. Here’s what we thought…

There is a new fun party game on the block; “Beat That!” and it promises to be a bonkers battle of wacky challenges. A brainchild of Gutter Games, Beat That! offers 160 funny silly challenges for you to complete to win.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted Beat That! for the purposes of an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link (see here).

Read on for what our reviewer Gemma and her family thought.

Review of Family Party Game Beat That!

As a family who adore playing games, we are always on the lookout for something new to try. We were therefore very excited when asked to review Gutter Games new family game Beat That! Check out everything you need to know and what we thought.

What is in the Beat That! box?

The Beat That! comes in a good-sized cardboard box which contains:

  • 160 challenge cards
  • 80 betting tokens 
  • 10 cups
  • 5 Plastic Balls 
  • 4 dice
  • A set of chopsticks
  • A memo pad
  • A tape measure
  • Sand timer; and 
  • Game Instructions.

All the items fit neatly into a foam holder making it easy to keep them organised, plus they’ve all been chosen as they can be easily replaced if they go missing etc.

How to play the Beat That! Game? 

Beat That! is for 2 to 8 players who use the different coloured betting tokens to bet on how confident you are that you can complete the challenges. Each coloured token has a different point value ranging from one point for the blue token to five points for the yellow token.

Beat That Review Betting

The challenge cards are divided into Solo Challenges where players attempt them on their own, Battle Royale where all players play against each other, Buddy Up where you work with a partner and Duel where you go head to head with another player.

Once the challenge has been read out, all the players bet one of their tokens depending on how confident they are that they (or their team) will succeed in the challenge. So you would bet blue (worth one point) if you were not very confident and orange (worth 3 points) or yellow (worth 5 points) if you were very confident. Once a token has been bet you cannot play it again.

The players then all try the challenge working clockwise. If you complete the challenge you can ‘bank’ your token ready to be added up at the end.

There are ten rounds of challenges, all players play each challenge and the person with the most points at the end wins – simple!

Beat That Review Instructions

The Beat That! Challenges. 

As mentioned, there are 160 challenge cards which all vary in difficulty and which were all lots of fun to attempt. From bouncing balls into the cups, flipping cards with chopsticks and balancing objects on top of our heads, it was exciting to see what Beat That! had in store for us next.

Beat That Review Challenges

Beat That Review family game

Although most of the challenges use the equipment provided in the box, some such as each naming an American state didn’t need any equipment at all.

Some of the challenges we could play at the table (it will need to be cleared and a good size) and others required us to get up and move around the room.

We didn’t find one challenge that we didn’t enjoy and it definitely brought out the competitive side in us all.

What age is Beat That! for? 

The box states that Beat That! is for those over 11 years old and before playing I was worried that my 10 and 7 years old would find it too complicated and get bored with it easily. However, this was not the case.

Both children were able to complete quite a lot of the challenges and we adapted some of the more difficult challenges by giving them a bit more time or moving things closer. When they couldn’t complete a challenge it just made them try harder at the next one.

Beat That Review Playing

There were even some challenges that they could do that my husband and I struggled with. One of the challenges was to bend and pick up a cup with your teeth without your hands touching the floor. They found this a breeze, whereas to their utter amusement I didn’t even get close and am kindly reminded of this every time we play!

What we thought about Beat That!

On first hearing about Beat That! I hoped that we had found a new family game that we would be fun for us adults and children, and I was not disappointed.

On opening the box the kids were instantly intrigued as to what everything did and it was great that as the instructions were simple to follow so that they didn’t have long to wait. They also loved not only trying the challenges themselves but watching and cheering everyone else on as well as trying to pick up tips on how to win.

But it is not just the kids that have enjoyed playing Beat That! Both I and my husband have loved trying the challenges and it has definitely brought out our competitive side. We have been keeping a running total and I am sad to say that my husband is coming out on top, I am sure he has been practising in secret.

Beat That Review Winning

We also loved that the game can easily be shortened by having fewer rounds when we were limited on time or made longer when we needed to keep the kids occupied.

Beat That! has come a firm favourite in our house and with 160 challenges to go through I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon.

How much is Beat That! and where can you purchase it from? 

Beat That! has an RRP of £26.95 and can be purchased from Amazon here (affiliate link)

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