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Review Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1

Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1

Discover who you will find in the Among Us Mystery Capsules Imposters or Crewmates in our review here. 

Among Us fans can collect their favourite character with the new Among Us Mystery Capsules we were kindly gifted them for the purpose of an honest review.

We asked one of our Mum on the Go reviewers and Gemma to check them out and you can see what she and her kids thought below. 

Disclaimer: This toy was gifted for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer. This post may also contain affiliate links (see here).

Review Of Among Us Mystery Capsules

Both my daughter and son love the Among Us online game and are big fans of collectibles and I was very intrigued to hear about the new Among Us Mystery Capsules where you can collect both Crewmates and Imposters. We were therefore excited when asked to check out the new range couldn’t wait to have a look inside  Read on for what we thought below.  

What Are Among Us Mystery Capsules? 

 Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1 Boxes

The new Among Us Mystery Capsules are surprise style toys that let fans continue the ultimate game of teamwork and betrayal away from the screen. The capsules contain a character either an Imposter or Crewmate along with a selection of accessories.

What Age are Among Us Mystery Capsules Aimed At? 

The Among Us Mystery Capsules are advised for children over 3 years old due to small parts however older children and adults will likely get the most out of the collectibles. 

What do the Among Us Mystery Capsules contain? 

Review Amongs Us Capsules whats inside

The Among Us Mystery Capsules contain: 

  • A 10cm Among Us character
  • Heat activated Code card
  • Crewmate hat and skin sticker or Imposter mouth accessories
  • Crewmate side pet
  • Afterlife bone
  • Location Prop Card 

There is a also Collectors map on the back of the box itself. 

Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 3 Characters. 

Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1 collectors map

There are 13 Among Us characters to collect including eight Crewmates in black, blue, green, yellow, purple, red, orange, and pink. Plus five Imposters three mystery, and the rare Purple and Glow In The Dark Imposters.

The accessories are interchangeable providing over 130 combinations leaving everyone guessing who is the Imposter. 

The Crewmates each come with a different hat, afterlife bone, sticker and a pet, whilst the Imposters come with mouth accessories for a scary look. Each also has its own prop location prop card. 

How to open the Among Us Mystery Capsules

The Among Us Capsules are really each to open and apart from a small piece of plastic that hides the character’s identity their packaging is all cardboard. 

Review Amongs Us Capsules open box

The box opens from the top where we found a heat reacted code card which you need to rub to reveal if you have an Imposter or Crewmate. My daughter struggled to reveal this by rubbing so ending up breathing it on which also did the trick.  

Review Amongs Us Capsules Code reveal

By removing the cardboard casing you can discover your Among Us character. The character opens from the middle and inside you will find two mystery bags. You will also find further mystery bags underneath the characters at the bottom of the box.

Review Amongs Us Capsules opening

The mystery bags contain an inside plate and an afterlife bone to change your characters display mode along with a cardboard location prop.

Review Amongs Us Capsules inside plates

If you have a Crewmate will also find a skin sticker,  a hat and a pet. If you have an Imposter the blond bag will contain accessories to change it’s mouth and keep it open. 

Which of Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1 Characters did we open?  

We were kindly gifted three of the Among Us Mystery Capsules Series 1, however, we also decided to purchase three more ourselves. 

Out of the six Among Us Capsules we opened, we found five Crewmates and to my daughters delight one Imposter. 

First, we discovered Crewmate Green who came with a red hat, a cute alien pet, a pointing finger skin sticker and a laptop location prop that doubles as a vent.

Review Amongs Us Capsules Green Crewmate

This was followed by Red with devil ears, a robot pet, a thumbs up skin sticker and a red button prop; Orange Crewmate with a cheese hat a one-eyed dog pet, a pointing sticker and a food plate prop; Purple Crewmate with trilby black hat, a mini Among Us character and waving sticker and a control centre prop; and Black Crewmate which has a top hate a bird face accessory rather than a pet, a stop hand sticker and tree props.

Review Amongs Us Capsules Red Crewmate

On opening the Imposter capsule we found one of the Mystery Imposters – Blue, which has a scary-looking pink tongue and teeth stickers that fit inside of the mouth. He also comes with a different insert that keeps the mouth at an angle. 

Review Amongs Us Capsules Imposter

Review Amongs Us Capsules Imposter Mouth Open

All the characters come with bottom mouth plates which the afterlife bone can be fitted to for the deceased display mode. 

Review Among Us Capsules deceased mode

What We Thought about the Among Us Mystery Capsules Series One? 

From the moment my daughter opened the first capsule she was instantly hooked. She has loved swapping over the accessories, moving them from Alive to Deceased modes and adores all the little pets, especially the one-eyed dog. 

I have been pleased to see that the characters are a decent size, of really good quality and with the exception of the Black Crewmate, all the accessories fit inside the characters – great for keeping them tidy. 

It has been great to see that my daughter has not just been proudly displaying in her room, but also playing Among Us with them. Funnily she always seems to know who the Imposter is though which seems a bit Sus to me. 

How Much are the Among Us Mystery Capsules?  Series One

The Among Us Mystery Capsules have an RRP of £11.99 and are available to purchase from Amazon here. 

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