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Ad – Review Care Bears Dream Bright Bear

Care Bears Dream Bright Bear in a box being held up in a toy store

Care Bears turn 40 this year and to celebrate there is a new Care Bear in Care-A-Lot, Dream Bright Bear. We recently checked her out and you can discover everything you need to know in our review here. 

Care Bears are back and to celebrate their 40th anniversary there are some great new bears to Care-A-Lot. We asked to check out the newest bear in town Dream Bright Bear for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go reviewer Gemma and her 9 nine-year-old daughter to go on a Quest to find Dream Bright Bear and you can discover what they thought below. 

Review Care Bears Dream Bright Bear

Review Care Bear Dream Bright Bear message

As a child, I was a big Care Bears fan I loved the cartoon and I especially loved my bear Funshine Bear. I was therefore over the moon when I heard that Care Bears were back and couldn’t wait to show them to my soft toy loving nine-year-old daughter.

Excitingly we were sent on a special quest to find one of the newest characters to Care-A-Lot Dream Bright Bear. You can discover how we got on and what we thought about the new Care Bears below. 

What are Care Bears? 

Review Care Bears Beanie Plush

For those rare few who may not be familiary with the Care Bears phenomenom, Care Bears are brightly coloured bears who live in Care-A-Lot. They all have theor own names, matching their different personalities shown by their colour and their unique belly badges. 

First hitting the highstreet as greeting cards in 1982, they soon were turned into a cartoon before hitting the shops are Care Bear Toys. Originally there was 10 characters to collect and who promoted the message of kindness, love and how to be positive. 

The range of characters has now grown with lots of new characters to collect but Caring is still the message of the day. 

What Care Bears Are There? 

Review Care bears Birthday Bears

There are now over 15 different Care Bear characters to collect. These include original Care Bears such as the yellow Funshine Bear, the purple Care Bear Share Bear, and the dark blue Care Bear with a rain cloud belly badge, Grumpy Bear.  

There are also a whole host of new characters including the latest addition Dream Bright Bear, who has an ombre effect colour. 

Plus you can now get Care Bear Beanie Plushes and a Birthday Bear who lights up and sings. 

Dream Bright Bear Quest!

Review Care Bear Dream Bright Bear Smyths Toys

One of the newest characters to join Care-A-Lot Dream Bright Bear is the most optimistic bear, teaching to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. She’s always on hand to cheer you on and to encourage you to keep trying. Her motto is “Believe in yourself and DREAM BRIGHT”!

This week were sent on a mission to find Dream Bright Bear and her Care Bear friends in Smyths Toys Superstores. I am delighted to say that we managed to complete the quest finding Dream Bright Bear on the Smyth’s Toy Superstore shelves and discovering lots of her friends. 

Check out what we got up to in our video here. 

Dream Bright Bear Soft Toy

Review Care Bear Dream Bright Bear colour ombre

With her beautiful blue and purple pmbre style fur Dream Bright Bear was easy to spot on the shelf and my nine year old fell instantly in love. 

Like with all Care Bears she features the cute love heart nose (in purple), along with matching hearts on her hands and feet and a heart with the logo on her bum. Best of all she features a specially belly badge with a heart and wings reinforcing her uplifting and postive motto. 

Review Care Bear Dream Bright Bear care bear logo heart

Once out of the box we could see that she also a great size (35cm) and extreamly soft and cuddly – perfect for unlimited bear hugs. 


What We Thought of Dream Bright Bear Care Bear? 

Review Care Bear Dream Bright Bear Cuddles

With a huge collection of soft toys, my nine year old has become quiet a connisour and I am pleased to say that Dream Bright Bear has definitely passed her strict inspection. 

She adore her colour, her cute heart featues and her ‘lovely soft fur’. She has also declared her perfect size for cuddling and has taken pride and place on her pillow – a very big honour. 

It is great to see that Dream Bright Bear is a really high quality toy and that special belly badge is embroided on rather than a sticker, meaning it will last. 

I adore that Care Bears still promote positivity. Dream Bright Bears message of beleiving in yourself and always trying is great for promotmg the all important growth mindset. 

Along with Dream Bright Bear, the cute smaller pink Care Bear Love-A-Lot Bear has also made her way home with us and I see a lot more of the Care Bears Collection in our future.

Where Can You Buy Care Bears Dream Bright? 

Dream Bright Bear costs just £16.99 and is available along with the other Care Bear range from Smyths Toy Superstores here. 

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