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Review: UltraFlyers by Brainstorm

two Brainstorm UltraFlyer planes being held by children

Check out the UltraFlyers stunt planes that actually fly back and see what we thought.

Warmer days are on the way, but it isn’t always easy to get the kids playing in the fresh air. However, Brainstorm’s UltraFlyers may just be able to help. To find out we were kindly sent the UltraFlyers for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her children aged 8 and 11 years old to check them out. Read on for what they thought. 

Disclaimer: UltraFlyers were gifted for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer. This post may also contain affiliate links (see here).

Review: UltraFlyers by Brainstorm

Over the years the kids have had lots of toy planes, from gliders to paper plane sets but to be honest non of them have been that great. They have either been too complicated to put together, not worked very well, or needed lots of practice to get them to fly. Therefore when we were asked to try the new UltraFlyers by Brainstorm I presumed that they would be exactly the same. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Find out how they work and what we thought below. 

What Are Ultraflyers by Brainstorm

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Box

Brainstorms Ultraflyers are soft foam stunt planes that are designed not only to do tricks but also to return to the sender. They can be flown inside and outside and come in a two-pack so can be played in pairs.

What Is In The Brainstorm Ultraflyers Box? 

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Whats In The Box

The UltraFlyer pack comes with two planes with different designs.

The UltraFlyer box contains :

– Two top plane soft foam parts (one for each plane),

– Two bottom plane soft form parts (one for each plane),

– Four clear stickers (two for each plane), and 

– An instruction sheet. 

What age are UltraFlyers by Brainstorm for? 

 UltraFlyer is recommended for children aged four years. They are not suitable for children under three. 

Building the Brainstorm UltraFlyers. 

We decided to first use the UltraFlyers on a day out and as the box indicated that they were easy to assemble we decided to build them there. 

At first glance at the instruction sheet, I did start to panic slightly as looked really complicated with lots of steps to follow. However, I quickly realised that they were just very thorough and the planes are really easy to build. 

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Building Folding

You simply need to fold a couple of flaps, slot the top piece of the plane to the bottom piece, line up the front and pop on the clear sticker to secure them together. 

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Building plane

In fact, I had intended to take step by step pictures but before I knew it the kids had them built. 

Flying the Brainstorm UltraFlyers. 

To say that the UltraFlyers are easy to fly would be an understatement. On the first throw, both planes were doing a full loop and gliding down to land.

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Flying glider

It seemed with every throw the UltraFlyers did a new trick. Along with flying in a big loop, the UltraFlyers can also do a barrel loop when throwing straight forward, and a boomerang return when throwing using the wing with a flick motion. On some throws, they would also hoover in the air just before landing. 

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review plane stunt

After a few trips out with them, we found that it’s best to fly them on a reasonably still day. Although they still fly if there is some wind there is a lot less control and you miss a lot of the stunts.

Even with no real wind, they fly slightly differently depending on the direction of the throw. The kids loved experimenting with this and along with being lots of fun, it was great STEM activity. 

As they are made of soft foam the planes can be played with safely in the house. We did find that they didn’t fly inside as well as outside this didn’t stop the kids playing reaching for them on a few of the recent rainy days.  

What We Thought about the UltraFlyers 

We have all become instant fans of Brainstorm UltraFlyers. They are easy to put together and even easier to fly. The use of soft foam rather than paper or card makes them really durable and I feel they will last for some time. 

The kids loved that they could get the planes to do stunts straight away rather and that different throws resulted in different tricks. They have also enjoyed playing with them inside when the weather hasn’t been great. 

It is not only us who the UltraFlyers have impressed, quite a few other families and kids who have spotted us playing with them outside have commented on how good they look, asking what they are and where they can get them from. 

Best of all the UltraFlyers has had my kids constantly asking to play outside and take to them on our trips to the park. 

It will come as no surprise that I would highly recommend Brainstorms UltraFlyers, they would make a great gift for any child ( or adult) especially at their great pocket money price. 

Where to Buy Brainstorms UltraFlyers and how much are they? 

Brainstorms UltraFlyers have an RRP of £5.99 and are currently available from Amazon here (affilate) .




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