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Ad – Cats vs Pickles The New Collectible Craze Are Now In B&M

children holding cats v pickles outside of B&M store

Fans of Cats vs Pickles can now grab their favourite character plushes from B&M. 

Cats vs Pickles the fun collectable plushes full of beans are now available in B&M stores across the country. Set to be one of the hit toys this Christmas these cute little characters. 

Our Mum in the Know reviewers Gemma and her kids are big fans of Cats vs Pickles and were recently gifted some additional Cats vs Pickles and filled us in on why they are their new favourite collectibles. 

Cats vs Pickles everything You Need To Know.

From the moment my 12-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter discovered Cats vs Pickles, they became instant fans.

They come in lots of cute characters to collect, a great size for taking along on days out and as they each contain beans they double as a fidget toy. 

Both my kids adore them and have a big list of characters who they want to collect next. However, they have previously only been available at The Entertainer or Smyth Toys which are both a bit far away it has not been as easy as they would like to go on the hunt to add to their collection. 

We were therefore very excited when we heard that Cats vs Pickles were heading into B&M stores and we headed straight there.

Plus they were over the moon when we were gifted some new Cats vs Pickles to celebrate their new B&M spot. 

You can check out everything you need to about Cats vs Pickles below. 

Cats v Pickles BM

What Are Cats V Pickles? 

Cats vs. Pickles is a cute range of collectible toys, which were inspired by the viral social media trend, where cat owners place a cucumber and pickles near to their cats who have hilarious reactions.  

In the world of Cats vs. Pickles! Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love and they want it from the cute cats.

Cats vs Pickles collectible toys are really soft, bean- filled plushies that come in different adorable prints and there are lots of characters to collect.

What Age Are Cats vs Pickles aimed at?  

Cats vs Pickles are for children over 4 years and over but are also great for tweens, teens and adults who love plushes and collectibles. 

How Many Cats v Pickles Characters in Series 1?

There are 159 Cats vs Pickles characters in series 1, 125 Cats and 34 Pickles. 

Each of the Cats and Pickles feature their own unique design which matches the ‘paw-sonality’ and their is one for all tastes. 

From the “Foodie” cats like Cheeseburger Cat, Frankie (a hot dog) and Eggs & Bacon; the “Animal” cats like Willy (the whale cat), Moo Moo (the cow cat and Turtle; “Scary” cats such as Skelecat,  Zombie Cat and Aracna-Kitty and “Sweet” cats like Mint Chippie, Kitty Cake and Pawberry Twist. 

Cats and not the only ones with great character names and personalities. Pickles to collect include original Pickles such as Clyde, Eunice and Ed plus fancy Pickles such as Fish Sticks with a mermaid tail, Punt in her American Football uniform, Skully a skeleton Pickle and lots more. 

Each Cats vs Pickles character has an official ‘heart hug mark’ printed on the bag so you know it’s an authentic CvP plushie!

Our collection includes Hank, Relish and Frosted Flow Pickles and superhero Cat The Paw-n-isher, Mer-Kitty, Pinata Pop and Miss Bubblekitty a bee Cat and many more. 

The kids can’t wait to get their hands on lots more. My nine-year-old daughter is on the lookout for Panda-Cat, Spaghetti_Freddie, Kitty Narwhal Felicia Pickle and my twelve-year-old son Mummy Kitty, Coder Cat, Dilbert and Splat Pickle. 

I won’t lie I wouldn’t mind finding the very cool The Great Catsby and my husband who already has Hank pickle in his car is constantly looking for his namesake Joe. 

Along with the small plushes, there are also Jumbo and Hugger Cats vs Pickles which both my kids have their eyes on. 

Team Cat? or. Team Pickle?

My husband is well and truly Team Pickle, but me and the kids can’t decide between them there are just too cute to choose.

We would love to know if you are Team Cat vs Team Pickle or both let us know on our Facebook page here or Instagram here. 

Where Can You Buy Cats vs Pickles? 

Part of the fun of collecting Cats vs Pickles are hunting down the next characters you want to buy. Cats vs Pickles cost just £4.99 for the small plush and now available from B&M stores, The Entertainer and Smyths Toys. 

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