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Ad – Review Super Cute Little Babies

a girl playing with super cute little baby gabi

Ad – The Super Cute Little Babies dolls have arrived and we have been checking them out. Discover what we thought in our review here. 

Based on the popular YouTube cartoon, Super Cute Little Babies are now available to buy. 

We were kindly gifted one of the brand-new Super Cute Little Babies dolls for the purpose of an honest review. 

We asked our on The Go Reviewer and her daughter to check her out and you can discover what they thought below: 

Review Super Cute Little Babies Dolls

After discovering the show from her younger cousin my daughter has been watching Super Cute Little Babies on Youtube for some time. 

She was very excited when we were asked to look at the new doll range. 

Here is what we thought. 

What Are Super Cute Little Babies? 

Review Super Cute Little babies what are super cute little babies

Super Cute Little Babies are a brand-new toy range which promotes eco messages and the importance of leading sustainable lives. 

The popular YouTube show follows a group of babies who after being kind to nature were rewarded with unique superpowers that help protect the environment and teach other children. 

What age are Super Cute Little Babies for? 

Super Cute Little Babies are not suitable for children under 3 years old. 

What Super Cute Little Babies Characters are available? 

Review Super Cute Little babies characters

There are four Super Cute Characters to collect, all of which have their own personality and superpower to match. 

The characters are 

  • Kala – who has the power to control water and promotes saving water where you can.
  • Gabi – who can control the sun and heats up things with her hands
  • Sofi – who loves plants, flowers and trees and can help them grow with her powers
  • Sisi – who loves animals and insects. Butterflies are her favourite and she has the power of the wind. 

Each character doll comes in small and larger sizes. 

We headed to our local Tesco store and my daughter picked Super Cute Gabi for our review. 

What do you get in the Super Cute Little Babies Box 

Review Super Cute Little babies whats i the box

The large doll box contained 

  • A Super Cute Little Babies Doll 26cm 
  • Super Feeding Bottle 
  • Dummy 
  • Hairbrush and comb 
  • Reversible outfit
  • Superhero mask
  • Reversible bib/ cape

The Super Cute Little Babies doll requires 2 x AAA batteries 

Playing with Super Cute Little Babies

Review Super Cute Little babies playing with

On opening the Super Cute it was great to see that as you would expect from a toy promoting the importance of being kind to the environment, the Super Cute Little Babies box contained very little plastic and is recyclable. 

Although there were a few plastic ties attaching the doll and accessories to the box, these were easily undone with scissors. 

Review Super Cute Little babies turning on

Once out of the packaging you need to pop in the batteries at the back and then turn her on. 

As soon as my daughter spotted Gabi, she couldn’t wait to see what she could do. 

The dolls comes ready in her superhero outfit complete with mask, cape, skirt and metallic booties. 

However, as the Super Cutes in the show start off as babies she was keen to start to convert back to her pre-super power look. 

To do this we simply took off the mask which is attached via holes on the side of the doll’s head, took off her skirt and removed her boots turning them inside out for a white bootie look, all of which my daughter was able to herself. 

Review Super Cute Little babies cape into bib

The doll’s cape can also be removed and turned into a bib by turning it over and tucking it into the pocket on the back. She did need a little assistance un tidying this but it took no time at all.

Once in ‘baby mode’ my daughter proceeded to pop in the included dummy ( although did tend to pop out) and brush her hair. 

Review Super Cute Little babies baby mode

Before long she decided it was time for Gabi to turn into the Super Cute mode. 

The Super Cutes gain their powers by drinking their Super Feeding bottles. 

You need to make sure the doll is turned on, pop the bottle in her mouth and she will make cute drinking and powering up sounds. 

Review Super Cute Little babies super bottle

The medallion on her chest also lights up and stays on for 10 minutes. 

My daughter then proceeded to change the outfit back to the superhero side and popped Gabi’s mask back on. 

Review Super Cute Little babies adding mask

As Gabi’s power is controlling the sun, my daughter insisted she must play outside with her, re-enacting some of the storylines from the YouTube shows— it was very cute to watch. 

Review Super Cute Little babies super mode

The doll itself is robust, can stand up on its own and has opposable limbs.

Review Super Cute Little babies dolls

What we think about Super Cute Little Babies 

Review Super Cute Little babies light up

My daughter has been enjoyed playing with Gabi. She has tended to keep her in Super Cute mode using the bottle to power her up every now and then. 

On opening, she did think that she would make more noises and maybe say some of the phrases from the show and was initially a little disappointed. 

However, she overcame this quickly and has enjoyed doing the voices herself. 

I love that the  Super Cute Little Babies overall message of looking after the environment is coming through in her play and has led to some lovely conversations about how we can help ourselves. 

Where Can You Purchase Super Cute Little Babies

Super Cute Little Babies are available from some Tesco stores and online at The Entertainer here.

Super Cute Little Babies YouTube Show 

You can watch the Super Cute Little Babies YouTube Show here. 

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