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The Best Board Games To Keep The Entertained at Home From Spin Master

father and daughter playing Spin Master Headbanz

father and daughter playing Spin Master Headbanz

On the lookout for new ways to keep the kids busy at home or on a rainy day? Check out our top picks of Spin Master Board Games to keep them entertained. 

It is not always easy to keep the kids busy whilst at home, rainy days and during the school holidays. Board games are always a good choice but with so many to choose from it is difficult to know which new games to buy. Spin Master, to give you a helping hand, we asked our Mum On The Go blogger Gemma, a big fan of Spin Master toy range, for some recommendations. Here are her top picks of board games to entertain the kids when stuck at home. 

Spin Master Board Games to Entertain The Kids When Stuck At Home 

Having an 8 and 11-year-old it is not always easy to keep them entertained. If you have seen any of my reviews you will know that we are big fans of board game fans and always on the lookout for new board games to try.   

Spin Master toys have always been a big hit (check out some of our favourites here) and they also have a range of board games for all ages to keep the whole family entertained.

We have been lucky enough to have been both gifted a number of their games as presents by friends and from Spin Master for review purposes.  Here are our top picks. 

(Although some games are gifted by Spin Master (highlighted below), all opinions are honest and my own). 

Grouch Couch For Children Over 5 Years Old (Gifted)

Review Grouch Couch

At seeing the age recommendation for Grouch Couch I thought my eight and 11 years old maybe a little too old for this game, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

Crouch Crouch includes the grumpy looking red couch, 16 blue coins featuring different images, 15 lost goodies (all food), a dice and instruction manual. It requires 3 AAA batteries. 

The only set up required is inserting the batteries and placing the blue coins in a hatch on the couch.

The game starts with the youngest player rolling the dice. If you roll a number you place that many of lost items on the couch, press the remote control on the arm and sit back and watch.

The grumpy couch ( which the kids nicknamed daddy) will then either start raising his eyes and eating the lost items or make a little rumbling noise and do nothing. If he does decide to eat your items he then decides if you deserve a coin or two which he will spit out from the front with some force. 

If you roll a vacuum cleaner you can steal other players coins. Simply roll the dice again for the number of coins you can steal. You can grab them all from one player or take one or two from each. 

The winner is the player with the most number of coins when Grouch Couch starts playing his final song. 

The game was a big hit all round. The kids loved it when Grouch started his grumpy eating ritual and even more so when the coins came firing out. They also loved seeing which lost items were featured on the coins which included money and socks. 

Grouch Couch is a nice quick game for all the family which you will all want to play again and again. 

Grouch Couch has an RRP of £19.99 be purchased from Amazon, The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, and Argos. 

Beat The Parents – Recommended For Children Over 6 Years (Gifted)

Review Beat The Parents Whats in the box

With a name like Beat The Parents, it was no surprise that the kids were very excited to start playing this game. 

The game includes 1 game board, 110 question cards, 50 challenge cards, 2 movers and an instruction sheet. The game is for 2 or more players of at least one parent and one child. 

The game is easy to set up by placing the movers, question and challenge cards on the designated spots. 

Each question cards includes three different questions for both parent and kids with the kids get the first question. If they answer the first correctly they move one space on the board and you ask the second question, if this is correct they move again and ask the final question with a correct answer rewarded with a further move. It is then the parent’s turn.  

I was really impressed with the questions. They contained a good mix of tricky and easier questions and it was hilarious when we got a question that the kids could easily answer such as one about Fortnite. 

When you come to a challenging spot it is time to turn to the challenge cards. Some cards require one player from each side to take part whilst others require everyone to join in. The winning side will then move the number of spaces indicated on the card. The team whose mover reaches the end first is the winner with the final spot being the final challenge space. 

Review Beat the parents kids questions

We all really enjoyed the challenges which including the likes of making and flying paper aeroplanes ( I completely forgot how to make these), passing cards to other players without touching them with your hands and making a pig face whilst snorting the alphabet ( backwards for the parents). 

I was also really impressed with the questions. They contained a good mix of tricky and easier questions and it was hilarious when we got a question that the kids could easily answer such as one about Fortnite. I loved the fact that the kids had to work as a team, conferring on each question and cheering each other on during the challenges. They loved that they won! 

Review beat the parents kids winning


Beat The Parents is a great family game which has become a firm favourite in our house. 

Beat The Parents has an RRP of £10.99 and be purchased from Amazon, The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, and Argos. 


Hedbanz – Recommended For Children Over 7 Years (Gifted)

Spin Master Games Review Headbanz

As soon as my 8 years old spotted the Headbanz game she couldn’t wait to play. 

Headbanz comes with six headbands which can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults, 69 picture cards, 3 sample question cards, 24 scoring chips and a timer. 

The game is simple to play, you each take a card (without looking) and place it in the slot in your headband, so everyone apart from can see your card. The player going first then asks questions about their card with the other players only being able to answer with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until the timer runs out. 

If you guess the picture on your card before the timer runs out you get a yellow clip token to attach to your band with the winner being the first to get to three tokens.

The cards are split into three categories of food, animals and objects with the sample question giving the players ideas of what questions to start with.

The cards are mixed with both easy and harder pictures so that it wasn’t too easy for me and my husband or too hard for the kids that they got bored. 

Headbanz has become a firm favourite game in our house and is the first box the kids reach for on a rainy day. 

Headbanz has an RRP of £12.99 and can be purchased from Amazon, The Entertainer, Smyths Toys, and Argos. 

Otrio – Recommended For Children Over 8 Years (Gifted)

Spin Master Games Review Otrio

We had never heard of Otrio but it arrived but now it is one of our favourite games. 

A problem-solving style game, think noughts and crosses but for older kids and adults. 

Otrio comes with a playing board and nine different sized circles for up to four players. 

Players take it turns to place one circle at a time on the board. There are three ways in which you can win; the first is with three same size circles in a line across the board; the second is with the circles in size order in a row and third is with all different circles in one spot. 

Spin Master Review Otrio Game

Along with trying to place your circles in a winning order you also need to try to block the other players from winning. 

Otrio was an instant hit with all the family. Even our 7 years old who we thought might be a little young to play loves and has beat us all more than once. 

Otrio has an RRP of £19.99 and is currently available from Amazon. 

Jumanji The Next Level Board Game Recommended for Children Over 8 Years (Gifted)

Spin Master Review Jumanji The New Level

We are big fans of the Jumanji films and couldn’t wait to play the Jumanji The Level Board Game. 

On first look, the game seems really complicated however after a good read of the instructions (without the kids tugging to get started) and some concentration it is not hard as it first appeared. 

Jumanji The Next Level Board Game comes with the game board, dice, battle cards, character game pieces, tokens and a token tracker.

Spin Master Review Jumanji Next Level Board Game

The aim of the game is to win battles by using the dice and the cards that you pick up to gain tokens. The person who fills their token tracker first is the winner. 

The game is based on strategy and it did a little practice to get used to the rules and how to use the cards, but once picked up is lots of fun and definitely got us all thinking. 

Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Fishing Game Recommended for Children Over 8 Years (GIFTED)

Spin Master Games Review Baby Shark Lets Go Hunt Game

A must for Baby Shark fans the game is for 2 to 4 players and requires 2 AA batteries. 

Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Fishing Game comes with a round pond themed board full of colourful mini sharks and four fishing rods. 

To play you, simply switch on the board which will then start to spin and of course play the Baby Shark song. As it moves, the baby sharks mouths open and close whilst you try to use your fishing rod to try to catch as many as you can. 

Spin Master Games Review Baby Shark Fishing

The game is easy to play and lots of fun. Although aimed at younger children my eight-year-old has really enjoyed playing it, especially when beating my husband who has also become fans of the game.


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