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Review BeKind Eco Friendly Dolls

a girl playing with two BeKind Dolls

The new Eco-Friendly BeKind Dolls have hit the toy shelves and we have been checking them out. Discover what we thought in our review here. 

BeKind Dolls are fun eco-friendly toy which promotes messages of kindness and friendship. 

We have been kindly gifted two of these new dolls for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her ten-year-old daughter to check them out and you can discover what they thought below. 

Review of BeKind Eco-Friendly Dolls 

What are bekind dolls 

My 10-year-old daughter still loves to play with dolls and figures and was very excited when we were asked to check out the new BeKind Dolls. 

Here is what we thought. 

What are BeKind Dolls? 

BeKind Dolls are a new doll line that promotes kindness, compassion and creativity. 

Not only do the dolls promote lovely, but they are also eco-friendly. Parts of the dolls are made from recycled plastics, the ink is made from soybeans, and the dolls wear eco-friendly fashion. 

Plus the packaging itself can not only be recycled but is reusable as part of the doll play and bigger doll boxes can be turned into Kindness Boards.

What age are BeKind Dolls for? 

BeKind dolls are aimed at children aged 6 years and over. 

They are not suitable for children under 3. 

What BeKind Doll Characters are available to collect?

The BeKind Dolls come in two different sizes 15cm and 37cm and there are a variety of characters to collect in each. 

There are five characters in the larger Be Kind Dolls

  • Brianna who loves to help her community and the environment
  • Nora who encourages being kind to yourself and others 
  • Daisy – who loves caring for animals and wants to end animals cruelty 
  • Koral – who loves the ocean and tries to inspire others to minimise plastic waste

The 15cm doll characters include Rose Avery, Torquoise Ann, Joy Marie, Harmony Sue and Summer Bree.

Each of the dolls has their own personality, style and a BeKind message.

We were kindly gifts the larger Koral and the 15cm Rose Avery

What do you get with in BeKind Dolls Box?

BeKind Dolls Review Avery whats in the box

The small BeKind dolls come with 

  • A 15cm (6 inc) doll with an outfit 
  • 1 x Pair of shoes
  • A small pet 
  • Fabric stickers
  • Twocute accessories 
  • Cardboard scenery cutouts

BeKind Dolls Review Koral whats in the box

The larger of the BeKind Dolls include: 

  • A 37cm (12.25-inch) doll with outfit
  • 1 x Pair of shoes
  • 1 x Pair of earrings
  • 1 x Headband
  • 1 x Pillow pet friend
  • 1 x D.I.Y. purse and stencil
  • 2 x Fabrics for D.I.Y. purse
  • 2 x D.I.Y. reusable bag fabrics kits 
  • 1 x Sticker sheet
  • 2 x 3D flower stickers 
  • 1 x Message card
  • 1 x Hair styling brush 
  • 1 x D.I.Y. tips booklet

Package and Opening the Be Kind Dolls

BeKind Dolls Review reuse box

Both size dolls come in recyclable cardboard and it was great to see that there was no plastic window. 

The handle of the boxes are made of fabric featuring a cute print which can be used as a hair ribbon or bracelet which my daughter loved. 

BeKind Dolls Review hair ribbon

The dolls and accessories are attached by little plastic ties and you will need scissors to open it. We found that the larger doll in particular took a little bit of time to open. 

Make sure you don’t send the boxes straight to recycling as both boxes contain cutouts that can be used in playing with the doll and crafting activities. 

Playing with the Be Kind Dolls and Crafts 

BeKind Dolls Review playing with small doll

Once we had both dolls and accessories out my daughter couldn’t wait to play with them. 

Both dolls are of great quality and have realistic brushable hair and opposable limbs.

Whilst the larger doll is able to sit up unaided, the 15 cm doll did need to be set up against something.

As mentioned above each character has a different style and message of kindness. 

BeKind Dolls Review Koral Accessories

Koral the bigger of the BeKind dolls and loves the beach and the ocean. She adores sea creatures and is passionate about looking after the sea. 

Straight away my daughter spotted Koral’s Save The Sea t-shirt, leading to a conversation about how we could help keep the oceans clean and sea creatures safe. 

It was lovely to see her playing with Koral and the pillow pet turtle (who she named Shelley) with Koral explaining to Shelley why they had to clean up the beach.  

BeKind Dolls Review kindness message

Although there was no info on what Rose Avery liked to do on the box, from her outfit and her accessories, my daughter thought that she must like to look after nature. 

Again it was great to see my daughter play with Rose Avery with this message in mind, pretending to water the plant accessory with the cardboard cut out. and looking after the hedgehog pal. 

BeKind Dolls Review craft handbag

The larger BeKind doll set comes with DIY accessories and my craft-loving daughter couldn’t wait to get started on these. 

Koral’s accessories included two different shape beach bags which she had to tie the handles and then decorate with the included stickers. 

BeKind Dolls Review diy accesorries

She also comes with a handbag which you can personalise with included fabric. This involved using a stencil to draw on the fabric which then needed to be cut out before attaching it to the purse. 

There are two different prints which canoe swapped around with ease. 

BeKind Dolls Review craft kit

The box itself can also be turned into a Kindness Board where you can write Kindness Goals, stick up pictures of friends and customise it with the leftover stickers. 

BeKind Dolls Review Kindness board

What We Thought of The Be Kind Dolls? 

Both the BeKind Doll sets have been a big hit with my daughter. 

Although the smaller Rose Avery is her favourite of the two ( she always prefers smaller-sized dolls), she has played with them together, declaring that thru are big and little sisters.

When playing with them her games definitely have a caring slant, with looking after the pets usually being at the centre.

She also really enjoyed the crafting elements and has been adding to her kindness board which has been displayed in her room.

From my point of view, it is great to see a doll that is not only environmentally friendly but also promotes love messages of compassion kindness and caring for the environment.

How Much are BeKind Dolls?

The smaller 15cm Bar Kind Dolls have an RRP £11.99 and the larger Be kind Doll set has an RRP of £29.99. 

The dolls are available to purchase at Selected stores Tesco, Argos and Amazon here.

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