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Review Cutetitos Islanditos

Three Cutetitos Islanditos on grass together

Cutetitos Islanditos have arrived with fun characters to collect. Check out who we opened and what we thought in our review here. 

If you don’t know about Cutetitos yet, they are adorable little stuffed animals wrapped in a burrito blanket.

The Islanditos feature animalitos in adorable prints and a new island-themed wrap. 

We were kindly gifted the new Cutetitos Islanditos for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos

My nine-year-old is obsessed Cutetitos and now has a good collection of different series (check out our review of the Unicornitos here and here).

We were therefore very excited when asked to check out the new Cutetitos Islanditos here is what we thought. 

What Are Cutetitos Islanditos? 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos what are they

Cutetitos Islanditos are cute little animal soft toys wrapped in soft island patterned burritos wraps.

They are the latest in the Cutetitos range, there are ten characters to collect and all featuring a different design.

Each come in a large mystery bag adding in the element of surprise. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos OPening

What Do You Get In The Cutetitos Islanditos Packet?

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Mermaidito

The Cutetitos Unicornitos contain:

  • A stuffed animal with different prints
  • A soft plush burrito blanket 
  • A pet collectors card

What Cutetitos Islanditos Characters are there to collect?

Review Cutetitos Islanditos available characters

There are ten Cutetitos Islanditos to collect which are divided into four different Tutti Frutti personalities:

  • Tutti Fruity
  • Soo Tutti Fruity
  • Extra Tutti Fruity or 
  • Super Tutti Fruity

You can discover which personality your Islanditos has by looking at the icon on its hip.  

Each of the Cutetitos is a different animalito and has either a coconut, banana or tropical scent.

They come in tropical patterned wraps with a fun pattern inside to match their personality. 

The new Islanditos characters include Tutti Fruity Pascalito the lizard, Picaito a tucan, Mirandito a cute mermaid; Soo Tutti Fruities Fionaito a swimming hippo, Kaleito and Rayito a playful stingray.

Extra Tutti Fruity Sierraito a mermaid with wavey hair and Mutleyito a scuba diving dog; and Super Tutti Fruity Octavia a cool octopus, and Cotton Candito a blue lobster, both of which are super rare. 

Plus they have individual pet collector cards which tell you your pet’s species name and birthday.

Review Cutetitos Islanditos pet cards

Which new Cutetitos Islanditos Characters Did We Open? 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Characters

We were kindly gifted three Cutetitos Islanditos. 

In the first, we discovered Serriato the mermaid, who came in a multi-coloured mermaid tail pattern wrap and who has a lovely tropical scent. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Mermaidito on wrap

On opening the wrap at a seafloor pattern with Serriato having a lovely shiny mermaid tail, wavey hair and a rainbow-coloured shell bikini. She has a red sun icon indicating that she Extra Tutti Fruity personality. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Mermaidito Bikini Design

The second Cutetitos Islanditos contained Fionaito the hippo, whose wrap is a multicoloured beach towel on the outside and a fun pool print on the inside and features a tropical scent. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Hippotito Wrap

Fionaito is wearing a pair of goggles, a swimming cap and a stripey swimsuit, all perfect for taking a dip in its pool wrap. She has features an orange sun icon showing her Soo Tutti Fruity personality. 

review Cutetitos Islanditos hippotito

In the third Islandito we found Rayito the Stingray and my daughter was over the moon. Stingray comes in a tropical patterned wrap with a beach towel design on the inside and has a lovely coconut scent. 

ReviewCutetitos Islanditos Stingrayito

Rayito herself has a cute beach ball style bow, bubbled patterned and an orange sun icon to show off her SooTutti Fruity personality.

Review Cutetitos Islanditos stingrayito on a wrap

What We Thought about the Cutetitos Unicornitos Would We Recommend them? 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos scents

Already being a fan of Cutetitos is was no surprise that my daughter adored the new Islanditos. 

She loved the new patterned wraps and that they all had a lovely scent. As they all have a beach theme she has really enjoyed playing with them, pretending that they were swimming along and chatting away with each other. 

Review Cutetitos Islanditos Playing With

From my point of view, the Islanditos like the rest of the Cutetitos range is a great collectable plush. They are well made, a good size for taking on journeys and the attention to detail is amazing. 

My daughter has asked for more for her birthday with her fingers crossed that she gets the super rare Octavia, but I know she will be happy with any of the animalito gang. 

Where can You Purchase Cutetitos Islanditos

Cutetitos Islanditos are available from Smyths Toys here with an RRP of £9.99. 

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