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Review Unique Eyes Fashion Dolls

A little girl smiling looking at Unique Eyes doll

Uniques Eyes are one of the latest dolls to hit the toy shelves. Discover these fun fashion dolls with amazing magical eyes and what we thought in our review here. 

Unique Eyes are the newest and fun fashion dolls who have the most magical eyes on the market. We were kindly gifted Unique Eyes Total Look Doll for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check them out and here is what they thought. 

Review Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls

Review Unique Eyes Dolls Total Look

My daughter is really starting to get into fashion and adores dolls which she can dress up. Therefore when I heard with Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls with magical eyes I knew she would be over the moon to check them out. 

Discover everything you need to know and what we thought of the Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls here.

What Are Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls? 

Review Unique Eyes Dolls playing

Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls are the latest fashion dolls that feature stunningly beautiful eyes that follow your gaze. They have cool removable fashion outfits, brushable hair and there are currently three characters to collect.

What Uniques Eyes Dolls Characters Are Available?

Review Unique Eyes Dolls available characters

As mentioned there are three Uniques Eyes characters to collect who are all best friends all of which are 25cm tall. They all also come in two different styles, Fashion Doll which comes with the Uniques Eyes Doll dress in her cool outfit and Total Look which also comes with a spare outfit. 

Rebecca, has blond hair with streaks of blue and pink and depending on the set you have, her clothes styles include checked and fluffy coats, denim shorts, shimmery tops, funky boots and wedges. 

Amy, has blond long soft hair. Her fashion style includes long denim jackets, sequin dresses, cool bomer jackets, boots and cute little dresses (depnding on the set). 

Finally Sophia, who has long brown hair with a fringe and who we were gifted in the Total Look set. Check out more about her below. 

What is included in the Uniques Eyes Total Look Doll Set?

Review Unique Eyes Dolls chnage of outfit

The Uniques Eyes Total Look Doll Set includes: 

  • A Unique Eyes Doll with magical eyes and brushable hair
  • Two Coats
  • Two Outfits
  • Two Pairs of shoes or boots

What Age are the Uniques Eyes Dolls Aimed at? 

The Uniques Eyes Total Look Doll are aimed at children from aged 3 to 10 years old.

Playing with The Uniques Eyes Dolls

Sophia arrives in the Total Look set in a cool orange jacket, a little top, a pink skirt and white and pink lace up boots. My daughter adored her instantly and was really excited when she saw the second out of a hooded jumper dress and a pair of pink boots. 

Both the Sophie and her second outfit are attached to the box with quiet a lot of small plastic ties and scissors are required to get her free. 

Once we got her out of the box we discovered that along with looking great, she is also great to play with.

Review Unique Eyes Dolls bent knees

She is a great size and feels extreamely sold. Her head moves left and right, her arms move up and downs and in out and her knees bend. Plus she is able to stand with ease and bends at the hips so that she can also sit down. 

Review Unique Eyes Dolls putting boots on

Of course my daughter was extreamley keen for Sophie to try on her alternative outfit. Her first outfit came off easily (although they were attached together with a tiny bit of cotton which we cut with scissors) and the boots, had useful slits at the back and we found them easier to remove and put back on than other dolls we have had. 

Review Unique Eyes Dolls outfits

The jumper dress was also easy to pop on Sophie and we loved that the hood could also be pulled up over her head as it featured a slit at the back to accommodate her hair. 

Review Unique Eyes Dolls Hair

Sophie features lovely thick brushable hair and my daughter was over the moon when she realised that she could practice plaits on her. 

What sets Sophie really aside from other dolls are her magical unique eyes. A stunning blue colour they follow your gaze in an extreamley cute way which I have never seen before. 

What we thought about The Uniques Eyes Dolls

review Unique eyes doll sophia standing

The Uniques Eyes doll Sophie has been a big hit with my daughter.

She has loved dressing her up mixing and matching the outfits, swapping the boots over and adding the oranage jacked to the jumper dress ‘for a new look’. 

She has also adored practising different hair styles on her, from plaits to ponies and buns, brushing Sophies hair more that she does her own. 

As I suspected Sophie’s eyes was one of her favourtie features. She spent ages looking at her from at different angles and declaring with excitement that she was looking at her and that this was “really cool”.

From my point of view the doll is of good quality, seems really robust and has a great range of movement. It is also nice to see a doll with a relatable body and appropirate clothes for teens and tweens. 

My daughter has said she is going save up to get Sophie’s BFF’s Amy and Rebecca and is hoping that more outfits are brought out for Sophie soon. 

Where To Purchase The Uniques Eyes Dolls Sets

The Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls have an RRP £24.99 each and the The Uniques Eyes Dolls Total Look Doll have an RRP of £34.99. 

The Uniques Eyes Fashion Dolls can be purchased from Amazon here. 

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