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Review The Fuzzies Game

a child playing the Fuzzies game

On the lookout for a new family game? The Fuzzies – a new fluffy stacking tower game has arrived. We checked it out and you can discover what we thought here.

Stacking tower games are always lots of fun – they are quick to play and easy for younger kids to understand whilst still challenging enough to entertain the adults. 

We were recently gifted the newest tower stacking game on the block The Fuzzies. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her family to check it out and here is what they thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly the game for the purposes of an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link see here.

Review of The Fuzzies Game

Review The Fuzzies Game Box

My family love playing games of all kinds, we usually play something every night after dinner and even hold game tournaments during the school holidays. 

When we are looking for a quicker game tower stacking games such as Jenga is our go-to. However, non of us are a fan of the time it takes to build it back up to play again or to put it away. 

I was therefore very excited to check out the new The Fuzzies tower stacking game, which uses soft felt balls rather than bricks. 

Discover what we thought and everything you need to know about The Fuzzies below. 

What is The Fuzzies Game? 

The Fuzzies is a fluffy gravity-defying tower game, where you need to remove the fuzzy balls from the tower and and put them back on the stack without knocking it over. 

How Many Players can Play The Fuzzies Game? 

The Fuzzies game is for two players and over, with no maximum. 

What age is The Fuzzies Game For? 

The Fuzzies is aimed at children over 6 years and adults of all ages. 

What do you get in The Fuzzies Box? 

Review The Fuzzies Game whats in the box

The Fuzzies Box contains: 

  • 95 Fuzzies 
  • 30 Challenge Cards
  • Container with lid 
  • 1 x Tweezers 
  • The rule book

How to set up The Fuzzies Game

Review The Fuzzies Game setting up the tower


There is nothing worse that a quick game that takes ages to put together before you can play. I was therefore very relieved that the Fuzzies Game is both very quick and easy to set up.

The Fuzzies come already in the container. To start you need to turn it upside down and twist off the bottom lid. 

Review The Fuzzies Game store tweezers and cards lids

In the lid, you will find the challenge cards, the rules and the tweezers, which you need to remove. Place them both nearby with the cards’ colour side up.

Once you have removed the cards and tweezer, use the lid to smush the Fuzzies down in the container a few times to make sure they are compact. 

Review The Fuzzies Game setting it up squish the fuzzies

Then simply pop the lid on top of the container (but not so that it clicks into place) turn the container with the lid upside down and place it on a flat stable surface. 

Remove the container to reveal a colourful tower of Fuzzies.

How to Play The Fuzzies Game

Review The Fuzzies Game removing the Fuzzy

The Fuzzies game is easy to play as it is to set up. 

Once you have the tower you are ready to play, rules suggest that the fuzziest person starts first – dads may have an advantage here.

To start you simply need to remove any same coloured Fuzzy from the tower as the top card of the deck.

You can use the provided tweezers or your fingers and remove the Fuzzy from anywhere on the tower apart from the top as you need to be able to put it back higher than where you took it from.

Review The Fuzzies Game doing the challenge

We all found it easier with the tweezers although younger kids may prefer using their fingers. 

When placing the Fuzzy back into the tower it can go on the sides or the top as long as it is higher. 

If no Fuzzies fall it’s the end of your turn. Discard the top card and pass the tweezers to the next player on your left – which officially ends your turn.

You have to remain sitting when you play and are not allowed to stand when removing the Fuzzy and you are not allowed to touch the tower or the platform to stabilise it during your turn. However, you can turn the stand to find the best one to remove. 

It is also ok to swap between the tweezers and hands at any time during your turn, and you can decide to remove a different Fuzzy even if you have touched it as long as it has not been fully removed. 

What Happens if any Fuzzies fall? 

Review The Fuzzies Game knocked over tower

If during your turn any of the Fuzzies fall you need to still place the removed Fuzzy back onto the tower. 

Count the number of fallen Fuzzies and take that number of cards from the deck up to a maximum of three. 

Flip the cards to the challenge side, if there are any duplicates keep drawing until they are all unique challenges. 

Review The Fuzzies Game Scissor finger challenge

Then on your next turn, you need to do the challenges on the cards all at once when removing the Fuzzy. You can then discard these cards ( we put them back into the lid) and you don’t need to do them again. 

If more than 10 Fuzzies fall or the whole tower is knocked over during your turn then you lose and the rest of the players win. 

If you have already passed the tweezers when the tower topples, the person who is holding the tweezers is the loser. 

When finished pop all the Fuzzies back in the container (which takes no time at all) and either squish them back down and re-set up or push the lid down until it clicks. 

Review The Fuzzies Game stacking the fuzzies

The Fuzzies Challenges 

Review The Fuzzies Game Challenge cards

There are five different types of challenge cards which are indicated by the card colour. They are: 

  • Orange – use your non-dominant hand to pick the Fuzzy
  • Blue – Hold one hand over your eyes 
  • Green – Only use your index and middle finger to grab the Fuzzy – think the peace sign. 
  • Pink – Place the Fuzzy so it is the highest on the tower
  • Yellow – Place a finger on your nose, and put the hand that you are using to play through the circle that this makes. Extend your arm to reach the tower. 

If you end up picking up a few cards at one time you could be holding one hand over the eye using your non-dominant hand whilst grabbing the Fuzzy with the peace sign !!!

The Fuzzy Game Variation For Younger Kids 

Review The Fuzzies Game For younger kids rules

If playing with younger children you may knock down the tower quickly, you want to alter the rules slightly to keep the game going for longer. 

When playing with a friend’s younger daughter we changed the following rules: 

  • Youngest goes first.
  • You only get one challenge card no matter how many Fuzzies you knock down.
  • You are not out if the tower falls down you just pick up a challenge card
  • Once you have completed the challenge, turn the card coloured side up and do not discard it. 
  • The first person to get three challenge cards loses. 

Although in our game all of us played to the same rules, if older children or adults like the challenge of the original game you could just let the younger kids follow these variations.  

What We Thought About The Fuzzies Game? 

It is safe to say that The Fuzzies has been a big hit and become our go-to game.  

It is really quick and simple to set up and play, meaning it is great for when we don’t have long to play, but also to play a few games at one time when we have longer. 

I had been concerned that the game might be a bit too easy for my 10 and 13-year-old, but this is definitely not the case. 

Removing and placing the Fuzzies is a lot harder than it looks and challenge cards add an extra element to other tower games we have played. 

I love that it takes no time at all to stack the Fuzzies up again and how quick it is to put it away and that it all stores away neatly into the container – making it an ideal travel game. 

For anybody looking for a new family game, we would highly recommend The Fuzzies.

Where Can You Purchase The Fuzzies? 

You can purchase The Fuzzies game from Amazon here. 

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