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Review Shoot The Poop Game

A man and a child playing shoot the poop game


Looking for a new addition to family games night? We checked out the new Shoot The Poop toilet game and you can check out what we thought in our review here. 

Shoot The Poop is a new toilet game for all the family. We were invited gifted Shoot The Poop for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer and her family to check it out and you can discover what they thought below. 

Review of Shoot The Poop Game

Like all children, my kids love toilet humour, especially my nine-year-old daughter who literally will beg for any game with poo in the title. Therefore when asked to review Shoot The Poop we knew my daughter would be over the moon. Here is what we thought. 

What Is The Shoot The Poop Game? 

Review Shoot The Poop what is it

Shoot The Poop is a fun family dexterity game that helps children develop fine motor skills, where you compete to launch six little poops into the loveable toilet who loves to play, ‘Tank’, before your competitor does.

What Is In The Shoot The Poop Game Box? 

Review Shoot The Poop whats in the box

The Shoot The Poop box contains: 

  • 1 Tank the talking toilet
  • 12 plastic poops in two colours
  • 2 poop launchers 
  • An instruction sheet

Two AAA batteries are required which are included. 

All the pieces were packed with a small amount of cardboard which was great to see. However, the little poops do come in a plastic bag. 

What age is Shoot The Poop For? 

Shoot the Poop is for children aged 5 years and over. 

How To Play The Shoot The Poop Game

As soon as my kids saw the Shoot The Poop box they couldn’t wait to get it open and play. 

Luckily the game doesn’t require a great deal of set up. You simply need to click the two pieces of the toilet together and turn it on. 

Review Shoot The Poop tank the toilet

Shoot The Poop is a two-player game with each player getting six poops each with a choice of light or dark brown poop along with a poop launcher each. Each poop has a different face and expression which my daughter absolutely loved

Review Shoot The Poop poop faces

The aim of the game is to shoot your six poops into the toilet before your opponent, whilst Tank the toilet will be cheering you on with songs and toilet sounds. 

Review Shoot The Poop playing

The poop launchers are easy to use. You simply place your poop on the circle, aim and press down on the trigger and release. How hard you press dictates how far your poop will fly. Too soft it will land on the table, too hard it will shoot across the room. It takes a bit of trial and error and you will find yourself shouting things like ‘throw my poop back’, ‘where did my poop land’ and ‘my poop is on the seat’. The kids were in stitches.

Review Shoot The Poop How to play  

Once you have all six poops in shut the lid and you are the winner. To play again simply lift up Tank and the poops will fall out the bottom for easy retrieval.

Review Shoot The Poop toilet

The poops also can stack on top of each other which soon led to multi poop shots (my hubby’s idea!!!!!) leading to poops flying across the room. The kids loved it. 

Review Shoot The Poop firing poop

What We Thought About Shoot The Poop.

Although I knew Shoot The Poop would be a big hit with the kids I didn’t myself and my husband to love it too. 

It is a very simple game to play, doesn’t take to long, and is highly addictive. As it is only a two-player game, we quickly ended up having a family poop shooting tournament with qualifying rounds a final. Great for family games night. 

The kids have also loved playing it together keeping them entertained for a good amount of time, this alone makes it a winner in my book. 

Where to buy The Shoot The Poop Game? 

Shoot The Poop Game costs £26.99 from Smyths Toys here. 

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