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Review Push Poppers Fidget Toys By HGL

Push Popper Rainbow and Glow In The Dark

Love popping bubble wrap, check out what we thought about the new reusable Push Poppers by HGL. 

We all love a good fidget toy and Push Poppers by HGL is the latest toy to keep your fingers busy and perfect for those who love popping bubble wrap. We were kindly gifted Push Poppers by HGL for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer and her 9 and 11-year-old children to check them out. Read on to find out what they thought.

Review Push Pop Fidget Toys By HGL

We are definitely a family of fidgeters and love a good fidget toy. We therefore couldn’t wait to try out the new Push Poppers fidget toys By HGL. Here is what we thought. 

What are Push Poppers?

Review Push Poppers In packets

Push Poppers fidget toys a silicone pop toy designed to be a “reusable bubble wrap”. You can choose from rainbow, glow in the dark, glitter and tie-dye designs plus they come in square and circle shapes. 

We were sent the circle Glow In The Dark Push Popper and the square Rainbow Push Popper. 

How to use Push Pop Fidget Toys? 

Review Push Pop Fidget toy rainbow

The Push Popper fidget toys are really simple to use. Simply use them like bubble wrap. Push the bubbles and you will hear them pop. The bubbles will then be on the other side ready to pop again. 

Playing with the Push Popper Fidget Toys. 

As soon as my children saw the Push Poppers they were an instant hit. My 8-year-old little girl gravitated to the rainbow design and my 11-year-old son claimed the glow-in-the-dark version.

Review Push Popper Glow in the Dark

They both started playing with them as a fidget toy which kept them occupied and quiet for quite some time – result!

Before long they started invented games with each other such as timed races and trying to pop four in a row before the other can and blocking each other in the process.  

Review Push Popper Games to play

My daughter has also been timing herself to see how quickly she can pop the bubbles front and back and trying to beat her time each time. 

What we thought about the Push Pop Fidget Toys. 

The Push Popper is a great fidget toy. It’s easy to use, addictively fun and the pop is very satisfying but not too loud to be annoying. 

I love that my children have found ways to play games together with the Push Poppers and that they keep going back to play with them. 

The kids are not the only ones who have been enjoying playing with the Push Poppers. I have to admit I have also become quite addicted. It has become my goto stress buster and with a child currently at home isolating from school it is being used a lot!!!!

Where Can You Buy The Push Popper Fidget Toys

HGL Push Popper fidget toys are currently available from Claire’s, Smyth’s Toys and Toymaster. 

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