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Review Moon Shoes Mini Trampolines For Your Feet

Moon Shoes on a child's feet

Moon Shoes, the kid-powered mini trampolines for your feet are back. We checked them out and you can discover our Moon Shoes review here. 

Did you have Moon Shoes growing up? Now is your chance to share the fun with your kids as this fun throwback toy is back. 

Part of Character Options “Stay Active” range of toys, Moon Shoes are designed to get the kids off the screens and help develop balance and coordination.

We were kindly gifted Moon Shoes for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her kids to check them out, here is what they thought. 

Moon Shoes Review

Moon Shoes was one of those elusive toys that I always wanted as a kid but never got. You can’t, therefore, imagine how excited I was when we were asked to check them out. 

What Are Moon Shoes? 

Moon Shoes Review Box

Moon Shoes are mini trampolines for your feet full of anti-gravity jumping fun. They are great for getting the kids active and help develop balance and coordination. 

What Age are Moon Shoes for? 

Moon Shoes are for children aged 7 years and over. They have a weight limit of up to 130lbs. 

What is in the Moon Shoes Box? 

Moon Shoes Review whats in the box

  • Two Moon Shoes Bases 
  • Two Purple Moon Shoe Straps 
  • 36 Rubber Bands 
  • Instructions

How to Assemble Moon Shoes 

Before you play with the Moon Shoes you need to attach the shoe straps to the bases using the provided bands. At first look, the Moon Shoes looked complicated to put together, however, once I started it was quite easy. 

First, you need to decide how many bands you will need to use which the instructions indicate will depend on the weight of the user as follows: 

  • If the bouncer is 60lbs or under, you only need to add one strap per slot.
  • If your bouncer is between 60 to 100lbs you need to add two straps per slot.
  • If your bouncer is between 100 and 130lbs you need to add three straps per slot.

The bands are then threaded through the back of the purple shoe strap and hooked onto the small hooks around the base. The instructions feature an easy to follow diagram showing which slots need to attach which hooks.

Moon Shoes Review assembly attach

 A little strength is needed to pull the bands and I would recommend an adult put the shoes together. My son’s weight meant that we needed 2 bands per slot and it took me around 10 minutes for the first shoe and as I got quicker, five minutes for the second.  

Moon Shoe Review attach bands

Playing With Moon Shoes 

The Moon Shoes are designed to be worn with your own shoes. You simply slip in your feet and tighten the velcro straps and you’re ready to go. 

Moon Shoes Review Over shoes

My eleven-year-old son volunteered for the first bounce. Although he was slightly nervous at first after his first bounce he was hooked. He played at trying to jump as high as he could then at how far before pretending he was a spaceman.

Moon Shoes Review Jump High

After we managed to drag him away it was eight-year-old daughters turn. We had added the bands according to my son’s weight, however, my daughter was in the range below. This made it a little harder for her to bounce but didn’t stop her bouncing around pretending to be a rabbit and trying to jump higher than me. 

Moon Shoes Review Playing with

Ever the competitor she also challenged her brother to timed races, taking it turns to see who could be the quickest. 

Moon Shoes Review full jump

What We Thought and Do We Recommend Moon Shoes? 

Moon Shoes have been a big hit with both of my children. They have enjoyed playing with them individually and together and each time they play they seem to find new games to play, such as setting up obstacle courses and trying to skip.

The kids never stop laughing when playing with them and as unfortunately myself and my hubby are both bit too heavy we are both quite jealous. 

They are a great toy to get the kids active and I love that they have also been used in imaginative play and are an ideal summer toy. 

Where can you buy Moon Shoes? 

Moon Shoes have an RRP of £29.99 and available to purchase from Smyths Toys here. 

Stay Active With Character Options

As mentioned above Moon Shoes are of Character Options campaign to get kids to Stay Active this summer with a range of toys that can be used both inside and out. 

Each month they will be showcasing a new fun toy to keep the children active, healthy and to help move away from screens. The toys have been chosen to encourage physical activitwhich help kids  movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time. Along with helping social skills, self-esteem, confidence and mental health. 

Over the next few months we will be showcasing more of the Stay Active range. Watch this space. 

Plus you can check out last month’s Stay Active With Charater Options toy, Jump It here.

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