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Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask Craft Review.

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask T-rex Head in trees

Fiesta Crafts of 3D Masks Card Crafts have come roaring into the UK. We checked them out and you can discover what we thought in our review here. 

Dressing up and kids go and hand in hand. Fiesta Crafts are giving children the chance to make their own dressing up head with their 3D Craft masks. We were kindly gifted the Fiesta Crafts T-Rex 3D Mask for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our reviewer Mum On The Go Gemma and her kids to check it out and here is what they thought. 

Plus we have a great 10% discount from Fiesta Crafts. See below for details. 

Review of Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks

My children have always enjoyed fancy dress, even now at eight and eleven they will often pop on a costume to play a game or to do a ‘performance for us’. On hearing about  Fiesta Crafts range of masks which allow the kids to make their own dressing up head I was really excited to find out more. Here is what we thought about the 3D Craft Mask. 

What Are Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks Card Crafts? 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask Craft review

Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks are sets that combine kids two favourite activities, arts and crafts and dressing up pretend play. The craft sets contain everything you need to make a 3D costume head which when completed make an ideal imagination inspiring toy to play with. 

What age are Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks for? 

Fiesta Crafts are designed for children aged over 5 years. Younger children may need some assistance in crafting the mask. 

What Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask Characters are available? 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review T rex whats in the set

We were gifted the 3D T-Rex head. You can also collect and make Crocodile, Lion, Shark, Triceratops, Unicorn, Knight and Soldier heads. There are new Panda, Horse and colour in heads for 2021.

Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks sets

  • Vibrant Coloured Reinforced Card Pieces 
  • Instructions sheet

Building the Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks

On opening the 3D Mask set I was relieved to see that that the T-Rex mask comes in just two separate pieces, most joints have been pre-folded and there is nothing to remove from the card. 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review easy to put together

The instructions are easy to follow. First, you need to fold the connecting tabs which are all numbered. Then connect this to the corresponding number slots. The front and the back of the T-rex are made separately then connected together. 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review crafting

As soon as the kids saw the mask they couldn’t wait to make them. My eight year old decided to make the front of the head and my eleven-year-old son the back which was the easier of the two.

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review designs

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review T rex building

It took them around 20 minutes to make. Both needed a little guidance to start with and when connecting the two parts together, but mostly they did it on their own. Although younger children will need a little more help with some of the trickier parts.

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review building the head

What we thought about the Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks, would we recommend them? 

The T-Rex Mask has been a big hit with the kids. They both enjoyed putting the head together and were very proud after it was built.

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review built head

Although they are slightly older they have also loved wearing the head and playing dinosaurs with it. They have taken it in turns wearing the head to chase the other around, hiding and jumping out on each other and playing dinosaur games. 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review playing with

From my point of view, the 3D Mask was easy to put together and of great quality. My kids haven’t been playing with it particularly gently and it is still in great condition with no tears and rips. 

Fiesta Crafts 3D Mask review T rex

My children have already had hours of fun with them and are sure younger children would do so as well. 

The Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks will make a great addition to any dressing up box and at just £7.99 they are an ideal gift. 

Where can You Purchase Fiesta Crafts 3D Masks

Fiesta Crafts 3D masks are available from Fiesta Crafts website here.

Get 10% Off at Fiesta Crafts 

Fiesta Crafts are offering Family On The Go readers 10% off their website when using code FTG10 by the 30th April 2021.

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