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Review KlikBot Animation Action Figures

A KlikBot being filmed on a phone

Discover the KlikBots action figures which allow kids to make their own stop motion videos.

Kids can try their hand at film making with the fun Klikbot action figure toys from StikBots. We were kindly gifted a selection of the Klikbot sets for a purpose for an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her kids to check them out. Here is what they thought. \

Disclaimer: The KlikBots were gifted for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer. This post may also contain affiliate links (see here).

Review KlikBot Action Figure Animation Toys

My eleven-year-old son has been a big StikBot for some time and will play for hours creating his own films. We, therefore, jumped at the chance to check out the KlikBot action figures. Here is what we thought.

What Are KlikBots?

Klikbots are cool action figures with fully movable, interchangeable body parts which allow kids to become mini filmmakers creating stop motion animations.

The Klikbot character range includes hero Klibots (available in the Hero Pack) who are on a quest to protect the Nebulus stone from the evil Modulus and his minions who are available in the Villain packs. 

What KlikBot Sets are available?

Review KlikBot packs available

KilkBots are available in KilkBot Studio Packs, KlikBot Hero Pack and KlikBot Villain Pack. You can also collect the KlikBot Kreatures via blind bag style tubs. We were kindly one of each of the packs and a Kreatures tub. 

What Is In the KlikBot Packs?

The KlikBot Studio Pack Contains: 

Review KlikBot Studio whats in the box

  • A KlikBot Minion action figure 
  • A KlickBot Creature that converts into battle armour
  • A phone tripod
  • A backdrop
  • Instructions 
  • KlikBot separator tool

The KlikBot Hero and Villain Single Packs Contain:

Review KlikBot Whats in the single packs hero and villain packs

  • A KlikBot (Hero) or Minion (Villian) action figure
  • Attachable armour 
  • A backdrop 
  • Instructions 
  • KlikBot separator tool

The KlikBot Kreature Tub Contains:

Review KlikBot Kreatures Blind Tub Whats in the box

  • One of eight collectable Klikbot Kreatures 
  • Instructions
  • KlikBot separator tool

KlikBot Characters 

Review KlikBot Characters

There are lots of KlikBot Characters to collect. There are seven different Minions to collect, four from the Villian Hero Packs, and three with creatures in the Klikbot Studio packs. There are also four Klikbot heroes from the Hero packs and eight Kreatures to collect.

We received Klonk from the Studio Pack, Thrash from the Villain pack, Cannon from the Hero pack and Swerve from the Kreature tub. 

Setting Up and Building The KlikBots Characters and Kreatures 

The Klikbot Heros and Villian Minions come already built and you just need to add the included accessories such as armour and weapons.

Review KlikBot character poses

The characters come with three sets of interchangeable hands two of which allow them to hold the different weapons and the third which has suction cups ( which are also on the character’s feet). These are great for sticking them stick to surfaces and to help steady them during animation. The limbs are also interchangeable between the characters which my son loved. 

Review KlikBot suction hands

To swap over the limbs you need to use the included KlikBot Separator tool. This was really easy to use, however, an instruction sheet is included with a link to a video if stuck. 

Review KlikBot remove pieces

Both the creature which came in the Studio Pack and the Kreature from the blind bag both need to build which is all part of the fun. These were both easy to build but some pieces needed a little force to click together and my son did need to call in ‘dad’ who had been dying to get involved.

Review KlikBot building Kreatures  

Creating Animation with KlikBots  

Klikbots are great action figures and of course, kids can have hours of fun with imaginative play. However, where they come into their own is by creating stop motion animation. 

To do this you need to first download the free StikBot Studio app which is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. 

Once you have downloaded the app the animation is extremely easy. The app is easy to follow and very intuitive. To animate you simply take a picture of your KlikBot in one position, then move it slightly and take another image and so on and so on. The app then pops the images together to make a video, with twelve images making up one second of footage. 

Review KlikBot filming animation

The Studio Pack comes with a cute little tripod that extends to fit a variety of phones and helps to keep the phone steady and in one place. Although the app has a ghost mode which allows you to line up each shot with the last, the tripod makes it so much easier. 

Review KlikBot stop motion animation

The packs also contain cardboard scenes to use behind your figures and there are backdrops within the app which can use with green or blue background. 

Once you have your video you can add music, sound and special effects. The completed video can also be downloaded to your camera roll to share as you wish. 

What we thought of the KlikBots Animation Action Figures. 

My son was extremely impressed with the KlikBot figures and sets. He loved that he could pose the characters in lots of different positions and the fact that he could interchange the parts between the characters and swap between the weapons. 

He also loved that KlikBots come with a little back story with hero’s and villains and really enjoyed following on the story both on and off camera.

The Kreatures have also been a big hit he enjoyed the building element and on discovering that you can join all the Kreatures together to make one ultimate monster is keen to collect them all. 

The KlikBots are a great addition to the StikBot family. The new range of movements, the back story and the ability to interchange the body parts has kept my eleven year old entertained for hours on end. My eight-year-old daughter who has just had a topic on animation at school has also been keen to play, well when her brother will let her. 

How Much are the KlikBots Set and Where Can You Purchase them?

KlikBots Studio Packs cost £12.99, KlikBots single Hero and Villain packs cost £9.99 and the KlikBots Kreature Blind Tubs cost £4.99.

Klikbots are available from all good toy stores including Amazon here, here and here (affiliates links).







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