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Ad – Review Paper FX

Paper FX Weaver with weaved pen holder

Love to craft. The new Paper FX helps transform scrap paper into great creations. Discover everything you need to know in our review. 

Paper FX has hit the shops and offers the chance for crafters to transform the likes of magazines and paper into fun creations from bags, purses, frames and anything else your imagination can conjure up.  

We were kindly gifted Paper FX for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her nine-year-old daughter to check it and discover what they thought below. 

Review of Paper FX Weaving Tool Kit

My daughter loves any sort crafting, happily sitting and making for hours on end. We we were therefore very excited when asked to revirew Paper FX especially as it allows you to use and upcycle paper to make fun crafts. Here is what we thought. 

What Is Paper FX? 

Review Paper FX what is Paper FX

Paper FX is a weaving tool kit which allows you to upcycle magazines and unwanted paper into stylish creations. 

It comes with all the tools you need to weave the likes of purses, wallets, coasters and more with a simple tear it, crease it, weave it, make it method. 

What is in the Paper FX Box? 

Review Paper FX whats in the box

The Paper FX box contains: 

  • A Paper FX Dream Weaver 
  • A Tearer
  • A Creaser
  • A Winder
  • 3 Twizzle Sticks 
  • 12 Handle Ties
  • 1 Project Book 

You will also need scrap paper or magazines and a paper glue stick. 

What can you make with Paper FX? 

The Paper FX Project Book contains instructions to make a range of crafts including: 

  • Bunting
  • A coin purse
  • A pen pot 
  • A book cover; and 
  • A small bag

However once you have the weaving concepts down you can then make anything your imagination can think of from frames to sculptures and more. 

How to Use the Paper FX Dream Weaver

When we first took everything out of the box the weaving process looked quiet complicated, however it couldn’t have been simplier. 

It is however useful to read the initial instructions on how to make the strips and weave them fully. The move on to the instructions for the item which you make before you start, as these indicate how many and which types of strips you need to make. 

After spending a lot of time going through the instruction book my daughter settled on making the pen pot. 

The first step in the weaving process is “Tear It”. Simply put, you take the scrap paper you are using, pop it in the tearer (which has two sizes), hold down the flap and tear. 

Review Paper FX tear it

You then need to “Crease It” using the creaser – a small machine where you load the paper, turn the wheel which results in producing lines to fold along to make your strip. 

Some strips need to be closed and require you to glue them together, others need can be left simply folded or ‘open’. 

Review Paper FX crease it

Also some designs need a certain size of paper to create the strip and there is a measure on the tearer to help with this. 

Review Paper FX measuring strips

Once you have created the right amount and type of strips it is time to ‘Weave It’, using the Paper FX Dream Weaver. 

The Dream Weaver is again really easy to use. Open the back bar, add in your vertical strips, close the bar and then add the middle bar. Then turn the wheel at the end of the weaver which will left alternative strips. 

Review Paper FX vertical strips

Review Paper FX alternate strips

Slide in the horizontal stips, lift the middle bar, slide up the strip to the back (adding glue before you do so) and then repeat. 

Review Paper FX Weaving sticking it

Once you have the right size weave for your project, follow its next steps to ‘Make It’. 

The pen pot required us to have a 9 x 6 weave which, we trimmed, folded the tabs to make it need and curled it into a cylinder. To complete it we made a base by creating lots of closed strips which we wound around the weaver, glueing them together until we had the right size to fit the bottom of the pen holder. 

Review Paper FX weave

Review Paper FX roll weave


Review Paper FX winder

Review Paper FX Pen Holder Base

Once we have the right size we added glue on the end for strength and around the sides the stick in the bottom of the cylinder. 

To say my daughter was over the moon at what we had made would be an understatement. 

Review Paper FX Project

What We Thought of the Paper FX Weaver 

Review Paper FX cylinder

We both really impressed with the Paper FX. 

All the tools were easy for my daughter to use by herself and instructions easy to follow. Even when her tears were slightly jagged or folds slightly off once all the strips were put together you couldn’t tell and the overall result looked great. 

Best of all you can use any scrap paper, meaning that you won’t need to go out to buy materials and you  lovely upcycled items and accessories with waste intended for the bin. 

My daughter has already started planning her next Paper FX craft and intends to make lots of gifts for her friends. 

Review Paper FX Pen Holder

Where can you purchase Paper FX? 

The Paper FX weaver is available from Amazon here and has an RRP of £19.99. 

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