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Review Lite Brite Oval HD

a child with Lite Brite Oval HD with a dog design

Lite Brite is back and we checked out the fun oval design. Discover what we thought in our review here. 

The retro toy Lite Brite is back with more added features including a high-definition grid. 

We were kindly gifted the new Lite Brite Oval and asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her 10-year-old daughter to check it out. 

Read on for what they thought. 

Review of Lite Brite Oval HD

Review Lite Brite Oval HD what is it

Growing up in the 80’s, I always wanted a Lite Brite, but sadly I never got one and may still hold a little grudge.

I was therefore really excited when we were asked to the new oval version. 

Here is what we thought and everything you need to know. 

What is Lite Brite Oval HD?

The original Lite Brite first came out in 1967 and has been a toy favourite ever since. 

The new Lite Brite designs just like the original versions allow you to create art with light using multi-coloured pegs and a lightbox. 

The updated versions now come in different sizes and themes including the Lite Briy=ye Oval HD. 

The Lite Brite Oval HD helps bring the light designs to life with mini pegs and a modernised high-definition grid that has 50% more holes and 3 times the pegs than the Classic version.

It also offers 5 different light modes, with 3 colour-changing patterns and 2 animations, plus as the name suggests comes with a modernised oval frame. 

What age is Lite Brite Oval HD for? 

Lite Brite is not suitable for children under 3 years old. 

The Lite Bright Oval is recommended for kids from 6 to 15 years although we feel adults will enjoy it too. 

For younger children, the Lite Brite Classic may be more suitable as it features simpler templates. 

What Do You Get and How Many Pegs do you get with Lite Brite Oval? 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD whats in the box

Lite Brite Oval comes with: 

  • 660x assorted colour pegs
  • 1x Lite Brite Grid
  • 8x HD templates including a tiger, a spaceship, an elephant, a birthday cake, a dog and more. 

It requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. 

How to Use Lite Brite Oval.

On spotting the Lite Bright my daughter was just as excited as was and couldn’t wait to get started. 

Before you start it’s a good idea to pop in the batteries but keep it turned off as you won’t get the full effect until your design is complete. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD dividing the pegs

The pegs come in a bag all mixed together. My daughter likes to approach tasks methodically so decided she would start by separating out the colours into different piles – although this isn’t essential. 

The Lite Brite Oval comes with eight templates, six regular and two animated. After some deliberation, my daughter decided on the regular dog. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD templates

The templates are oval in shape and are the same size of the grid. They indicate which colour pegs should go where coloured letters indicate the holes.

We couldn’t work out if the template was designed to sit over the grid with the pegs being poked through the paper or if you should follow it like an instruction sheet. She decided on the latter, starting from the bottom of the design. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD dog template

The pegs were inserted easily and once in seemed to be very secure, which we tested by turning it upside down and non fell out which is obviously a big bonus where kids are concerned. 

My daughter was able to follow the template taking to count where the pegs should be compared to the spaces. It would be helpful if the template included a grid to help with this, especially for younger children. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD following the template

It took her just over an hour to complete and she was extremely proud of her creation at the end. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD Dog designed

Once the design is done it is time to switch on the lights. 

There are five light options to choose from in two sections – regular and animated mode. 

Review Lite Brite Oval HD lite up

In regular mode, there is a colour change fade, colour change flash and white light. 

In animated mode, there is a choice of slow and fast.   

Review Lite Brite Oval HD flash light mode

We tried all the modes on the design, with the favourite being the white light as it showed up the dog the most. 

As she had gone for a regular design we didn’t see the full effect of the animation but she intends to do the animated bird next. 

You can also use the Lite Brite to do your own designs and even use it as a light up message board.

However, my daughter was not quite ready to take apart her dog masterpiece just yet.

Luckily the Lite Brite Oval board includes a stand at the back allowing it to stand like a frame.

The Lite Brite also includes a sleep mode which turns the lights off after a few minutes of inaction. You can turn it back on by toggling between the on/modes on the back. 

What we thought about the Lite Brite Oval HD.

Review Lite Brite Oval HD regular light mode

When finally getting hold of a toy you wanted as a child there is always a risk it will be a disappointment. I am glad to say this is not the case with Lite Bright Oval HD. 

Although I was keen to try it out I was a bit concerned that might be a bit young for my 10-year-old daughter, however, Lite Brite Oval HD is perfect for her. 

She loves any type of craft-style activities and declared Lite Brite lite like a craft but better as it lights up and can be reused. 

She has also enjoyed playing with the different light modes and can’t wait to use it to write messages and make up her own designs. So far she has said she is going to do a pumpkin for Halloween, a Christmas tree and a bunny at Easter. 

I was impressed that it kept her occupied for a good period of time and has proved a good mindfulness activity.

It is also pretty much mess-free, although I think a sorting storage box would be a good idea to keep them rolling off the table and help with the designs.

I would highly recommend Lite Brite Oval HD and would make a great gift. 

Where can you buy Lite Brite Oval HD? 

Lite Brite Oval HD is available to purchase from Smyths Toys here and has an RRP of £24.99 – although is currently on sale at £19.99.

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