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Review Deddy Bears

A child with three Deddy Bears in a review

For those who love a teddy with a darker side, it’s time to meet the new Deddy Bears in our review. 

Deddy Bears are the teddy’s on the block and they are dead excited to be sneaking into the shops. 

We were kindly gifted the new Deddy Bears, for an honest review. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her daughter to check them out. Read on for what they thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly the game for the purposes of an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link see here.

Review of Deddy Bears

Review Deddy Bears What are they products

My 11-year-old adores collectable plushes as soon as she saw the new Deddy Bears collection she couldn’t wait to have a closure look. 

Read on to discover what we thought and everything you need to know about Deddy Bears. 

What Are Deddy Bears?

Deddy Bears are exciting new collectable plushes with a monstrous theme.

They are available in different sizes and packages and have a range of characters to collect. 

Who Are The Deddy Bears Characters?

Review Deddy Bears Characters Bones, Bundles and Squash

There are currently eight different Deddy Bears to collect, each with a different freaky personality. 

The Deddy Bear characters include: 

  • Squash – the pumpkin who is both cute and cuddly with a smile designed to light up a room
  • Spekter – the playful ghost who loves to spook you 
  • Vambear – a sharp-toothed and dresser vampire who a taste for blood
  • Howler – a wolf in bear clothing he’s the most dangerous out of the group
  • Bundle – a mummy wrapped up tight who loves the quiet
  • Bones – a skeleton who you will hear before you see him as he rattles along
  • Beezlebear – the little devil who is fun and flashy but not afraid to haunt 
  • Zombear – the undead who loves to take a bite

What Sizes Do The Deddy Bears Come In? 

There are three different Deddy Bear sizes as follows;

Large Plush Deddy Bears

Review Deddy Bears Jumbo Plush Bundles

The biggest of the bunch the Jumbo 12-inch plush comes in their own zip-up autopsy bag and autopsy report.

The autopsy card provides you with everything you need to know about your new scary pal including its date of death, blood type and probable cause of death. 

Review Deddy Bears Autopsy Card

Lil Coffin Dodgers Deddy Bears

Review Deddy Bears Bones

Measuring up at 5.5 inches, these smaller plushes complete in their own little coffin and death certificate. 

The Death Certificate come in a coffin shape which gives you the date of death and cause of death along with what he or she smells like, loves and weaknesses.

Review Deddy Bears Death certificate

Shruken Bears Deddy Bears

Review Deddy Bears Shruken Bear squash

The smallest of the bunch these are Deddy Bears on the go. 

At 4.5 inches the Shruken Bears come in a bling bag and feature a bag clip ready to follow you everywhere. 

They feature a small coffin-shaped death certificate detailing its loves, weaknesses, smell and date of death. 

Which Deddy Bears Did We Get? 

Review Deddy Bears What we opened girl opening a lil coffin dodgers

We were gifted one of each size of the Deddy Bears and discovered the Jumbo Bundle, Lil Coffin Dodgers Bones and Shruken Bears Squash.

Both the Jumbo Plushes and Lil Coffin Dodgers reveal the character inside before opening, but the Shruken bears come in a blind a bag.  My daughter couldn’t wait to see what they looked like and wasn’t disappointed.

Not a massive fan of Halloween or anything ‘scary’ I was worried that they would be a little too gruesome for her taste but she found them cute and spooky rather than frightening. 

She made sure to read each of their death certificates/autopsy cards laughing at all the details. 

What We Thought about Deddy Bears?

Review Deddy Bears What we thought a girl cuddling bundles

As mentioned above I had been worried that my 11-year-old would be scared of the Deddy Bears but she absolutely loved them. 

Her Jumbo Bundles has become her bedtime favourite, the Lil Coffin Dodger Bones has been put in pride and place on her shelf and Shruken Bears Squash is now attached to her school bag. 

From a parent’s point of view, I also think they are great. I love that you can see which characters you are getting in the bigger plushes with the blind bags still offering the element of surprise.

Plus all the Deddy Bears are of great quality and have lovely little details both front and back. 

Although they of course make a great little Halloween treat, my daughter is planning on asking for them for her birthday and Christmas. 

Where Can You Purchase Deddy Bears?

Prices start at just £5.99 and Deddy Bears are available both in-store and online at HMV here. 

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