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24 of the Best Christmas Gifts For Tweens 8 to 12 Years Old

An older childs feet with presents under the tree Christmas gifts for tweens
8 Nov 2023

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for the tween in your life, we have some great ideas for 8 to 12-year-olds for 2023.

Choosing presents for tweens is not always an easy task. They are moving on from being a child, becoming more independent but still not a teen.

Although it is easy to turn to good old gift money so they can choose some presents they like for themselves. However, a nice thoughtful gift can also always go down well. 

We have been on the lookout for Christmas gifts for older children and we have put together a list of our top picks for 2023.  

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Disclaimer: Some Of The Gifts Below Were Sent To Us For Review And Or Photography Purposes And Some Links Are Affiliate Links (See Here). However, The Items Had Been Carefully Selected Beforehand And Our Opinions Are Of Our Own.

Credit Hachette Board Games


Looking for a fun game for older kids check out Secret Identity. 

In this award-winning board game, you need to guess each other’s famous identities to earn points

With a limited number of pictogram cards, use and receive your clues carefully to unravel 150 different character cards.Using skills of observation, earn the most victory points to win the game.

Up to 8 players can play so makes a great party game. It includes a good selection of both classic and modern icons and celebrities including those from the UK. 

The game is for ages at those 10 years and over. 

Secret Identity is available from here and all good Hobby Stores


Gifts for Tweens quoridor board game

Credit Hachette Boardgames

From £22.00 

Older kids who love strategy games will adore Quoridor.

Tasked with escaping the moving maze as you strike the right balance between moving your piece and building a wall to stop your opponents.

The first to reach the other side of the board wins in the deep but simple game. 

Quoridor is available as both a Classic Game for £35.00 and a Travel Game for £22.00.

You can purchase Quoridor from Amazon here. 

Lost 4 Words 

Gifts for tweens Lost 4 Words

Credit – Happy Puzzle Company


The award-winning game Lost 4 Words will be a big hit this Christmas.

A quick-fire word game, the aim is to be the first player or team to correctly identify the connecting word on 15 different cards whilst up against the clock. 

The first to reach the finish line on the scoreboard wins. 

There are 500 challenges included and can be played by 2 to 4 players. 

The game is aimed at those aged 10 years and over. 

Lost 4 Words is available to purchase at Happy Puzzle and Amazon. 

Crack List 

Gifts for Tweens Crack List box
Credit Hachette Boardgames


A cross between the Categories Game and Uno, Crack List will be a hit with the tween with your life. 

For 2 to 8 players, you choose a category from the list and have to come up with answers that start with the same letters as those on the cards in your hand. 

Played over three rounds the first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Aimed a children aged 10 years and over. 

Crack List is available to purchase from Amazon here. 

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel 

Gifts for tweens Micheal McIntyre's The Wheel Board Game
Credit -Rascals


Game fans will love the ultra-competitive Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel based on the hit TV series.

Step into the role of the contestant in a race to complete the set of seven questions to  hopefully make it to the End Game, for one final question for victory.

Players can compete alone or get into teams but it is not as simple as having general knowledge skills as all depends on the spin of The Wheel. Land on gold and you’ll be rewarded with an easier ride, but land on red and you will be off the Wheel.  s

Plus, it includes a new web app allowing users to play the TV show music when spinning the board game wheel, creating the full feeling of being on the show!

The game offers an array of question categories including science, movies, sports, TV, superheroes, video games, history and social media so something for the whole family.

Aimed at ages 10 years and over. 

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel is available to purchase from Amazon here.

Sheep Dip 

Gifts for tweens - Sheep Dip
Credit – Sheep Dip


A fun quick game for over 7’s Sheep Dip makes a great Christmas present. 

Taking less than 30 minutes to play, the aim of the game is to collect and hold as many sheep cards as you can from The Flock Cards.

Along the way, you will also find wild cards, sheepdogs, and a special rainbow card which can help you win. Plus Ewe Do action cards which allow you to swap steal and more. 

The game is designed for 3 to 6 players. 

Sheep Dip is available to purchase here. 

The Genius Star 

Gifts for tweens The Genius Star box The Happy Puzzle Company

Credit – Happy Puzzle Company


Kids who love puzzles will love The Genius Star.

The aim of the game is to complete the star using the eleven coloured shapes before your opponent.

Seems simple enough, however, you also need to roll the seven dice and place a ‘blocker’ piece into the triangle matching the seven numbers.

Plus there is an extra twist to each challenge, in the shape of a ‘Golden Star’ which may stop you from completing the puzzle altogether.

There are 165,888 possible puzzles to complete and the game can be played solo or as a race against other players. 

The game is aimed at those aged 8 years and over. 

The Genius Star is available to purchase from Happy Puzzle and Amazon. 


Christmas-Opoly Family game

Credit – Cheatwell Games


For a fun Christmas-themed game, check out Christmas-Opoly from Cheatwell. 

Players will be transported into a winter wonderland, where the familiar streets of classic Monopoly now have charming festive-themed properties.

You will discover Santa’s Workshop to the North Pole, each space on the board is a festive destination waiting to be explored. 

The rules are similar to the original game meaning it is easy to play but with the added magic of Christmas. 

The game is aimed at those aged 8 years and over. 

Christmas-Opoly is available from Amazon here. 

NERF BUNKR Battle Inflatable Range

Gifts for tweens NERF BUNKR Battle

From £6.99

NERF lovers will adore the NERF BUNKR Battle Inflatable range.

They come in different packs, shapes and sizes allow you to turn your garden or home into the ultimate NERF battle zone.

They can be used both inside and out, easy to inflate and the bottom can be filled with water to keep them stable. 

They can be deflated quickly for small storage and come with NERF Battle Cards giving ideas of new games to play. 

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To check out and to purchase the NERF BUNKR range here

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Stunt Scooter 

 for Tweens Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Stunt Scooter

Credit Ryan Williams Scooters

£119.95 currently on sale for £79.95

For kids wanting to take their scooter skills to the next level, the Nitro Circus Williams Pro Stunt Scooter will make a great gift.

A replica of professional stunt rider Ryan Williams’ scooter it features smaller bars and deck making this an ideal first complete scooter.

The bright colours, sleek design and graphics will appeal to kids of all ages. 

The scooter’s total height is 80cm and is aimed at kids from 7 to 14 years old.

Check out and purchase the Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Stunt Scooter here. 


Gifts for Tweens Gift Football - UKick


Football lovers will love the UKick!

Perfect for a game of keepy-uppy, they can use their hands and feet to kick it, hack it, whack it and challenge the rest of the household to see who can keep it off of the ground for the longest.

It’s great for mastering tricks and stunts to master, plus you can add weighted discs to up the skill level.

UKick is available in three colourways and you can match the feathers to customize it to match their own personal style.

To check out and to order UKick see here 

Jump It – Lap Counter 

Gifts for teens Jump It lap Counter


Who remembers having a Jump It when you were a kid.

Now a new generation can enjoy the fun as they are back. Jump It will get the kids out and about and skipping and jumping around and is a perfect outdoor toy.

Jump It is a great simple toy that will keep the active, it can be played with inside and out so great for all weathers and small enough to play with on the go. 

Read >>> Review of Jump It Lap Counter

You can order Jump It from Amazon here

Sonic Booma

Gifts for Tweens Sonic Booma Sports Bommerang


Credit Wicked

What kid wouldn’t love a sports boomerang with ultra-loud screaming wings!

Sonic Booma is super easy-to-use, made from special ‘Memorang’ polymer and featuring an innovative, world-famous tri-blade design it boasts a whopping flight range of 15-20 metres!

It is easy to use so that anyone can play and will keep them busy for hours. 

Discover everything Sonic Booma can do and to order see here

Spotty Otter Adventure Unlined Waterproof Jacket 

Gifts for teens spottyotter_adventure_jacket_navy1
Credit – Spotty Otter


For those who loves outdoor adventures, the Spotty Otter Adventure Unlined Waterproof Jacket is a must. 

It features the 4-way comfort stretch Ottertex® 10000 waterproof fabric, designed to will keep them toasty dry.

Whilst the smooth Polyamide lining means no bulk, ideal for layering it up in winter or slipping it on to combat summer showers, meaning it is perfect all year round.

The coat comes in a choice of three colours, a detachable peaked hood, taped seams and water-repellent zips. 

Plus it is machine washable at 30-40 degrees following care label instructions.

You can purchase the Spotty Otter Adventure Unlined Waterproof Jacket here. 

Spotty Otter Patrol Winter Gloves

gifts for teens spottyotter_patrol_gloves_1
Credit – Spotty Otter


With our British Weather, a decent pair of gloves makes a great gift. The Spotty Otter Patrol Winter Gloves are great for tweens.

Snow resistant, waterproof and breathable with a cosy thermal layer, they are designed to keep fingers snug and dry, warm and dextrous.

With integrated longer-length snow cuff, smart closure wrist strap and Kevlar-like fingers and palm they make a perfect partner for no-slip climbing, safe cycling to serious snowballing. 

Plus they make zip pulling easy and are machine washable.

You can purchase the Spotty Otter Patrol Winter Gloves here. 

Voyager Kids Scarf, Little Hotdog Watson

Gifts for Tweens Little-Hotdog-Watson-Kids-Faux-Fur-Black-Scarf
Credit – little Hotdog Watson


Help your stylish little one stay warm with the Voyager Kids Scarf from Little Hotdog Watson.

These plush scarfs are super soft, feature faux fur with a thick pile and are lined for extra warmth.

Fastened by looping pompom ends, there are no tricky knots to tie and always look great they have been designed to be worn under or overcoats. 

The Voyager Kids Scarfs come in a choice of six colours and are available for kids from 3 to 10 years. 

The Voyager Kids Scarf from Little Hotdog Watson here. 


Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sprinkled with Love Gift Set

Gifts for tweens Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sprinkled with Love Gift Set

Credit – Baylis & Harding 


Your never too old for a nice bubble bath and tweens with love the Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sprinkled with Love Gift Set.

It features 2 60ml bath bubbles with Unicorn Candy scent and 3 65g of bath sprinkles featuring Strawberry Stardust and Peppermint Frost. 

Each of the bubbles and sprinkles comes in a test tube container with a cute unicorn design. 

The Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sprinkled with Love Gift Set is available to purchase here. 

Grace & Stella Rainbow Bath Bomb

Gift for tween Grace and stella Rainbow Bath Bombs 1PK Main Image copy
Grace & Stella


Another cute bath product for kids who like to pamper themselves is the Grace & Stella Rainbow Bath Bomb. 

Infused with shea butter and argan oil the bath bomb effortlessly dissolves grime and leave the bath squeaky clean.

Packed with high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins for truly nourished, radiant skin, with the blend of coconut oil and shea butter acts like a moisture magnet, locking in hydration for hours.

The bath bomb is available in a 1-pack and 4-pack.

Grace & Stella Rainbow Bath Bomb is available to purchase here.

Grave Yard Girls, 1-2-3-4, I Declare a Thumb War, By Lisi Harrison & Daniel Kraus


Gifts for Tweens 1-2-3-4, I DECLARE A THUMB WAR Hi-Res Cover

Credit Union Square & Co


1-2-3-4, I Declare a Thumb War is a slightly scary, extremely addictive, contemporary book series for kids aged 9 to 12 years.  

Part mystery and part tale of friendship centred around five young teen girls in for the fright of their lives.

Meet Whisper, Frannie, Sophie, Gemma, and Zuzu: five friends who tell eerie tales by night and navigate middle school drama by day.

In Misery Falls, Oregon, it is the 100th anniversary of the electrocution of the town’s most infamous killer, Silas Hoke, and the town is abuzz.
When a mysterious text message leads the girls to the cemetery—where Silas Hoke is buried! — life can’t get any creepier.

Except, yes, it can, thanks to the surprise storyteller who meets them at the cemetery, inspiring the first-ever meeting of the Graveyard Girls.

 1-2-3-4, I Declare a Thumb War is packed full of frights, friendships, and a mystery you won’t soon forget.

Grave Yard Girls I Declare A Thum War is available from Amazon here. 

Trying To Make The World A Better Place, Diana Holborn

gifts for tweens Trying-to-Make-the-World-a-Better-Place-Cover copy

Credit Diane Holbourn 

Looking for a new book for your tween, Trying To Make The World A Better Place is the first book in Becky Bexley genius child series. 

Even from the moment she was born, it was clear that Becky Bexley was not like other children.

Now she’s in secondary school, often seeming wiser than her teachers. She does her best to help people, whether they like it or not.

She has advice for her teachers when they want to give up smoking, gives a boy advice he uses to stop himself from being teased, and even gives the headmaster some advice on improving the school’s anti-bullying strategy.

She helps people outside school too, including rescuing her mum from a con artist, and she even gets to go to the White House, where she ends up giving the president advice about his behaviour

But will a few tactless remarks she makes and their own fierce disagreements unwittingly stirred up by some of the insights she tries to pass on ruin her efforts?

Becky’s advice is based on genuine therapy techniques and psychological research offering stories that kids can relate to.

You can purchase Trying To Make The World A Better Place here. 

The Legend of Childer’s Forest, Gillian Young

Gifts for tweens The Legend of Childer's Forest Gillian Young

Credit Wyre Owl Books


Younger tweens can go on an adventure with Poppy the golden retriever with her younger sister Devon.

When a family of rabbits are driven from their home, Poppy and Devon make it their mission to help.

Their quest takes them to Childer’s Forest, the site of ancient and mysterious events. So, when the safety of their human brother, Jack, is also threatened, Poppy and Devon call on the famous Legend of Childer’s Forest for help.

The book is aimed at readers from age 7 to 9 years.

The Legend of Childer’s Forest from Gillian Young is available to purchase here.

Books and the People Who Make Them

Books and People Who Make Them Cover

Credit – Prestel


Book-obsessed kids will love discovering how they come together in the new Books and the People Who Make Them.

Featuring colourful and quirky double-page spreads they can learn about every step of a book’s life.

From the editor’s to-do list and the book designer job to how the books are sold to shops and libraries what the printing press looks like and lots more.

Ideal for solo reading or with a grown up it is aimed at children aged 8 years and over.

Books and the People Who Make Them is available to purchase here. 

An Atlas of Legendary Places 

Gifts for kids 5 to 8 years Atlas of Legendary Places Cover

Credit – Prestel


For curious minds who love magic, myth and history check out the Atlas of Legendary Places.

Kids will be able to discover the natural beauty, culture and myths of magical locations around the world and beyond.

Through double-page spreads, they will learn about the unique geology of Thingvellir National Park in Iceland to Mount Taishan in China and even the marvels of the Milky Way. 

Aimed at children 8 years and over. 

The Atlas of Legendary Places is available to purchase here. 

Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites Tub 

Gifts for tweens Sweet Shop Favourites Tub 650g
Credit – Swizzles

From £5.00 

For kids with a sweet tooth check out the Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites Tub. 

Filled with 650g of Swizzles’ classic favourite such as Drumstick, Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Refreshers along with newer sweets such as Squashies. 

Each sweet is individually wrapped and all come stored in the large lided container. 

Plus personalised tubs are available. 

The Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites Tub is available from major supermarkets and the personalised Swizzles tubs are available here. 


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