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Easter Breakfast Ideas

Easter Breakfast Ideas
23 Apr 2023

Enjoy a fun Easter Breakfast with the kids with these great ideas for 2023.

Easter is a lovely time to start a new family tradition and what better way than with a lovely Easter-themed breakfast? 

Whether you want to keep it simple with some traditional Easter breakfast items or go all out with a big Easter-themed feast we have lots of ideas for the perfect Easter Breakfast for your kids and family. 

Easter Breakfast Decoration Ideas  

Easter Breakfast Decorations

Whether you decide on a simple or elaborate breakfast or brunch a few decorations will help to set the scene and make it extra exciting for the kids. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to bring the Easter magic. Preparation is the key and you may find it easier to choose a theme or a colour – although this isn’t necessary. 

If you decide on a colour spring colours are a great place to start – think pastels such as yellows, greens, pinks and purples. Plus add in whites for backgrounds and golds or silvers for that extra sparkle. 

For an Easter Breakfast theme, eggs, Easter bunny, or spring baby animals would be cute. Or you could down the chocolate route going Willy Wonker style with lots of bright coloured sweets. 

What you will need to decorate For Your Easter Breakfast?

Whichever colour or theme you go for here are some easy decoration ideas which will have a big impact. 


Easter Breakfast Ideas Tablecloth B&M
Credit B&M Stores

With the table being central to the breakfast a covering is a good place to start with your theme.

If you have a white tablecloth already this work really well and make other colours you use pop. You could also add a table runner over the white. 

We love the this Easter green fabric table runner from Poundshop for £2 here. 

Or you could pick up paper options from Poundland which could mirror as a place for the kids too doodle on during the breakfast. 

If you fancy more colour you will find some great options online and in discount stores such as the above Character Easter Tablecloth in Yellow or Green for £2.50 B&M 

Another great option is to go for Easter-themed Colour Your Own Table Cloths, which will not only add to your decor but will also act as a fun activity – check out the below from The Range for a £1 here

Easter Colouring Tablecloth The Range
Credit The Range

Easter Plates and Cups


IKEA KALA Kids Plates Easter Colours - Credit IKEA
Credit IKEA

Changing up your usual crockery for Easter-themed versions is another great way to set the scene. You can, of course, opt for paper plates and cups and you will find lots of options available. 

However, if you want items you can reuse, IKEA’s kids KALA’s range (above) come in pastel colours, with bowls, plates and cups available for £1.50 a set of six.

Easter Bunny Plate Poundshop
Credit Poundshop

For a more themed option, the Poundshop has the above cute bunny plates for just £1.00 and you will also find more choices in the likes of Home Bargains and B&M. 

If none of these takes your fancy there are lots of tutorials for designing your own plate using white side plates and sharpies – you could even get the kids involved.

For re-useable themed cups, The Poundshop also has a range of Easter mugs featuring bunnies in blue, pink, yellow or purple for £2.00 each. 

Easter Cup The Poundshop
Credit Poundshop

Easter Breakfast Table Decorations 

Make the table look extra special with a few table decorations. 

If going with a colour theme eco-friendly confetti and glitter will go a long way.

The small fillable plastic eggs, cost very little and would also look great scattered across the table. 

You could also add in some little chicks which are available in lots of supermarkets and bargain stores.

Easter Chick Decoration Hobbby Craft
Credit Hobby Craft

Hobbycraft also has some lovely decorations such as the above Easter Chick Honeycomb for just £2.00 which also comes in pink.

Room Decorations 

Easter Decoration Pack B&M
Credit B&M

For a bigger impact, you may also want to consider decorating the room where you will be eating breakfast.

Easter sets are  a great idea, such as the above Easter Decoration Pack from B&M for just £3.00.

You could also consider tieing coloured themed balloons to chairs or around the room. If you are feeling very creative you could even try your hand at a balloon arch and you will find very easy tutorials online to follow.

Or you could get the kids involved with our free colouring Easter Bunting available to print here

Easter colouring in bunting with easter bunnies on

Easter Breakfast Food Ideas 

What is breakfast without the food?

For your Easter version, why not make this morning staple extra special and different from your family norm.

You could go down the traditional route, go for a full table of the normally forbidden chocolate treats, opt for themed healthy food or a combination of both.

Here are some of our favourite ideas Easter Breakfast food and drinks.

Traditional Easter Breakfast Ideas

Hot Cross Buns 

Easter Breakfast Traditional Hot Cross Buns

You don’t get more of a traditional breakfast item than a hot cross bun. 

Although traditionally eaten on Good Friday, they are great on any day over Easter. 

Made with spices and dried fruit and a flour paste on top, they may be a bit of an acquired taste for children. However, lots of supermarkets offer alternative flavours such as Red Velvet from Tesco, Chocolate and Orange from Waitrose, Extremely Chocolate from M&S and lots more. 

Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

Easter Breakfast Boiled Eggs Painted

Another traditional and simple Easter Breakfast idea is a good old boiled egg with soldiers. 

If you would like to jazz this Easter staple up a bit, you could use a themed egg cup, decorate the egg with food dye or use Easter-themed cookie cutters for your toast soldiers. 

For an extra special boiled egg, you could also add a face and napkin bunny ears. 

Easter Breakfast Boiled Egg Bunny napkin

Sweet Easter Breakfast Ideas

Easter and chocolate and sugary treats go hand in hand, so it stands to reason that you may want to include some Easter-themed sweet treats in your breakfast.

Here are some fun ideas to make the Easter Bunny proud.

Easter Doughnuts

Easter Krispie Kreme Doughnuts - Credit Krispie Kreme
Credit Krispie Kreme

Doughnuts or donuts are a staple breakfast food in America so totally justifiable sweet breakfast treat.

For a special treat, Krispie Kreme released four limited edition Happiness Hatching doughnuts. 

The range includes Eggs-Travaganza which is topped with a swirl of chocolate icing and chocolate eggs; Bun-dle of Joy a filled with a white chocolate Kreme, dipped in white chocolate and finished with a bunny face and more delicious options.

You can also make Your Own Easter Doughnuts

Dip mini doughnuts (available in Sainsbury’s and Asda for around £1 for 18) in white chocolate and add crushed speckled eggs or pastel-coloured sprinkles

Easter Egg Cereal Bowls

Easter Egg Cereal Bowl with cereal breakfast

For a simple sweet breakfast treat that the kids will adore give them an Easter Egg Cereal Bowl. 

Take half an Easter Egg, add their favourite cereal with milk and pop in a spoon.

Chocolate and Sweets

Of course, you can include other sweet treats on your table. Scattered or add bowls of mini eggs, jelly beans, KitKat bunnies or your little ones’ favourite chocolate on the table with your other breakfast foods. 

Healthy Easter Breakfast Ideas

If you don’t want a table full of sugary goodies, there are lots of fun healthier ideas that you can include on your Easter Breakfast. 

Easter Bunny Pancakes

Easter Breakfast Bunny Pancakes

Use either homemade or shop-bought scotch pancakes to make cute little breakfast bunnies. 

You will need two larger round pancakes for the head and a slightly larger one for the body, two smaller round or oval pancakes for the paws and two long strips for the ears. 

If using shop-bought pancakes, you can either use cookie cutters or a sharp knife to make the shapes. 

Once you have all the bunny components, arrange them on the plate by placing the body pancake in the middle, the head on top with the ears and adding the paws at the bottom again overlapping. 

To decorate add a bunny tail add a slice of banana and raisins for paw pads.

For an extra treat, you could also use whipped cream for the tail, chocolate chips or blobs or Nutella for the pads. 

Easter Fruit Platters

Easter Breakfast Fruit

Fruit is a great healthy breakfast choice and is easy to transform into an Easter theme. There are lots of ideas around the internet and pinterest including elaborate fruit bunnies and carved watermelons. 

For those less arty or lacking in time you could simply arrange the fruit in the shape of an easter egg. You could gather different fruit into patterns or lines for a fun design. 

Easter Porridge 

Easter breakfast bunny porridge

If you’re wanting a hot option, porridge is a good healthy choice and the perfect backdrop for an Easter theme.  

An easy option is Bunny Porridge. 

You will need two apple slices or a banana cut in two for the ears, six small strips of apple or bannna for whiskers, two blueberries for the eyes, and strawberry or raspberry nose and banana or apple for the teeth. 

Simply make your porridge as you normally would, pop it into a bowl and arrange the fruit for the bunny face. 

Top tip – squeeze some lemon over the apple to stop it from turning brown.     

Easter Breakfast Savoury Ideas

Along with lots of sweet treats don’t forget you also add some tasty savoury breakfast treats for your Easter Brunch.

In planning your Easter Breakfast menu, don’t underestimate the simple piece of toast.

Grab your kid’s favourite bread and an Easter-themed cookie cutter and you have a great-themed breakfast treat.

Or why not toast English muffins, add cream cheese, add bagel strips for ears, chives for whiskers, carrot round for a nose, and little pieces of ham for eyes and a mouth. 

Easter Breakfast Hot Breakfast and Sandwiches

Full English lovers don’t need to be forgotten at your Easter breakfast. Arrange and serve sausages and bacon in a Easter Egg shape, you can even add Easter-shaped omelettes or fried eggs (use a Easter themed cutter when cutting or afterwards). 

Easter Drink Ideas 

Easter Breakfast Hot Chocolate

When planning your Easter breakfast don’t forget about a special drink or two. 

Hot Chocolate is an obvious choice and one that the kids will love.

Make it extra special by using eater hot chocolate bombs such as these chicks from Asda or a fun hot chocolate stirrer like these from Gnaw (below) or these cute Unicorn Pink Hot Chocolate stirrers from Amazon

Easter breakfast ideas GNAW chocolate stirrers
Credit Gnaw

Alternatively, spruce up your usual hot chocolate mix with whipped cream, mini eggs, themed marshmallows (Asda have some for just £2.00 here) and pastel sprinkles. 

Or for a very special treat how about turning a hollow chocolate Bunny into a cup and filling it with the kid’s favourite milkshake flavour – check out how to make a drink filled Chocolate Bunny on the link below: 

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