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Best Easter Gifts Ideas 2024

Easter Gift Ideas
26 Feb 2024

Looking for the perfect Easter gift? We have been on the hunt for the best Easter Gifts for 2024.

Whether you like to gift the traditional Easter chocolate or like to go for a present with a difference, with lots of different options on the market, making the right choice is not always easy. 

Of course, Easter and chocolate eggs go hand in hand. However, if you want to treat the kids and loved ones in your life to a gift with a difference there are some great choices available. 

To give you a helping hand we have been on the hunt for the best Easter Gifts for 2024.

From Easter Eggs with a difference to fun gifts, books and more we are certain you will find the perfect Easter gifts for your family and friends.

Disclaimer: Some Of The Gifts Below Were Sent To Us For Review And Or Photography Purposes And Some Links Are Affiliate Links (See Here). However, The Items Had Been Carefully Selected Beforehand And Our Opinions Are Of Our Own.

Best Easter Eggs and Chocolate for 2024

Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel

Lindt Gold Bunny Salted Caramel Egg
Credit – Lindt


Lindt fans will love the new Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel Easter Egg. 

It contains the Lindt smooth milk chocolate egg with the new Salted Caramel Lindt GOLD BUNNY.

This new flavour is a combination of smooth Milk chocolate complete with Salted Caramel pieces. The bunny comes complete with the iconic gold foil and bell and a new blue ribbon.  

The new Lindt GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel Egg is available here and from major supermarkets. 

Waitrose’s The Cracking Pistachio Egg




Waitrose Cracking Pistachio Egg copy
Credit – Jamie Orlando Smith


Looking for a special treat this Easter Waitrose’s The Cracking Pistachio Egg is the perfect choice. 

This new treat looks like a pistachio with the chocolate coating perfectly imitating the shell.

Not only will you be treated to a shell of Waitrose & Partners’ No. 1 blonde chocolate, but you will also find an indulgent pistachio-flavoured egg speckled with pistachio nibs inside.

Waitrose’s The Cracking Pistachio Egg  is available Available from John Lewis, Waitrose

Aldi’s Ruby and Geometric Easter Egg

Aldi Ruby Choc Fairtrade egg

Credit – Aldi


Those who love flavoured chocolate will adore Aldi’s new Ruby and Geometric Easter Egg.

This ruby and raspberry egg is geometric and hand-decorated. Made out of fruity Fairtrade ruby chocolate with dried raspberries, this egg will be welcome treat for those who like something a little different.

The Ruby & Raspberry Geometric egg is part of Aldi’s specially selected Easter range – all of which uses Fairtrade cocoa and is available from Aldi stores around the UK.

Bryn The Dragon Egg

Bryn the Dragon - Easter theme
Credit – Wickedly Welsh


For an egg with a bit of a difference check out the Bryn The Dragon Egg from Wickedly Welsh Chocolate.

Heavier than it looks, at 180g, one-half of the egg is solid milk chocolate protecting a ‘secret’ salted caramel truffle. Nestles within you will find a beautiful hand-crafted white chocolate baby dragon brushed with a light golden shimmer.

The other half of the eggshell is hollow, making it easy for anyone of any age to carefully break the egg open and reveal the beautiful Bryn inside.

Bryn The Dragon Egg from Wickedly Welsh Chocolate here. 

Tony’s Chocolonely Chunky Easter Eggs

Tony's Chocolonely Chunky Egg
Credit – Tony’s Chocolonely


Tony’s Chocolonely fans will adore waking up to one of their Chunky Easter Eggs.

Made from incredibly delicious choc, Tony’s new Chunky Easter Egg is available in 2 of their most popular flavours: milk and milk caramel sea salt.

Plus each big egg comes with 5 different littl’ eggs, ideal for sharing or hiding away for later.  

Tony’s Chocolonely Chunky Easter Eggs are available from Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Selfridge’s, Waitrose

HAPPI Easter Egg Oat Milk Bars 

HAPPI Oat Milk Easter Bar
Credit HAPPI

From £6.50

HAPPI’s new Easter Egg Bars make a great choice for those looking for a plant-based treat this Easter.

They come in three flavours, Plain Milk, Salted Honeycomb and White Raspberry and are made from oat milk and are perfect for adults and kids alike. 

These Easter egg bars offer 140g of rich and creamy chocolate which is ideal for posting without the risk of the egg cracking.

If that isn’t enough all the packaging is fully biodegradable, the bars contain no palm oil and HAPPI only uses cocoa that is slave and child labour free.

HAPPI Easter Egg Bars are available from Waitrose here.

Divine’s Flat Egg

Divine Dark Chocolate Raspberry Flat Egg

Credit – Divine


Need to post an egg to a loved one or looking for a gift, for those who like thicker chocolate, Divine’s new range of flat eggs makes a great choice.

The ultimate chocolate-lovers letterbox gift, they are available in vegan dark chocolate with raspberry, and milk chocolate, caramel and crunch.

Plus this flat egg is not only palm oil free and made with fairtrade chocolate but also more environmentally friendly,with over 40% less packaging compared to a boxed egg. 

Divine’s Flat Egg are available from Waterstones, Ocado, Oxfam, Divine Webshop, Amazon, independent stores

Maltesers Chocolate Easter Hunt Mix – From £5.00

Credit Mars

You can beat a good Easter Egg hunt and now you can do with Maltesers with their Chocolate Easter Hunt Mix. 

The mix includes seven hollow 21g Maltesers Eggs, two 29g Malteser Bunnys and eight 29g Malteser Mini Bunnies.

Along with being perfect for hiding for your Easter hunt, the Malteser goodies would be great in a homemade Easter hamper or great toppings for your Easter bakes. 

Maltesers Chocolate Easter Hunt Mix are available from UK supermarkets and Amazon here. 

NOMO Free-From Vegan Easter Eggs ad Treats 

NOMO Easter Egg Caramel

Credit – NOMO

NOMO the vegan and free-from-chocolate brand have some great Easter eggs and treats on offer for 2024. 

The range includes their large eggs which come 160g hollow egg and bunny from £6.50. They are available in Choc Fudge and Cookie Dough Crunch. Plus you can get the Caramel Egg with Bar also for just £6.50. 

Plus new for kids are their NOMO Little Monsters Egg and Lolly from £3.50. It includes a 92g hollow egg featuring crispy pieces and a fun chocolate lolly along with an activity to do on the inside of the box. 

For a smaller treat, the NOMO Bunnys come in Cookie Dough and Choc Fudge and cost from 90p. Plus this year they are also offering a 90g Hollow Bunny for just £4.50.

NOMO, stands for No Missing Out and all their products are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts. They are perfect for vegans, non-vegans and those with allergies. 

The NOMO Easter range will be available from UK supermarkets and NOMO here.

M&M’s Chocolate Eggs – From £1.00

Easter Egg M&Ms Mini Eggs Speckled
Credit Mars

A good mini-speckled egg is a must at Easter and M&M fans will adore the M&M’s Chocolate Eggs this Easter.

You get the smooth M&M milk chocolate covered in the crisp speckled shell. 

They make a great addition to an Easter basket, add them as part of your Easter Egg hunt or use them to fill your chocolate nests. 

M&M’s Chocolate Eggs are available from UK supermarkets.

Joe & Sephs Easter Gourmet Popcorn Selection Box 

Joe & Sephs Easter Gourmet Popcorn Selection Box 
Credit – Joe & Sephs


Popcorn lovers will adore Joe & Sephs new Easter Gourmet Popcorn Selection Box this Easter. 

Presented in a white and gold gift box is filled with SIX wonderful packs of limited edition popcorn.

It includes three flavours of Trio of Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut, and Gingerbread.

Plus all Joe & Seph’s popcorn is handmade and air-popped in Great Britain.

Joe & Sephs new Easter Gourmet Popcorn Selection Box is available to purchase here.

Swizzles Sweet Shop Tubs, Boxes and Pouches 

Gifts for tweens Sweet Shop Favourites Tub 650g
Credit – Swizzles

From £3.50

For a great alternative to chocolate, this Easter the Swizzles Sweet Shop Tubs, Boxes and Pouches are a great option. 

The Best-selling Sweet Shop Favourites Tubs are packed full of Drumstick Squashies, mini Love Hearts rolls, Refreshers Chews, Fizzers, Fruity Pops, Double Lollies and Parma Violets.  

Plus you will also find the Sweet Shop Favourites Pouches and Sweet Shop Favourites Cartons in the shops this Easter. 

Swizzles Sweet Shop Tubs, Boxes and Pouches are available to purchase from UK supermarkets.

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids 

Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Fun Collectors Five Pack

Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Collectors Set
Credit – Littlest Pet Shop

Kids can enjoy countryside capers this Easter with the Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Fun Collectors Five Pack.

The set features Rooster, Donkey, Pomeranian, Goat and Ant along with seven accessories. What’s more, they feature cool bobblin’ heads that kids will love.

The set is part of a new and seventh generation which includes over 65 different pets across four breed types – core, exotic, rare and chase. Plus there are five rarity levels based on their decorations basic, super, epic, so-extra and exclusive.

Each animal comes with a pet profile collector card featuring symbols which give owners clues to their new pet’s personality.

For gaming fans, the series also includes a Roblox virtual code that will unlock exciting surprises in the new Littlest Pet Shop Roblox game.

Littlest Pet Shop Barnyard Fun Collectors Five Pack is available to purchase here.




Tamagotchi Pastel Marble(P2)_03



What better gift for Easter than a toy that lets you hatch and nurture your very own little Tamagotchi?

The Original 1990’s digital pet is back and features a whole host of fun designs!

This fun egg lets your little one feed their new digital pet, clean up after it, and take care of it. Plus they can even discipline it if it’s bothering you when it doesn’t need you.

How they care of your Tamagotchi and how they do in the game, determines which adult Tamagotchi Original they will get.

Plus it can attach their bag, so they won’t lose it on the go. 

You can check out the range of designs and purchase the Tamagotchi from Amazon here. 

Sea-Monkeys Mystery Eggs

Bandai UK_The Original Sea Monkeys Mystery Eggs


This Easter kids can grow their own pets with the Sea-Monkeys Mystery Eggs.

Available in blue, orange or pink, the refill packs contain everything they need to grow their very own Sea-Monkeys!

To bring them to life, just fill a classic Sea-Monkeys tank (or create your own) with water, feed them and watch them grow up to 2cm.

You can check out the full Sea-Monkeys range including the Mystery Eggs here.

Curlimals Bo Bunny

Curlimals Bo Bunny - Packaging Shot

Credit – Curlimals


For a cute bunny toy, kids will love the Curlimals Bo Bunny 

A lovable animal that makes the sweetest sounds and reacts to little ones. It features a cute little face and rainbow fur.

Pat its head and the Curlimal will uncurl, wake up and make cute sounds and phrases. It also responds to pats, petting and cuddles providing hours of joy.

The Curlimals Bo Bunny is available to purchase here. 

Cry Babies Tiny Cuddle Bunny

Cry Babies Tiny Cuddle Bunny Assortment


For a cute little Easter doll check out the new Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Bunnies.  

There are 4 different bunnies to collect Brooks, Honey, Lily and Lola who all come in unique bunny pyjamas with tails and noses and matching dummies.

Each sold separately they feature a soft plastic head, a cuddly body and when you fill them with water and press their heads, they will cry real tears.

The Cry Babies Tiny Cuddle Bunny are available to purchase from Smyths here 

Rainbow High Classic Rainbow Fashion Dolls 

Rainbow High Classic Rainbow Fashion Dolls 

Credit – Rainbow High


Rainbow High fans can celebrate Easter with a brand-new doll.

Series 1 fan favourites: Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, Violet and Amaya have been given a fab new makeover.

You can expect more colour, more sparkle, more shimmer, more everything! 

The dolls are also fully articulated, she is easy to customize and fun to play with and you can display her on the included doll stand.

Plus for the first time, they come with a pet that can be filled with sparkly slime! You will get everything you need to make DIY sparkle slime, including slime & sparkle powders and a crystal shaker to make and store the slime. 

Rainbow High Classic Rainbow Fashion Dolls are available to purchase here 

Rainbocorns Eggzania Mini Mania


Credit – Rainbocorns


Easter Egg’s don’t have to be just made of chocolate with the all-new Eggzania Mini Mania from Rainbocorns!

Remove the fun egg from the nest to hatch open your super-squishy Eggzania plush – there are six Eggzania animals to collect including an axolotl, cow and monkey, plus our favourite Easter chick.

It contains over 10 surprises and brand-new Eggzania characters.

Rainbocorns Eggzania Mini Mania is suitable for children over 3 years old. 

You can purchase the Rainbocorns Eggzania Mini Mania from Smyth’s here

Smashers Mega Jurassic Light Up Dino Egg


Credit – Smashers


Another fun toy egg ideal for Easter is the Smashers Mega Jurassic Light Up Dino Egg.

Kids can smash the Egg and dig through colour-changing sand and slime to discover your dino pieces.  Then build the dino to watch it light up and ROAR!

There are two dinosaurs to smash and collect – T-Rex & Spinosaurus and there over 25 Smashers surprises to find.

The Smashers Mega Jurassic Light Up Dino Egg is available from The Entertainer here. 

Deddy Bears Plushes 

Deddy Bears Vambear in Body Bag 1

Credit Deddy Bears


If bunnies and chicks aren’t your child’s thing, check out Deddy Bears. 

Deddy Bears are new collectable plushes with a monstrous theme with eight characters to collect and a range of products. 

The 30cm plushes (pictured) come complete with their own zip-up body bag and an autopsy card with details such blood type and date of death. 

Deddy Bears Plushes are available from Smyths here 

Connetix Magnetic Tiles Rainbow Starter Pack

CONNETIX Magnetic Tiles 60 Piece Rainbow Starter Pack

For a gift to keep the kids entertained throughout the Easter weekend and the school holidays check out Connetix Magnetic Tiles Rainbow Starter Pack.

The award-winning stem toy is designed to foster imagination and encourage children to explore STEAM learning through play.

Children can create 2D and 3D designs such as houses, castles, farms, zoos, car parks, rockets, towers, puzzles, sorting boxes and coin drops, plus so much more!  

The starter pack features large and small squares, plus three types of triangles in six vibrant rainbow colours and is a great introduction to Connetix play.

They can also be added to with other Connetix Magnetic Tiles such as the Rainbow Ball Run Pack which has unique clear fluted tubes so children can watch the wooden balls zoom through.    

Pabobo by Angelcare Mimi Bunny Projector  

Pabobo by Angelcare Mimi Bunny Projector  

Credit – Angelcare

For a cute Easter gift for a new baby in your life check out the Pabobo by Angelcare Mimi Bunny Projector.

This cute, cuddly bunny projects a pretty starry sky on the ceiling to help babies and toddlers fall asleep. The stars slowly change colour and offer the ability to stop it at their favourite.

This nightlight also plays a soft lullaby so that the little ones fall asleep even more easily. Plus the projector can be removed so that it is fully machine washable. 

Pabobo by Angelcare Mimi Bunny Projector is available to purchase here. 

Tomy’s Toomies Egg Bus

Tomy's Toomies Egg Bus
Credit Tomy


For a fun Easter gift for toddlers, we love Tomy’s Toomies Egg Bus.

The colourful bus is robust and features a spinning driver egg and five squeaking passengers. Hidden inside each egg you will find cute characters including a penguin, chick, chicken, parrot, duck, and budgie.

Whilst the bus is ideal for crawling play, the eggshell tops can be mixed and matched helping with little one’s gross motor skills.

Each of the eggs can fit in any space including the fun spinning driver’s seat, encouraging fun and imaginative play.

Plus the bus is compatible Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs (sold separately) and which allows kids to shape sort as they discover the shapes in the seats. 

This fun egg-themed toy is aimed at children from 12 months to 3 years.

You can purchase Toomies Egg Bus from Amazon, Very, The Range, Selfridges, John Lewis and independent toy stores.

Canal Toys So Slime Mix ‘In Sensations 3-in-1 ASMR Desk

So Slime Sensations Desk
Credit – Canal Toys


Keep the kids busy over the Easter holidays as they enjoy hours of sensational slime fun with the Mix’in Sensations 3 in 1 ASMR Desk.

Kids can play, carry & store their creations in the all-in-one desk.

The set includes six different compound textures to discover and four fun decorations to mix in. Plus there are 6 stackable pot to store the creations once finished.

Canal Toys So Slime Mix ‘In Sensations 3-in-1 ASMR Desk is available to purchase here 

Gabby’s Dollhouse Dough Backpack

Gabbys Dollhouse Dough Backpack


Gabby’s Dollhouse fans will love the Dough Backpack this Easter.

It contains 2 colourful dough pots, moulds, a shooter and a tool allowing kids to bring their dollhouse creations to life.

Promising hours of entertainment & imaginative fun once finish playing little ones can store their dough and toys in their backpack and bring it wherever they go.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Dough Backpack can be purchased here. 

Build Your Own Unicorn Cardboard Kit 

Build Your Own Unicorn Cardboard Kit
Credit – Build Your Own


East doesn’t have to be all about the Easter Bunny with the Build Your Own Cardboard Kit

Perfect for the junior builder, little ones will love creating their very own mythical creature. The cute moving head action, stardust markings, and multi-coloured rainbow mane will delight unicorn fans of all ages.

Plus it comes complete with grooming accessories, colourful gems, a miniature toadstool friend and ideal for imaginary play.

If that is not enough you can an adorable trinket chest for you to safely store your precious items.

The kit has been designed in the UK using 100% sustainable cardboard and contains zero plastic.

The Build Your Own Unicorn Cardboard Kit is available here

Gel Baster Surge 

Gel Blaster Surge

Credit – Gel Blaster


Need a gift for an older child this Easter, check out the Gel Baster Surge.

For kids, aged 14 years and over the brand new Gel Blaster Surge takes Gel Blaster fun to the next level. 

The rechargeable Gel Blaster SURGE shoots water-based beads or “Gellets” that burst on impact. On impact, there is no pain, stain or cleanup meaning they can play anywhere. 

The blaster itself has 2 blast modes, semi and full automatic, adjustable velocity so they can control the power and the kits come with everything needed including safety goggles. 

The Gel Baster Surge is available to purchase from Curry’s here. 

SFR Vision II Roller Skates

Easter Gifts SFR VISION II Roller Skates



Easter is an ideal time to give an outdoor toy and we love the SFR Vision II Roller Skates. 

They come in a range of colours, feature a comfy padded boot with an ankle strap for added support, colour co-ordinated laces and a great sheen finish.

If that’s not enough they also come with high grip and quality PU (Polyurethane) skate wheels which offer great responsiveness when skating.

The skates are ideal for skating outside or in a rink and are available from size UK 11 Junior to size UK 5. 

The SFR Vision II Roller Skates are available to purchase from here. 

Peter Rabbit™ Rabbit Race

eter Rabbit Rabbit Race_BOX

Credit – Beatrix Potter


A new game makes a great Easter Gift and kids can join Peter Rabbit™ and his friends for lots of fun with the Rabbit Race game. 

A fun matching and memory game where the aim is to race to steal Mr. McGregor’s trug of fruit and vegetables by burrowing their way under his vegetable patch.

But watch out for Mr. McGregor who may be hiding under the flowerpot – as you will miss a turn!   

Aimed at children aged 3 years and over, it can be played as a simple pairs game for younger kids, or as a more challenging game for slightly older children.  

Peter Rabbit™ Rabbit Race can be purchased from Orchard Toys here 

Disney’s Kingdomania, Funko Games

Disney Kingdomania Game Ball

Credit – Funko


For a fun game this Easter, check out the world of Disney Kingdomania from Funko Games.

Enter the digital game world of Disney Kingdomania. Each level features cherished Disney stories and characters, but troublesome Glitches are causing chaos and mixing up the levels. You need to patch the problems before they crash the game.  

Each Disney Kingdomania Game Ball contains everything you need to play, including two mystery characters and 10 unique level tiles. Plus as you can combine multiple Game Balls to add more players and figures to collect and swap meaning they are great gifts for siblings.

The game can also be played solo, it all packs back in the ball – great for travelling with and there are 40 characters from eight beloved Disney properties from Mickey Mouse to Toy Story to collect.

Disney Kingdomania is aimed at children aged 6 years and over and along with the Game Ball for £8.00 you can also purchase the Super Game Pack for £17. 

You can purchase the Disney Kingdomania Game Ball from Amazon here

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game 

Review Hoppy Floppys Happy Hunt Game Learning Resources


A fun family game is ideal for keeping the kids busy over the Easter holidays.

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game by Learning Resources is a fun learning game designed for children aged 3 to 7 year olds.

Players are tasked with can helping Floppy find his carrots using the fun spinner and bunny tweezers all designed to help with matching, strategy, colour recognition, and the fine motor skills needed in writing. 

The game is played in the box itself cutting down on mess and can be stored away easily.  

The cute rabbit theme makes this game a great Easter gift. 

Check out a review from our On The Go reviewer Sarah here. 

You can purchase Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game direct from Amazon here. 

Children’s Book – The Swing 

The Swing book cover
Credit Prestel


Books always make a lovely gift no matter the occasion.

The Swing, from award-winning author and illustrator Britta Teckentrup’s, is a beautiful book about the passage of time.

A swing on a hill overlooking the water is at the centre of this lovely story about childhood and growing older.

As seasons change and years pass, things also change. Friends come and go, spring turns to autumn, and the swing set grows creaky with age.

These changes are gorgeously illustrated with soft images but with radiant colours which will appeal to children of all ages. 

The book is aimed at children aged 5 years and over. 

Discover where you can purchase The Swing here.

Children’s Book, Art of Joy

art and joy book cover
Credit Prestel


Another lovely book for Easter is Art and Joy from Danielle Krysa. 

Follow the journey of two best friends Art and Joy as they overcome the “Art Bully” that criticises their creative works. 

As Art and Joy learn how to tap into their imaginations and shrug off the “Art Bully”, they also discover some clever ways to get their creative juices flowing using colour, shape, line and found objects

The book is designed to help kids not let their inner critic bully them and get them down.

The illustrations are lovely and bright and will capture all kid’s imaginations. 

The book is aimed at children aged 5 years and over. 

Discover where you can purchase Art and Joy here.

Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit 

A child playing with the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit


A great toy to keep the kids entertained over Easter is Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit. 

It comes with lots of spy gadgets including a Secret Message Pen, Noise Enhancer, Decoder Wheel,  Codebreaking Guide Activity Book and lots more. 

Ideal for kids 6 years older and over, all the products are of great quality and all fit back in the box which is also a hidden book. 

The activity book means that they can play with the kit by themselves, but there are enough gadgets to share and play with friends. 

Check out our full review of the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit here.

The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit is available to purchase from Amazon here. 

Coding Critters Bopper, Hip And Hop 

Coding Critters Learning Resources


It is never too young for kids to start to code and what better way during Easter than with the help of bunnies?

The award-winning, Learning Resources Coding Critters is designed for younger children to learn coding and STEM thinking.

Children will learn to code through Bopper the Rabbit’s storybook adventure. Plus they can help Hip and Hop enjoy fun games and activities such as collecting carrots and pulling along her cart.

The bunny theme makes a perfect Easter gift and a great way to get kids thinking about coding.

Plus the Coding Critters can be popped into play mode to double as interactive pets.

To check out Coding Critters Bopper, Hip and Hop set see here. 

Blade & Rose Peter Rabbit Gift Sets


A new outfit makes a lovely Easter gift.

Blade & Rose have put together a series of Peter Rabbit Gift Sets just in time for Easter. 

You can choose from either a romper or an outfit set both of which come in either Modern or Garden patterns. 

The Peter Rabbit Romper Sets include a zip-up romper, matching blanket and bib. The Peter Rabbit Outfit gift set comes with leggings with a cute Peter Rabbit Bum design, a top and socks. 

Both gift sets come with either a mini Peter Rabbit Plush or Egg Cup Set along with a free magnetic and ribbon-tied gift box. 

The gift sets come in sizes from birth to 6 months to age 3 to 4 years. 

To purchase and check out all the Blade & Rose Easter gift sets see here. 

Eco Rascals Bamboo Rabbit Plate 

Eco rascals bunny bamboo plate
Credit – Eco Rascals


Another cute Easter gift for little ones is the Eco Rascals Bamboo Rabbit Plate.

This rabbit-shaped plate is made from 100% natural bamboo, meaning it is not mixed with any chemicals, is environmentally friendly and easily cleaned.

It is also very sturdy and an ideal-sized serving area for a toddler-size portion. 

The cute rabbit design is perfect for Easter but will also capture the kid’s imagination all year round. 

To check out and purchase the Eco Rascals Bamboo Rabbit Plate see here. 

Yonex Badminton Racket and Net Set 


Yonex Badminton Racket and Net Set

Credit Skates


For a fun gift for the whole family check out the Yonex Badminton Racket and Net Set. 

It comes with four rackets, a net with posts, two shuttlecocks and a carry case. 

The set is ideal for beginners. You can set it up in the garden or anywhere you can dig in the posts.

The carry case means it’s also perfect for taking on days out or on holidays. 

Yonex Badminton Racket and Net Set is available from here. 

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