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Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit

A child playing with the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit

Kids can now become a Spy Ninjas with the new Recruiter Mission Kit. Check it out in our review here. 

Fans of the YouTube series Spy Ninjas can now join in the mission to defeat Project Zorgo with the new Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit. 

We were kindly gifted the new kit for the purpose of an honest review. We asked our On The Go reviewer Gemma and her children to have a look and you can discover what they thought below. 

The review may contain Affiliate Links (See Here), however, the opinions of the reviewers are their own.

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit Box

My kids always love playing spy games – making up codes, hiding secrets and sneaking around. They were very excited when they spotted the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission kit which features lots of gadgets. Read to discover what we thought. 

What is Spy Ninjas? 

Spy Ninjas is a YouTube series following a group of friends who are on a mission to stop the evil Project Zorgo from taking over the world by hacking the internet. 

Each member of the Spy Ninjas team has its own skill and signature colour and includes Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Regina and Melvin PZ9. 

There is a new Spy Ninjas episode every day featuring new missions, adventures and games. 

Check out the Spy Ninjas series on YouTube here. 

What is the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit? 

The recruiter kit features a host of gadgets and equipment needed to become a Sky Ninjas recruit. 

What Comes In the Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit? 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit what do you get in the box

The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit includes: 

  • A Secret Message Pen 
  • A Noise Enhancer,
  • A Decoder Wheel
  • A Codebreaking Guide Activity Book
  • An Evidence Detection Guide Activity Book
  • A Spy Ninjas Notebook
  • A Spy Ninja Membership ID Card
  • A Spy Ninja Certificate of Achievement
  • A Spy Ninjas Decoder Card, and more!

The Noise Enhancer and Secret Message Pen both require batteries which are included. 

What Age is Spy Kit for? 

The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit is suitable for children over 6 years old. 

Playing with The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit certificate

As soon as the kids opened the mission kit box they were really excited to see how much it contained. It was no surprise that the gadgets were an initial draw, before moving on to open a brown envelope which contained some activity booklets. See below. 

Finally, they moved on to examining little extras which included a decoding card, a notebook, an official Spy Ninja identification card with a Morse code key on the back and a certificate of achievement. Which all went down well. 

Spy Ninjas Noise Enhancer

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit Noise Enhancer

My nosey 12-year-old opted to try the Noise Enhancer first. This is designed to sit over the ear and has a microphone which pops out when you turn the wheel on the side.

Although it is adjustable to help it fit, we did find it didn’t stay on him when moving around. However, he was happy to keep a hand to ear to keep it in place which actually did make him look the part. 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit turn on noise enhancer

To turn on the Spy Ninja Noise Enhancer you need to press and hold the button on the side and it turns off when you release it. We found it definitely enhanced the sound around us and made conversations in the next room especially when the microphone was fully out. 

Spy Ninjas Decoding Wheel

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit using decoder wheel

The Decoding Wheel was also a hit. With the wheel, you can write your own code and decipher someone else. The Decoding Wheel features letters on a red rim at the bottom, numbers on a red circle at the top and two layers of symbols on a blue dial – one that lines up with the letters and the other which lines up with the numbers. 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit Decorder Wheel

To write your own you first need to decide on the key by lining up the letters on the red rim with one of the symbols on the blue dial. Once decided make sure you don’t turn the dial again, then find the letters in the message you want to write and jot down the symbol on the blue dial to create your code.

When deciphering the code you will need to know what the key of the message is. Turn the blue dial to match the key symbol with the key letter and then look up the symbols in the code writing down their corresponding letters or numbers. 

The kids both loved playing with the decoding wheel, starting off by decoding a message that they notice on the box before moving on to writing their own.

Spy Ninjas Secret Message Pen 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit invisible ink pen

The secret message pen features a normal working pen under the first cap, invisible ink under the second cap and a UV light at the other end. 

To write a secret message you need to use invisible ink and to read it you simply turn on the UV light at the other end by pressing and holding the small button on the side ( when you release the button it will turn off). 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit using secret message pen

The pen also unscrews in the middle allowing you to hide a note. 

We have had this style of pen before but never with the option to hide messages inside which was a big hit. My nine and twelve year old took turns using the pen and the wheel decoder message to swap notes. 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit secret message pen

Spy Ninjas Activity Booklets

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit decoder booklet

Hidden inside a “Top Secret” Brown Envelope we found three activity booklets. A Code Breaking Guide, An Evidence Detection Guide and a Field Training Manual. 

The Code Breaking Guide contained little games and activities some of which you needed to use the Decoding Wheel to complete, with others teaching new spy code skills.

The Evidence Detection Guide made use of the Decoder Card which is also contained in the kit. Asking you to use it to read encrypted messages, work out who had left a fingerprint, follow a maze and more. 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit decoder card

The Field Training Manual contains lots of tips on how to be a spy and some little tests to make sure you’re going to be a good recruit. 

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit Activity Booklet

All the booklets contained the activity answers on the back. 

My nine-year-old who loves activity booklets claimed these as her own and loved completing them. She especially enjoyed the Code Breaking Guide which kept her busy for some time.

What We Thought About The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit

Review Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit hidden book

The kids really enjoyed playing with The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit. 

My son has loved the Noise Enhancer whilst my daughter has really enjoyed the activity booklets and using the Decoding Wheel. 

I was impressed with how much you got in the kit and that the gadgets feel like they are of great quality. Plus it is great that it all fits back in the box which acts as a hidden book.

I have been setting the kids challenges using the kit and hiding coding clues around the house and it occupied the kids for quite some time. It has been nice to see them playing nicely together, even if they do seem to be constantly plotting something against us with their new skills!

Where Can You Buy The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit? 

The Spy Ninjas Recruiter Mission Kit is available to buy at Amazon here and at Smyths Toys .

You can also check out more of the Spy Ninjas toy range here. 

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