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Ad – Review Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush

children holding cats vs pickles reversibles

The new Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush toys are now. Discover what you need to know and what we think of them in our review here. 

The brand new Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush toys have now hit the shops and are set to be the new collectible craze.  

We kindly gifted a couple of the new Cats vs Pickles toys and asked our Mum in the Know reviewer Gemma and her kids to check them out and tell us all about them. 

Review Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush

Both my nine-year-old daughter and twelve-year-old son are big fans of the Cats vs Pickles range. There were therefore very excited when we were asked to check out the brand new Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plushes. Discover what we thought below. 

What Are Cats Vs Pickles Reversible Plush toys? 

Cats vs. Pickles Reversible Plushes is the newest in the Cats vs Pickles range.

If you have not come across Cats vs Pickles yet they have a cute range of collectible toys, which were inspired by the viral social media trend, where cat owners place a cucumber and pickles near to their cats who have hilarious reactions. In the world of Cats vs. Pickles! Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love and they want it from the cute cats.

The original Cats vs Pickles collectibles toys are really soft, bean-filled plushies that come in different adorable prints in both Cats and Pickle designs with lots of characters to collect. You can discover everything you need to know about them here. 

The new Cats Vs Pickles Reversible toys you can turn the soft plush inside out, with a cat on one side and a pickle on another. 

What Age Are Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plus Toys aimed at?  

Cats vs Pickles are for children over 4 years and over but are also great for tweens, teens and adults who love plushes and collectibles. 

Cats vs Pickles Reversible Plush Characters To Collect 

Review Cats vs Pickles Reversibles Characters credit Smyths Toys Superstores

Just like with the original, the Cats vs Pickles Reversibles come in a series of fun designs for you to collect. One side you will find the Cat showing off it’s paw-sonality design and on the other it’s matching pickle frienemy. 

Currently, the Cats vs Pickles Reversible range includes Touchdown cat who becomes Punt pickle, Garth cat matched with Leith Pickleson, Psychadelicat flips into Groovy Gill, Roboticat who turns into Mech-Pickle! Plus Kitty Cake Kitty Cakes cat who is paired with Frosted Flo pickle and Kicks cat who reverses into Baldrick pickles both of which we were gifted. 

Review Cats vs Pickles Reversibles Cats

Review Cats vs Pickles Reversibles Pickles

What we thought about Cats vs Pickles Reversibles Toys

As with the original Cats vs Pickles, the Reversibles were an instant hit. Larger in size and super soft to the touch they are great for cuddling and the kids loved that you now get both a Cat and a Pickle together. 

Review Cats vs Pickles Reversibles collectibles

My nine year old especially has become obsessed with reversible toys lately and has declared the Cats vs Pickles her favourite. Easy to swap from cat to a pickle by popping your hands on either side, she has loved that she can swap from Team Cat to Team Pickle in seconds.

She has also enjoyed using as puppets and joining them with our other Cats Vs Pickles collections for imaginative play. 

They both now can’t wait to collect more in the range with my daughter wanting Psychadelicat with Groovy Gill next and my son on the lookout Roboticat with Mech-Pickle.

Check out the Cats vs Pickles Reversibles in action 

We recently went on the hunt for the Cats vs Pickles Reversibles and you can check them out as they turn from Team Cat to Team Pickle in our Instagram Reel below. 

Where can you purchase Cats vs Pickles Reversibles Plushes?

Cats vs Pickles Reversibles have an RRP of £11.99 and are available from Smyths Toys Superstores here

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